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zakim, who is here?
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Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Louay_Bassbouss
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16:11:43 [kaz]
meeting: Web&TV IG - Cloud Browser TF
16:11:49 [kaz]
chair: Alexandra
16:11:56 [kaz]
scribe: Niro
16:12:05 [kaz]
scribenick: NiloMitra
16:12:11 [JF]
16:12:20 [NiloMitra]
16:13:45 [NiloMitra]
Agenda includes 1) choose a better time slot of the call ( for Asia participants)
16:14:12 [NiloMitra]
2) Discuss emails from Colin and Louay
16:14:41 [NiloMitra]
3) How to proceed on use cases adna rchitecture
16:14:51 [NiloMitra]
16:15:28 [NiloMitra]
Have two invited experts on the call - Ronen from Tversity and Colin from Active video
16:16:19 [NiloMitra]
Introduction and roll calls followed
16:20:13 [NiloMitra]
John wants accessibility to be met for the cloud browser environment also
16:20:52 [bryan]
hi, this is Bryan from AT&T. We will be following this work as something potentially of use in our TV services e.g. u-Verse and DirecTV. Maybe providing some use cases and requirements as the work proceeds. In a tangential context, we are heavily focused on evolving networks toward cloud deployment (e.g. thruy NFV) and hosting end-user apps/clients in the
16:20:52 [bryan]
cloud is a potential component of that.
16:21:02 [NiloMitra]
he is specifically looking to ensure that people with disabilities can interact with appropriate UIs
16:21:40 [bryan]
16:24:58 [kaz]
q+ to suggest we try a doodle poll
16:25:10 [kaz]
16:25:19 [NiloMitra]
The time slot issue will be clarified with Entix (Korea) and a proposal made by Alexandra
16:25:31 [NiloMitra]
16:26:29 [kaz]
i/Agenda includes/topic: Agenda/
16:26:38 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Cloud browser is not trivial and a straightforward approach via use cases may not always be appropriate
16:26:44 [kaz]
i/Introduction and/topic: Introduction/
16:27:01 [kaz]
i/The time slot/topic: Time slot for the call/
16:27:07 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: From DT perspective, cloud browser is a run time environment that runs in the cloud
16:28:03 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: A browser in the network leads to a "UI video", which is the video returned by the cloud browser
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16:28:54 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Video and UI Video is sent as one stream, but could also separate these two where the video is returned from the PVR or a CDN
16:29:41 [kaz]
i/Cloud browser is not/topic: Technical discussion approach/
16:29:45 [kaz]
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16:29:52 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: From IPTV telco perspective, could use the secodn approach
16:29:57 [JF]
16:30:13 [kaz]
16:30:37 [NiloMitra]
Refer to these as the single and double stream, and describe these on the Wiki
16:30:47 [NiloMitra]
Also define what a Thin client is
16:30:54 [kaz]
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16:31:09 [kaz]
s/Refer/... Refer/
16:31:18 [kaz]
s/Also/... Also/
16:31:20 [kaz]
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16:31:22 [bryan]
Is the draft linked to the wiki yet?
16:32:17 [NiloMitra]
John: Question about UI Video - is it the controls like pause, fast forward, or is it interactive menus?
16:33:11 [yosuke]
ack J
16:33:23 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: She means both of them. Everything which was executed locally in the device is shifted to the cloud and is executed there just like a standard browser
16:33:45 [NiloMitra]
The code is executed in the cloud browser and streamed down as the UI video
16:33:57 [kaz]
s/The code/... The code/
16:34:08 [NiloMitra]
She wil put some explanations on the Wiki.
16:34:33 [kaz]
ack k
16:34:40 [bryan]
So interactive elements are not directly handled by the thin client, but in the cloud client, and any correlation to mouse etc position/action is handled by the cloud browser? (requiring a stream of thin client UI events?)
16:34:49 [NiloMitra]
Kaz: We shoudl clarify the policy of queue management during the call - use Q+ to raise your hand
16:35:46 [JF]
Q+ to point to MAUR as some UI requirements for Accessibility
16:35:49 [NiloMitra]
Kaz: Do a basic use case to describe what a cloud browser is
16:36:44 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: The use cases also need a relationship to the architecture, which describe the different approaches to defining a cloud browser
16:37:17 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Work on architecture and use cases in parallel would be her preferred way of working
16:37:50 [kaz]
ack j
16:37:50 [Zakim]
JF, you wanted to point to MAUR as some UI requirements for Accessibility
16:38:18 [JF]
16:38:27 [NiloMitra]
John: Want to pint out that when HTML5 was introduced, theyd ealt with acessibility from both content and system perspective
16:38:44 [kaz]
s/pint out/point out/
16:38:58 [kaz]
s/theyd ealt/they dealt/
16:38:59 [NiloMitra]
John: It seems like weare creating a cloud media player in the cloud
16:39:15 [kaz]
s/weare/we are/
16:39:32 [kaz]
16:39:43 [NiloMitra]
Coiln: The player in Active Video also does the accessibility functionality also in the cloud
16:40:41 [bryan]
So there needs to be an event stream consumable by the cloud client that incudes pointer events and also keyboard or any other accessible interface events.
16:40:47 [NiloMitra]
John: the system requirements is agnostic on where the accessibility functionality (e.g., keyboard) is provided. example - using a keyboard where they cannot use point and click
16:41:06 [bryan]
q+ to mention the items I noted
16:41:08 [NiloMitra]
John: Build out the solution so that it remains accessible for ALL users
16:42:21 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Could it also be a small use case? John: Be happy to build our use cases for accessibility - 4 types: visual, mobility, auditory, cognitive impairments
16:42:45 [NiloMitra]
John: uensure that these 4 user groups can have access
16:43:11 [kaz]
16:43:36 [yosuke]
ack b
16:43:36 [Zakim]
bryan, you wanted to mention the items I noted
16:44:34 [kaz]
16:44:35 [NiloMitra]
Bryan: seems like the user is interacting with a thin client where the user interacts via events (inputs) with the cloud
16:44:44 [JF]
+1 to Bryan
16:45:21 [NiloMitra]
Bryan: There should be an appropriate response to all the user inputs from the cloud browser
16:45:48 [kaz]
16:45:56 [kaz]
q+ NiloMitra
16:47:00 [NiloMitra]
Nilo: Are thin client and cloud browser equivalent terms/
16:47:06 [NiloMitra]
16:47:11 [yosuke]
ack N
16:48:18 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Cloud browser uses a "zero client" as all STB functions are moved to the cloud. However, certain logic is needed is needed in the STB so that screens can be overlaid
16:48:31 [bryan]
Nilo, there could be options as to what types of functionality are supported by the user-side (home or mobile device), and where those functions are implemented (STB, user device, cloud-based client). We would need to drive those things as we get to a more common understanding of the concept and arch options.
16:48:44 [NiloMitra]
s/ is needed is needed/is still needed
16:49:21 [kaz]
-> accessibility use cases
16:49:28 [NiloMitra]
Kaz: Web & TV interest group also worked on accessibility uses cases
16:49:35 [kaz]
ack k
16:50:17 [NiloMitra]
Colin was asked to explain his input
16:50:50 [yosuke]
16:51:52 [kaz]
Colin's writeup above
16:52:15 [NiloMitra]
Colin showed a figure. To him, cloud browser is a regular browser living in the cloud environment
16:53:06 [NiloMitra]
Cloud browser is responsible for all acessibility. Example, a keyboard requires all key strokes to be passed to the cloud browser
16:54:26 [NiloMitra]
Out of band media from a PVR is fed to the local run time envrionment to "mix" with the control stream
16:54:30 [kaz]
-> Colin's diagram
16:55:04 [NiloMitra]
John: As we cannot physically wire keyboard, is a companion screen used to connect with the cloud browser
16:55:25 [NiloMitra]
Colin: You could alos have the physical keyboard tap into the thin client run time environment
16:55:34 [NiloMitra]
16:56:10 [bryan]
Websockets could be a good mechanism for delivery of the signaling events to the cloud browser.
16:56:33 [kaz]
q+ bryan
16:56:36 [kaz]
ack b
16:56:37 [NiloMitra]
Colin: Several ways ar posisble to make cloud browser accessible. tyr to make it as normal as possible, so that the browser does not need to knwo it is running in the cloud. then most accessibility methods work
16:56:45 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
16:56:45 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
16:57:15 [kaz]
16:57:21 [NiloMitra]
bryan: Out of band media means that ti can consume local resources. This needs support fo several APIs which may not amke this runtime environment "thin"
16:57:28 [kaz]
s/She wil /... She will /
16:57:32 [NiloMitra]
Colin: try and keep it as thin as possible
16:57:45 [NiloMitra]
16:57:46 [kaz]
16:58:18 [NiloMitra]
Kaz: can we add this figur to the wiki page?
16:58:41 [NiloMitra]
Colin: This is just one of many possible solutions. However, leave it open. this cna be a starting point
16:58:43 [kaz]
ack k
16:58:51 [NiloMitra]
16:59:21 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: The group has to define the gaps
16:59:30 [NiloMitra]
Via use cases.
17:00:06 [kaz]
s/Via use/... Via use/
17:00:46 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
17:00:46 [RRSAgent]
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17:00:48 [NiloMitra]
Colin: Th cloud environment sends the UI to the runtime via stream and some sort of signaling is needed for a session setup
17:00:55 [kaz]
s/Th /The/
17:01:29 [kaz]
17:01:44 [kaz]
17:02:18 [bryan]
Probably a RESTful API accessed by the thin client and served by the cloud browser would be useful for session management.
17:02:18 [kaz]
i/Colin was asked/topic: Colin's initial concept of Cloud Browsers/
17:02:22 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
17:02:22 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
17:02:43 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Want to discuss in group with a general overview of the arch so that we can discuss the different approaches. The use cases need to take into account the inteactions bwteeen the cloud browser and the local runtime environment
17:03:00 [bryan]
Once a session was started, a websocket connection could be used for signaling and any non-video feedback to the thin client.
17:03:04 [kaz]
s/Probably/... Probably/
17:03:36 [kaz]
17:03:37 [NiloMitra]
Colin: Assume that the stream is a video stream. Alongside a video stream you can also send images. The runtime enironment can mix the stream with a serie of images
17:04:04 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Are these different architectures?
17:04:39 [kaz]
17:04:47 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Where would be the media player be placed? Ina zero clinet, the media player could also be in the cloud.
17:04:53 [bryan]
The result of cloud-browser-based dialogs e.g. permissions or other dialogs, would need to be passed back down to the thin client if the client was intended to access local resources. The security of that would be a key consideration...
17:04:54 [kaz]
s/serie /series /
17:05:30 [NiloMitra]
Colin: In a PVR, you don't send the video to the cloud and thens end it back. therefore you need something in the client for out-of-nband media.
17:05:47 [NiloMitra]
s/thens end/then send
17:06:20 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: We don't identify protocols; just the architecture. This will be done afterwards
17:06:26 [kaz]
present+ Kumanan_Yogaratnam, Paul_Gausman
17:06:30 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
17:06:30 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
17:07:17 [NiloMitra]
Bryan: Talk about use cases and requiements, but don't document the architecture options in the use cases adn requirements document
17:08:02 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Discuss cloud 360 use case
17:08:36 [kaz]
17:08:57 [NiloMitra]
Louay: They have a cloud server which renders a video of just what was requested (e.g, a particular angle)
17:10:33 [NiloMitra]
Louay: Don't stream the whole 360 degree view but just what was requested. Exisitng JS libraries rendering 360 video need use case to only send just what is requested
17:11:04 [NiloMitra]
Louay: IS this a good use case for the cloud browser?
17:11:32 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Make up a couple of use cases and add to the Wiki
17:11:48 [NiloMitra]
Louay: Will do so with more details/diagrams
17:13:20 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Will add use cases for the cloud browser on how exisiting use cases work (PVR, interactivity, EPG etc.)
17:14:19 [NiloMitra]
Louay: Want to make sure that their use cases are at the same level as those submitted by others. Their use cases are froman end user perspective, not a systems perspective.
17:14:30 [NiloMitra]
s/froman/from an
17:15:27 [kaz]
17:15:45 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: His use case could be for virtual/augmented reality
17:16:17 [kaz]
-> Use Case wiki
17:18:04 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Summarizing the meeting.
17:18:09 [yosuke]
ack k
17:18:49 [NiloMitra]
Kaz: may wish to revisit the template for the use cases. need a motivation field and a Reviewer field
17:20:31 [NiloMitra]
Ronen: We take HTML content that runs ina cloud browser. We need to see ahat types of HTML5 content we have (e.g., EPG) and see what happes if this is not run on a lcoal browser.
17:20:36 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
17:20:36 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
17:21:00 [NiloMitra]
Need to look at OTT content, games etc. Each of thes ewould be a use case.
17:21:12 [kaz]
s/Need to/... Need to/
17:21:20 [yosuke]
17:21:29 [NiloMitra]
USe cases would be on user interaction with these types of applications where the browser is in the cloud - what gaps exist?
17:21:38 [kaz]
s/ina/in a/
17:21:57 [kaz]
17:22:04 [kaz]
17:22:13 [NiloMitra]
Alexandra: Will discuss with Ronen before putting such use cases on the Wiki
17:22:36 [NiloMitra]
Will also align it with other use cases such as EPG, HbbTV etc.
17:22:36 [kaz]
s/thes /these/
17:22:45 [kaz]
s/USe /... Use /
17:22:48 [kaz]
17:23:19 [kaz]
s/Will/... Will/
17:23:32 [NiloMitra]
No further questions or discussion. Meeting closed.
17:23:37 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
17:23:37 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
17:23:45 [NiloMitra]
Continue discussions via email.
17:26:28 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
17:26:28 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
17:26:33 [kaz]
rrsagent, stop
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23:03:48 [kaz]
glenn: wondering if it's possible to tie the IRC actions with the GitHub repo
23:03:59 [glennd]
23:04:03 [kaz]
kaz: good question. would ask the Systeam about that idea
23:04:06 [glennd]
1. Bash
23:04:18 [kaz]
s/kaz: good question. would ask the Systeam about that idea//
23:04:25 [glennd]
2. 2016 Planning - meeting times / schedules
23:04:29 [glennd]
3. tools
23:04:33 [kaz]
i/Agenda/kaz: good question. would ask the Systeam about that idea/
23:04:36 [glennd]
4. Identity Discussion
23:04:41 [glennd]
5 . other business
23:04:45 [glennd]
6. adjourn
23:06:23 [sitkevij]
present+ Julian_Sitkevich
23:06:26 [glennd]
Sam will you be joining the Webex audio session?
23:07:07 [kaz]
present+ Kaz, Bill, Glenn, Julian, Leslie
23:08:02 [glennd]
Wendy are you joining the webex call?
23:09:08 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
23:09:08 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
23:10:20 [kaz]
topic: 2016 Plan
23:10:48 [kaz]
glennd: we made this move
23:10:56 [kaz]
... late for west coast?
23:11:36 [kaz]
bill: not too late
23:11:40 [kaz]
23:12:39 [kaz]
glennd: general acceptance from the participants
23:13:26 [kaz]
... will try the call slot for one or two, e.g., during February
23:13:43 [kaz]
... have a conflict with 17th
23:13:55 [kaz]
... so would hold the next call on 24th
23:14:03 [kaz]
... is that ok?
23:14:06 [kaz]
(no problems)
23:14:18 [kaz]
resolutions: the next call will be held on Feb. 24th
23:14:26 [kaz]
resolution: the next call will be held on Feb. 24th
23:14:32 [kaz]
s/resolutions: the next call will be held on Feb. 24th//
23:14:44 [kaz]
topic: tools & process
23:15:03 [kaz]
glennd: a lot of other groups uses GitHub for issue tracking
23:15:35 [kaz]
... we have a repo:
23:15:54 [kaz]
... deliverables for requirements
23:16:28 [kaz]
... would be better to have documents and issue management on GitHub
23:17:05 [kaz]
(ok with everybody)
23:17:50 [yosuke]
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23:18:04 [kaz]
resolution: will use GitHub for document and issue tracking
23:18:57 [kaz]
glennd: any guidelines to how to use Github?
23:19:06 [kaz]
kaz: initial discussion tend to happen on the wiki
23:19:46 [kaz]
... and final deliverable document tend to be managed on Github
23:19:51 [yosuke]
present+ yosuke
23:20:02 [yosuke]
rrsagent, draft mintues
23:20:02 [RRSAgent]
I'm logging. I don't understand 'draft mintues', yosuke. Try /msg RRSAgent help
23:20:17 [yosuke]
rrsaget, draft minutes
23:20:26 [kaz]
... we can simply use Github, and transfer the existing resources from the wiki to the Github repo
23:20:35 [kaz]
glennd: will play with Github then
23:20:40 [yosuke]
rrsagent, draft minutes
23:20:40 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate yosuke
23:21:19 [kaz]
glennd: one of the requirements for GGIE was ID
23:21:36 [kaz]
... there was some identity issue
23:22:18 [kaz]
... one of the challenges is that a lot of groups handle identity
23:22:51 [kaz]
... e.g., Github repo requires ID authentication
23:23:43 [kaz]
... need exploratory use cases
23:23:55 [kaz]
... posted the URL of the GGIE repo
23:23:58 [glennd]
23:24:43 [glennd]
23:25:50 [kaz]
glennd: Bill, could you go through the use cases?
23:25:54 [kaz]
bill: sure
23:26:25 [kaz]
glennd: generic requirements for identity
23:26:45 [kaz]
... what unique requirements for GG work?
23:27:21 [kaz]
bill: Identity Use Case 1
23:27:34 [kaz]
-> UC-1
23:27:45 [kaz]
bill: goes through the use case
23:28:14 [kaz]
... parental control kind of access permission
23:28:33 [kaz]
... privacy of children
23:29:00 [kaz]
... nobody can identify who they're
23:29:18 [kaz]
bill: Use Case 2
23:29:34 [kaz]
-> UC-2
23:30:52 [kaz]
bill: would like to create and manage pseudonyms easily
23:31:09 [kaz]
... user's preference, etc.
23:31:24 [kaz]
... create, use it and delete it quickly
23:31:43 [kaz]
... control personal identifiable information
23:31:56 [kaz]
... IP, MAC address, etc.
23:32:45 [kaz]
bill: Use Case 3
23:32:55 [kaz]
-> UC-3
23:33:12 [kaz]
bill: John is an amateur photographer
23:33:32 [kaz]
... true identity is attached to his work
23:35:25 [glennd]
We saw you logged into the webtv irc and thought you wanted to join the ggie call
23:35:37 [kaz]
bill: Use Case 4
23:35:52 [kaz]
-> UC-4
23:35:59 [kaz]
bill: Use Case 5
23:36:12 [kaz]
-> UC-5
23:36:37 [kaz]
bill: question is whether for just video or others in general
23:36:55 [kaz]
... could linked to social media sites
23:37:05 [kaz]
bill: Use Case 6
23:37:20 [kaz]
-> UC-6
23:37:40 [kaz]
bill: create a new link to the public domain
23:38:02 [kaz]
... completely sever all links
23:38:21 [kaz]
bill: Use Case 7
23:38:34 [kaz]
-> UC-7
23:38:44 [kaz]
bill: paypal like services
23:39:23 [kaz]
... ExampleCo is hacked and his ID is stolen
23:39:34 [kaz]
... severed from that
23:39:45 [yosuke]
rrsagent, draft minutes
23:39:45 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate yosuke
23:40:00 [kaz]
... would abandon the ID completely
23:40:39 [kaz]
... basic concept is creating an ID and linking the ID with the other IDs
23:41:09 [kaz]
glennd: any comments?
23:41:11 [yosuke]
s/rrsaget, draft minutes//
23:41:27 [kaz]
... part of the idea is
23:41:51 [kaz]
... what does it mean "identity"
23:42:51 [kaz]
... you could create a small purpose-driven identity
23:43:03 [kaz]
... for some limited purpose
23:44:03 [kaz]
bill: security number and driver license number, etc., are real identification
23:44:20 [kaz]
... a lot of different levels of identifications
23:44:44 [kaz]
... identify whether suitable person or not
23:45:28 [kaz]
... for financial transaction, we can use true id
23:45:45 [kaz]
... need reasonable way for each purpose
23:46:39 [kaz]
glennd: like bitcoin
23:46:57 [kaz]
... have multiple wallets
23:47:24 [kaz]
... each person maintains private key for the wallets
23:47:46 [kaz]
... and third content to choose a wallet
23:49:06 [kaz]
... would work with identity people
23:49:23 [kaz]
... would have comments around use cases
23:50:24 [kaz]
bill: I'm shopping on Amazon site
23:50:30 [kaz]
... they don't know who I am
23:50:45 [kaz]
... they send my credential to me
23:51:02 [kaz]
... e.g., 2795 appears as my id
23:51:23 [kaz]
... but the only site who knows who I am is Paypal
23:52:19 [kaz]
glennd: good use case on access token
23:52:25 [kaz]
... let's use that use case as well
23:53:39 [kaz]
... let's say watching video on Amazon
23:54:04 [kaz]
... may use Gmail account
23:54:13 [kaz]
... and Google knows about the identity
23:54:33 [kaz]
... email comes from Amazon to Google includes identification information
23:55:01 [kaz]
bill: the information should be encrypted?
23:55:34 [kaz]
glennd: the access identifier maps to the content I watch
23:56:01 [kaz]
... two balls, my identity and their content identity
23:56:38 [kaz]
... two ways to do that
23:56:43 [kaz]
... your side or our side
23:57:06 [kaz]
... will think about that
23:57:55 [kaz]
glennd: would take these use cases
23:58:00 [kaz]
... and put them into GitHub
23:58:10 [kaz]
... and create issues on the issue tracker
23:58:44 [kaz]
... people need to send the GitHub credential to Kaz to get write access
23:59:15 [kaz]
bill: actions for new use cases?
23:59:28 [yosuke]
q+ to ask potential destinations of this work
23:59:30 [kaz]
glennd: 1. private link in email
23:59:54 [kaz]
... your emails are encrypted
00:00:04 [kaz]
... any comments or questions?
00:00:08 [kaz]
ack y
00:00:15 [Zakim]
Zakim has joined #webtv
00:00:27 [kaz]
yosuke: potential destination/result of this work?
00:00:40 [kaz]
... do you have any image?
00:01:07 [kaz]
glennd: there is identity work within other groups
00:01:15 [kaz]
... but not doing requirements work
00:01:25 [kaz]
... W3C also has identity work
00:01:36 [kaz]
... we've been working on identity
00:02:07 [kaz]
... for the TV everwhere, there are issues on identity
00:02:31 [kaz]
... watch whole bunch of contents via cable
00:02:45 [kaz]
... built upon IETF standards
00:03:00 [kaz]
... would work for next generation use cases
00:03:45 [kaz]
kaz: so after generating the new use cases, we'll share our ideas with the other W3C groups and the other SDOs
00:03:51 [kaz]
glennd: right
00:04:14 [kaz]
topic: Next call
00:04:25 [kaz]
glennd: next call will be Feb. 24
00:04:31 [kaz]
... take care!
00:04:37 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
00:04:44 [ldaigle]
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00:04:47 [glennd]
Meet adjourn
00:05:12 [kaz]
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00:05:20 [kaz]
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