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Meeting: Social Web Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 02 February 2016
18:02:15 [ben_thatmustbeme]
who is Ira?
18:02:30 [aaronpk]
18:02:32 [rhiaro]
18:02:35 [ben_thatmustbeme]
18:02:44 [eprodrom]
18:02:56 [sandro]
ben_thatmustbeme, Ira will introduce herself in the meeting, or look at the group participants page
18:02:58 [eprodrom]
18:03:00 [shevski]
Hi Ben, Ira is me
18:03:17 [shevski]
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18:03:50 [wseltzer]
present+ wseltzer
18:04:00 [rhiaro]
I can scribe
18:04:05 [dmitriz]
present+ dmitriz
18:04:06 [sandro]
18:04:11 [rhiaro]
I haven't for a while!
18:04:15 [bengo]
18:04:17 [cwebber2]
18:04:32 [KevinMarks]
18:05:00 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: A few things to go through today.. unfortunately the first thing we have to do is not complete
18:05:11 [rhiaro]
TOPIC: Approval of last week's minutes
18:05:21 [rhiaro]
... I pasted a wrong link for last week's minutes, but it looks like it's a red link
18:05:28 [rhiaro]
... Who scribed last week?
18:05:33 [ben_thatmustbeme]
you had it right before
18:05:55 [rhiaro]
... Does anyone know why we don't have minutes for last week?
18:06:01 [wseltzer]
rrsagent, pointer?
18:06:01 [RRSAgent]
18:06:05 [ben_thatmustbeme]
it was azaroth
18:06:13 [ben_thatmustbeme]
just scrolled back
18:06:41 [rhiaro]
... I'll take it as a todo
18:06:52 [rhiaro]
... to make sure they're up on the wiki for next week
18:06:57 [rhiaro]
... and we can approve both next week
18:07:12 [rhiaro]
... Another admin item which we've been trying to keep track of but isnt' on the agenda is upcoming f2f meetings
18:07:25 [rhiaro]
... Would like to ask the two organisers, sandro and aaron, if we have updates on those?
18:07:38 [tsyesika]
18:07:42 [rhiaro]
sandro: I don't think so.. if you haven't put your name on the page, please do
18:07:47 [rhiaro]
... If you're not sure, put that down
18:07:57 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: I think our participation is at almost 10
18:07:59 [eprodrom]
18:08:10 [rhiaro]
... aaron upates for JUne in portland?
18:08:22 [rhiaro]
aaronpk: I added a link to the June event page, has address information, rsvp there if you can
18:08:40 [rhiaro]
18:09:20 [aaronpk]
PDX event page
18:09:28 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: Please rsvp when you know you can come, helps organisers with planning
18:09:57 [rhiaro]
... is this a good time to discuss new IEs sandro?
18:09:59 [aaronpk]
wiki just got super slow for me
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18:10:12 [rhiaro]
sandro: sure, introductions for new people
18:10:16 [bengo]
18:10:27 [rhiaro]
... The only new person is Ira? (shevski)
18:10:42 [rhiaro]
... Formally a member of the w3c team, representing european dcent project which harry used to do
18:10:51 [cwebber2]
welcome shevski !
18:10:54 [rhiaro]
shevski: Hi everybody
18:11:02 [rhiaro]
... Irina Bolychevsky
18:11:02 [ben_thatmustbeme]
hi shevski
18:11:13 [rhiaro]
... I am working on dcent, replacing harry for the last few months until may
18:11:21 [rhiaro]
... Here to bring useful feedback, learn some things
18:11:31 [rhiaro]
... I used to work a lot in open data for the open knowledge foundation
18:11:47 [rhiaro]
... I have a project called
18:11:48 [cwebber2]
18:11:52 [cwebber2]
18:11:53 [rhiaro]
... Where I look at open source decentralized technologies
18:11:56 [bengo]
18:11:59 [KevinMarks]
sorry, I should have muted
18:12:01 [cwebber2]
now I remember why your name is familiar shevski :D
18:12:04 [rhiaro]
... Organised a conference last year in London that a bunch of people came along to
18:12:12 [rhiaro]
... Any questions? I'm excited to be here
18:12:21 [rhiaro]
... I was a tpac as well, so if anyone was at the social web breakout at tpac I was there
18:12:43 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: Also, he's technically new, although he's joined us before, bengo
18:12:56 [rhiaro]
bengo: This is the first time I've been on a call, mostly by convincing my boss to get on a membership track to w3c
18:12:57 [rhiaro]
... Lifefyre
18:13:14 [rhiaro]
... Social network as a service, mostly news publishers subscribe to our software and we provide real time comments, chat, twitter like functionality, follows. news feeds
18:13:20 [rhiaro]
... decentralised social
18:13:30 [rhiaro]
... In the past we've implemented various flavours of AS
18:13:33 [cwebber2]
woo! welcome more formally, bengo :)
18:13:36 [rhiaro]
... Want to make sure we implmemetn correctly
18:13:42 [rhiaro]
... There are some key user stories in the socialwg wiki
18:13:52 [rhiaro]
... Like how a company delegates their social functionality to another company or another origin
18:13:59 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: Great to have you
18:14:04 [rhiaro]
... Are you planning on coming to Boston?
18:14:18 [rhiaro]
bengo: I will be in Boston like two weeks before and NY, so might be a stretch, unsure
18:14:46 [dromasca]
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18:14:47 [rhiaro]
sandro: She's not on the call, but AnnB is also back
18:15:09 [rhiaro]
18:15:21 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: jasnell are you here?
18:15:29 [rhiaro]
... I don't think he came on
18:15:43 [rhiaro]
... If not this is going to be a lot of listening ot evan talk
18:15:46 [jasnell]
I'm logged into irc but not on the call. conflicting call right now
18:15:47 [rhiaro]
... I have 2 big action items
18:15:55 [rhiaro]
... Test suites
18:16:08 [jasnell]
I can answer questions but there may be a delay
18:16:08 [rhiaro]
... one of the things we have to do to get AS2 through CR is have testable mechanisms
18:16:22 [rhiaro]
... Last week we talked about ways to do testing, and we agreed that the minimal testing would be a validator
18:16:33 [rhiaro]
... being able to submit an url or some content to a web based system and having it parsed and validated
18:16:43 [rhiaro]
... much like the venerable other validators that are available
18:16:49 [rhiaro]
... w3c markup validators
18:16:49 [eprodrom]
18:17:01 [rhiaro]
... That is one first step
18:17:13 [rhiaro]
... I believe that we have a project started there that was started by David from IBM
18:17:46 [rhiaro]
... It was a quick project that we didn't get a lot of traction with. I'd like to get that restarted because it's pretty important
18:18:19 [rhiaro]
... This validator would help test producers, so if you're producing AS2 documents, the validator should be able to tel lyou ifyou're content is valid and provide some feedback
18:18:40 [rhiaro]
... The other side of the coin is testing consumers, and for that the idea was that we woudl collect AS2 documents in a way that would be useful for consumers to run automated tests on
18:18:50 [bengo]
18:18:51 [bengo]
18:18:54 [rhiaro]
... There are two new empty repos for this
18:18:58 [eprodrom]
18:19:00 [melvster1]
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18:19:05 [eprodrom]
18:19:20 [rhiaro]
... I'm going to take some time this week to try and bring in the work for a validator that was already done
18:19:31 [rhiaro]
... I think it was done in Java, and the Java library for AS2 has lagged behind the JS one
18:19:41 [rhiaro]
... it may be easier to do a clean validator in nodejs using the js implementation
18:19:47 [rhiaro]
... Either way we should have a relatively good validator
18:20:02 [rhiaro]
... I'm not sure if there .. maybe I can ask sandro... if we do get a validator up and running where is the best place to run it?
18:20:04 [rhiaro]
... In terms of domain?
18:20:13 [rhiaro]
... Can we have it outside or better to have internal?
18:20:22 [rhiaro]
sandro: I've seen it done lots of idfferent ways there, so any way we want to do it is fine
18:20:26 [jasnell]
It was JP from IBM that did the initial work on the validator
18:20:39 [rhiaro]
... If it's being done in JS I don't know if it's feasible to just have it done in the browser, as a static file on just as easily
18:20:48 [jasnell]
the Java impl is WAY out of date
18:20:52 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: That might be possible to do it as a clientside application
18:20:56 [bengo]
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18:21:09 [rhiaro]
... I'm going to take on those two tasks and get them started
18:21:25 [rhiaro]
... If you're interested in either of them, please take a look and watch the repos
18:21:30 [rhiaro]
... When do we need to have those in working order?
18:21:56 [rhiaro]
sandro: I don't think there's any.. my inclination is to have them in working order before we go to CR. It's good if people get excited by the announcement, they can run with it, instead of having to come back later
18:22:02 [rhiaro]
... But strictly speaking we don't have to
18:22:11 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: So ideally we'd have stuff that would just work out of the box
18:22:16 [rhiaro]
... before CR
18:22:22 [rhiaro]
... Is this the last thing that we're waiting for before CR?
18:22:30 [rhiaro]
sandro: There are related issues, conformance and feature list
18:22:45 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: That's the other item for me, the performance section
18:22:47 [rhiaro]
... that I'm working on
18:22:51 [rhiaro]
sandro: And then it's more or less paperwork
18:22:53 [eprodrom]
18:22:59 [rhiaro]
... Gathering up evidence of feedback
18:23:06 [rhiaro]
18:23:16 [rhiaro]
... The WG needs to be involved in those
18:23:21 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: Any other updates on AS2?
18:23:22 [eprodrom]
jasnell: on the call?
18:23:28 [jasnell]
no, not on the call
18:23:33 [jasnell]
just monitoring IRC
18:23:43 [rhiaro]
TOPIC: FPWD of Micropub and ActivityPub
18:23:47 [rhiaro]
... sandro update?
18:23:50 [rhiaro]
sandro: They went out fine
18:23:59 [rhiaro]
... They were published last thursday
18:24:15 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: Do we have update urls?
18:24:17 [bengo]
18:24:19 [rhiaro]
18:24:23 [rhiaro]
18:24:27 [rhiaro]
18:24:28 [aaronpk] and
18:24:52 [rhiaro]
... at this point are we waiting for feedback? We still have open issues on both
18:25:02 [rhiaro]
sandro: maybe the editors can speak to that
18:25:20 [rhiaro]
aaronpk: There's still some open issues on micropub, from others and myself, so we just need to start working on that
18:25:42 [rhiaro]
... Unrelated but related, I finally finished redoing my own website, which was blocking me from working on a lot of this stuff, so I will be doing much more spec editing now
18:25:57 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: chris and/or jessica?
18:26:08 [cwebber2]
18:26:21 [tsyesika]
I'm text only too
18:26:24 [tsyesika]
18:26:26 [rhiaro]
... Looks like neither are on the call
18:26:33 [cwebber2]
18:26:34 [eprodrom]
Could you let us know next steps for AP?
18:26:35 [cwebber2]
I'm on the call
18:26:38 [cwebber2]
just don't want to unmute
18:26:40 [cwebber2]
in the office
18:26:41 [cwebber2]
didn't get a room
18:26:42 [bengo]
32 open issues:
18:26:59 [cwebber2]
not much has happened from me because I was at FOSDEM
18:27:05 [cwebber2]
I'll be working more this week
18:27:07 [rhiaro]
... Don't know if there's any additional feedback, but there's work to be done
18:27:08 [wilkie_]
eprodrom: oh cool. sorry I'm not on the call, but I'll definitely look at the validator code now that it is uploaded.
18:27:11 [bengo]
all pretty old issues though (from last f2f)
18:27:56 [rhiaro]
TOPIC: Tracker actions & issues
18:28:02 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: any updates on anything in tracker?
18:28:10 [rhiaro]
18:28:29 [ben_thatmustbeme]
Still a bunch of open actions
18:29:04 [rhiaro]
... If we don't have any updates, I guess we're at the end of the agenda
18:29:07 [rhiaro]
... Any additional items to discuss?
18:29:12 [bengo]
18:29:20 [rhiaro]
bengo: Check out this link for next time
18:29:28 [rhiaro]
... It's a Mozilla Knight ofundation to make online communities software
18:29:37 [rhiaro]
... I'll be meeting with them in two weeks to talk about AS2 or other stuff coming out of this group
18:29:38 [cwebber2]
bengo: oh cool
18:29:44 [wilkie]
oh nice
18:29:47 [dmitriz]
github link?
18:29:50 [rhiaro]
... Might be good to be familiar with the project, look at their github
18:29:56 [rhiaro]
... Trying to get them to commit to interop
18:30:04 [Loqi]
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18:30:09 [rhiaro]
... If anyone has particular ideas or question, get in touch with me or bring it up on the next call, I'll see them in like a month
18:30:20 [rhiaro]
eprodrom: Awesome. Any other items?
18:30:25 [rhiaro]
... If not I am happy to wrap up
18:30:51 [rhiaro]
... Sounds like the end! We'll close. Thanks everyone for coming. Lots to get done, but appreciate all the work.
18:31:03 [wilkie]
18:31:06 [melvster1]
18:31:13 [wilkie]
18:31:16 [Loqi]
rhiaro has 196 karma
18:31:19 [shevski]
thanks eprodrom!
18:31:22 [bengo]
18:31:23 [Loqi]
@daviderwin :: @bengo @losowsky @gjbarb It is in development. I'll ping you soon. Thanks for the #w3 links. Will strongly consider adjusting to conform.
18:31:27 [wilkie]
18:31:32 [dmitriz]
18:31:57 [shevski]
rhiaro: i am very impressed by your scribing skills!
18:32:05 [rhiaro]
RRSAgent please draft minutes
18:32:30 [bengo]
a bit of an HLA:
18:33:07 [rhiaro]
trackbot end meeting
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18:33:16 [eprodrom]
rhiaro: thanks!
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