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Meeting: Device APIs Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 21 January 2016
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Chair: Frederick_Hirsch
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present+ Frederick_Hirsch
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zakim, who is here?
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Present: Frederick_Hirsch
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On IRC I see RRSAgent, fjh, Andrey_Logvinov, dom, mats, mounir, tobie, slightlyoff, Josh_Soref, Mek, trackbot
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15:09:53 [fjh]
Topic: Generic Sensor API
15:09:56 [fjh]
scribeNick: fjh
15:10:14 [fjh]
tobie: working on ambient light spec, plan to have something tomorrow
15:10:25 [fjh]
... pull request for ambient light sensor
15:10:32 [fjh]
... also cleaning up generic sensor API
15:10:45 [fjh]
... had conversation with Chromium implementer about it ???
15:11:08 [fjh]
... looking into Android and IOS, what is exposed to implementations, need to simplfiy some things as a result
15:11:20 [fjh]
... remove what cannot expose properly
15:11:31 [fjh]
... removing everything that is 'nice to have'
15:11:52 [fjh]
... still have questions around sensors that send data on change versus those where pulling data
15:12:12 [fjh]
... not because of hw implementations, but due to how exposed to browser, SDK etc
15:12:21 [fjh]
... have opened issues on these topics, will open some more
15:12:46 [fjh]
... will have up to date WD once ongoing updates are set up by Dom
15:12:59 [fjh]
... question of when to release new version of ambient light
15:13:15 [fjh]
... first get feedback on documents, then consider publishing new WD
15:15:11 [fjh]
fjh: are there multiple issues in the event based versus polling
15:15:23 [fjh]
tobie: will write up more about it, then discuscs
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15:15:49 [fjh]
15:15:57 [fjh]
Topic: Wake Lock
15:16:07 [fjh]
fjh: not enough implementations
15:16:15 [fjh]
dom: only have one implementation
15:16:27 [fjh]
... but only 1 year old, so not too bad
15:16:30 [fjh]
fjh: right
15:17:21 [fjh]
fjh: no need for special draft, like LC
15:17:41 [dom]
15:17:47 [fjh]
dom: announce to chairs list, public review announce list, update SOTD first
15:18:13 [fjh]
... need to figure which groups to ask specially, web platform, web app sec
15:18:17 [fjh]
fjh: privacy group
15:18:37 [fjh]
dom: Andrey what do you think of starting wide review
15:18:47 [fjh]
andrey: review would be good
15:19:20 [dom]
15:19:25 [fjh]
dom: what is the plan for the open issues on wakelock?
15:19:35 [fjh]
andrey: need to review them
15:19:39 [fjh]
dom: yes, please
15:19:47 [fjh]
... many are probably out of date
15:20:16 [fjh]
fjh: andrey when might you be able to complete this
15:20:20 [fjh]
andrey: in a week
15:21:02 [fjh]
Topic: Battery
15:21:07 [fjh]
fjh: there has been progress on this
15:21:44 [fjh]
dom: waiting for updated implementation report from AAA, should get report in a few days
15:21:52 [fjh]
... close to requesting PR for that one
15:21:59 [dom]
15:22:36 [fjh]
dom: need implementation report and detailed summary, then send transition request
15:22:42 [fjh]
fjh: do we need a call
15:22:58 [fjh]
dom: not sure, otherwise wait until March
15:23:48 [fjh]
Topic: Minutes
15:23:51 [fjh]
RESOLUTION: Minutes from 7 Jan 2016 are approved,
15:24:51 [fjh]
Topic: Other Business
15:24:53 [fjh]
15:24:56 [fjh]
Topic: Adjourn
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s/about it ???/about it/
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