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regrets: Anthony Doran ,E.A. Draffan,
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chair: Lisa_Seeman
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agenda: this
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agenda+ Review on timelines what we are working on
16:15:41 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ review actions
16:15:42 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ Issue papers Techniques- GA
16:15:44 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ WCAG update- GA
16:15:45 [Lisa_Seeman]
agenda+ Other issue papers
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agenda+ be done
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regrets: Anthony Doran ,E.A. Draffan, Deborah Dahl
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regrets: Anthony Doran ,E.A. Draffan, Deborah Dahl, ayelet seeman
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scribe: JohnRochford
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17:05:49 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Kurt, how about a 2-minute introduction?
17:06:07 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Kurt, your audio is not working.
17:06:52 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Kurt is reviewing techniques document(s).
17:07:42 [JohnRochford]
17:08:37 [Lisa_Seeman]
ack j
17:08:48 [Kurt]
Not sure why you cannot hear me, trying to rejoin the call
17:09:28 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:11:11 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: We have 3 weeks to finalize work: gap analysis and issue papers
17:11:43 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: We need to do gap analysis summary and table
17:13:55 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: 3 members of gap-analysis summary team: John, MaryJo, Lisa
17:14:20 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Kurt will be working on gap analysis table with other team members
17:14:40 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: There will be a freeze at the end of this month.
17:15:52 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Michael, Neil, and Lisa are working on getting an ARIA extension for COGA
17:18:12 [JohnRochford]
John: Lisa may have meant Mike, not Michael.
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present+ Rich_Schwerdtfeger
17:19:43 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:21:43 [Lisa_Seeman]
action: kurt to join subgroup on gap analysis table
17:21:43 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-147 - Join subgroup on gap analysis table [on Kurt Mattes - due 2016-01-11].
17:22:18 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:23:15 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:23:54 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:24:19 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: It would be good if Janina, Michael, and Rich could review the gap analysis summary, to which she just posted the link.
17:25:17 [Lisa_Seeman]
action: rich and Janina to look at gap analysis summary for initial review
17:25:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-148 - And janina to look at gap analysis summary for initial review [on Richard Schwerdtfeger - due 2016-01-11].
17:26:12 [JohnRochford]
Janina: Should we have solutions in the gap analysis summary?
17:28:04 [JohnRochford]
Janina: The gap analysis should be to explain (exclusiviely) what the problems are.
17:28:22 [JohnRochford]
+1 to Janina's observation
17:29:41 [JohnRochford]
Janina: My comments are based upon the table of contents. I will read the entire doc before commenting further.
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next item
17:30:30 [Kurt]
Sorry, I need to drop - will tend to the action item no later than tomorrow
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17:37:58 [JohnRochford]
Michael (to Lisa): You should complete the joining process for the chairs working group.
17:38:24 [JohnRochford]
Correction: the WCAG working group
17:39:38 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Once I join the WCAG working group, I will ask for COGA-related feedback.
17:40:01 [Lisa_Seeman]
next item:
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17:40:57 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Metadate issue paper is week. Any volunteers to review it?
17:41:05 [JohnRochford]
Correction: metadata
17:41:23 [Lisa_Seeman]
next item
17:41:36 [JohnRochford]
Correction: weak, not week
17:42:33 [JohnRochford]
Lisa to Michael: Is there time to consider an event at CSUN?
17:42:55 [JohnRochford]
Michael: A solid decision needs to be made within the next 2 weeks.
17:44:17 [JohnRochford]
Michael: We may want to wait until Lisbon event.
17:44:48 [JohnRochford]
John: Clarification: event = face-to-face meeting
17:45:26 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: September would be a good time for a FTF.
17:46:49 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: We really should have a FTF in Lisbon. We need to coordinate with other working groups.
17:47:28 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Lisbon will be good for ARIA, HTML, CSS.
17:47:50 [Mike_Pluke]
17:47:51 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: Everyone agree to meeting in Lisbon?
17:47:51 [Lisa_Seeman]
libon ftf +1
17:48:00 [JohnRochford]
17:48:13 [Chaohai_Ding]
17:49:19 [Lisa_Seeman]
resolved: we should have a ftf in lisbon
17:49:36 [JohnRochford]
Rich: If you want a FTF before Lisbon in September, you should consider the timing of the other working groups.
17:50:35 [JohnRochford]
Rich: If you think waiting to September is slowing us down, we should have a meeting sooner.
17:51:22 [JohnRochford]
Rich: We could meet in Austin.
17:51:54 [JohnRochford]
John: I thought we had already agreed to meeting in Austin.
17:53:25 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: We could meet, in Austin, at SXSW.
17:56:24 [JohnRochford]
Lisa: I will set up a straw poll or something similar to solicit votes about FTF meetings.
17:58:02 [JohnRochford]
Michael: If we are asking people to use their travel budgets, we need to be sure we have a good reason to have a FTF.
17:59:42 [JohnRochford]
John: If we want a meeting in Boston, I can work on hosting possibilities.
18:00:25 [Lisa_Seeman]
resolved: lisa to set up poll for next ftf
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