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Kerry: ActuableProperty is also not English. What is meant here? Perhaps an explanation of the concept would help to choose the term. SEAS uses "Property" which suits me, but I guess we are stuck in a pattern since we have "ObservableProperty elsewhere. SAN uses ImpactedProperty which is certainly better, and that would also suggest actuatedProperty could be 'impacts'. Or, better still (because impacts is too forceful, in general) how about "affects" and "AffectedProperty"

- Maxime: related emails in the list: .

- Maxime: propose: "sosa:ActionableProperty" Kerry: definitely an improvement - Can live with that if follwing the "pattern" is important

Proposed options

  1. sosa:ActuableProperty and sosa:ObservableProperty
  2. sosa:ActionableProperty and sosa:ObservableProperty
  3. sosa:ActuatableProperty and sosa:ObservableProperty --> See UPDATE (02/20/17) --> UPDATE (02/21/17): voted on and accepted.
  4. just sosa:Property
  5. Actuator, Action, Actionable Property (from WoT)
  6. AffectedProperty (or, for "able" form, AffectableProperty)
  7. ...
  8. (Kerry) This really bothers me -- heading down the direction that some properties are Observable and some others are Affectable which is surely entirely

application dependent? In the the sosa context surely we only care about whether some Property *is* "Observed" or *is* "Affected" which should be defined only by the use in relation to the an "Observation" or "Actuation", but not an intrinsic property of the Property.? There *is* a case for distinction in WoT where device capability is being modelled (as SSN does too), but there seems to be no obvious case in sosa, which seems to be just marking up data that has been observed (or actuated? but what does that mean?). I dunno --- still looking hard for the sosa use case. Is it the WoT use case? Isn't this a fundamental question in this area?

KJ: Kerry, being observable and being actuatable is not disjoint, so I do not see any problem here.