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This page discusses Issue 153 and is part of Action 296 to reassess the role of Device for the new version of the SSN.

Relation between the new Platform class and the old Device and SensingDevice classes

This is related to the issue of Sensing.

  • SensingDevice is a subclass of old-ssn:Device and old-ssn:Sensor. We do not want to introduce classes such as SamplingDevice and ActuationDevice as we have other ways of dealing with them in SOSA. Suggestion: Remove SensingDevice (which should have been called SensorDevice anyway).
  • Device is a subclass of old-ssn:System and physical. Most of us seemed to be okay with removing it during a meeting in March. Please note that the class Platform in SOSA largely plays this role now (without necessarily being physical).
  • System (as an abstraction for pieces of infrastructure) can stay as is also as a fallback solution for Device but the definition has to change as it is currently limited to sensing.