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BP sorted issue list

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Number of open BP issues: 35 (as of 4-4-2017)

Issues that need some discussion:

Make Best Practices more open #230
Remove RDF bias when talking about semantics #229
We must avoid being overly focused on RDF #225

Issues that need to be reviewed or checked by WG members:

Good practice for publishing geometry of a thing as different geometry types #251
Glossary section needs improving; see existing sources of definitions #212
Definition of 'Spatial Thing' #39

Issues that need to be done and assigned to someone

"How to use" section of best practice document is incomplete #381
Need consistency in how we cite existing specifications #222
Need to review best practices text to ensure that they consistently use an imperative style #193
Question on spatial operators #298
Should we reference GeoJSON text sequences #656
How do we ensure alignment between terminology used in BP and new spatial ontology? #382
Appendix A, common formats list: should scientific formats be included? #237

ISSUES WE CLOSED during 5th of April telecon or after

Complete BP about metadata #520
Example target doesn't resolve: geo.resc.info #482
Do we also need to introduce spatial relationships? #383
Need to illustrate role of SDIs in publishing spatial data on the Web #223
Include details of which spatial relationships are published as IANA Link relations #215
Definition of "spatial data" is required #206
Is "interoperability" also a top-level problem (alongside discoverability and accessibility)? #205
Is the term "subset" correct? #195
Are "content publishers" sufficiently different from the other defined audience categories? #190
Should content from "Exposing datasets through APIs" be moved to DWBP "Data Access"? #187
BP 9 - how to describe relative positions- needs more content #121
Devise a way to make best versus emerging practices clearly recognizable in this document. #81
Mappings between vocabularies about spatial things #38
Expressing the fuzziness of a spatial thing #37
Determine where to place reference to GeoDCAT-AP #35
Write a shared note with the DWBP #36
Re-order best practices #519
B. Authoritative sources #231
Geonames URIs #654
Geluidskaarten API in SwaggerHub not found #499
Introduction to CRS does not cover non-geographic cases #392
Methodology for selecting a spatial vocabulary is not yet defined. #214
BP: Aligning OGC bib entries #768