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Attending Sapporo F2F

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Are you attending the Sapporo Face to Face meeting of the Spatial Data on the Web Working Group?

In person
  1. Kerry
  2. Phil
  3. Ed
  4. Linda
  5. Bart
  6. Jeremy ... not registered yet though!
  7. Lars, who has also not yet registered...
  8. Armin
By teleconference (probably WebEx) and irc
  1. SimonCox
  2. JoshLieberman
  3. Chris Little (some of the time, probably)
  4. Clemens Portele (part of the time)
  5. Bill (alas can't make it in person this time- would love to have come)
Not attending at all
  1. Andreas Harth
  2. Chris Little
  3. Alejandro Llaves