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Are you attending the F2F3 Amersfoort The Netherlands of the Spatial Data on the Web Working Group?

In person
  1. Linda
  2. Bart
  3. Ed
  4. Phil (Due Amersfoort station at 09:50 on Monday morning)
  5. Jeremy
  6. Frans
  7. Andrea
  8. Bill
  9. LarsG
  10. Chris
  11. Andreas Harth
  12. Ingo Simonis
By teleconference (probably WebEx) and irc
  1. Kerry (aiming to be on-line for all of the the formal meeting)
  2. Simon (will try to join some of SSN discussions if they happen; for time activity please schedule in the morning)
  3. Danh (will join SSN sessions and some others)
  4. Krzysztof (will try to join some of SSN discussions depending on the time)
  5. Josh (will join from ~11am local time onwards, mainly for BP)
  6. Armin (will join SSN sessions)
  7. Jon Blower (arriving around lunchtime on Tuesday 9th in time for Coverages session.) Will attend workshop on 10th.
  8. Matt Perry (will try to join some afternoon sessions)
  9. Rachel (will join online on Monday, Tues pm)
  10. Clemens (will join BP sessions on Monday)
  11. Claus Stadler (will try to join SSN discussions and some others)
Not attending at all
  1. Raúl