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Draft Agenda for Amsterdam F2F (UTC +1)

Start each day at 9am, Finish at 6pm, lunch break 1pm to 2pm. Other short breaks as required on the day.

WebEx details

   WebEx Link
   +1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number
   Access code: 649 175 807
   For text discussions, minutes, joining the speaker queue, actions & issues IRC channel: #sdw on on port 6667
   Please be sure to join both IRC and WebEx and use the same nick in both (or it gets very confusing)
   When you join the IRC channel, please immediately type 'present+ {yourname}' (this adds your name to the participants list in the minutes)

Monday 8th Feb 2016

Minutes day 1

  • UCR -- steps to ensure that the remaining issues will not stay open indefinitely
  • UCR -- actions and issues.
  • Use cases missing arising from recent work?
  • Use cases to ask for on Wednesday
  • Time: anything useful to be done here?
  • Best practices:
    • ask for pointers to real examples 'in the wild' that we can reference
    • scope questions; particularly WRT sensor data and exposing spatial data through web services
    • engagement with DWBP WG; are their best practices meeting our needs?
    • what to ask for on Wednesday, e.g.
      • find out what problems make it difficult for them to publish spatial data
      • seek confirmation that the best practices we are curating are appropriate
      • ask how the SDW BP can be made [more] useful to practitioners; what do they need, how should it be organised etc.

Tuesday 9th Feb 2016

Minutes day 2

  • Semantic Sensor Networks (what work should be done?)
    • Kerry proposes we address task number 1 that is, Check and reconsider/redesign modularisation of SSN into patterns. That people are prepared to propose how this should be done via a presentation or diagram. That the proposal in the charter be particularly considered.
    • Kerry can lead discussion on the charter proposal
    • Also suggest we review Armin's propposal for collaborative editing
    • And divide up the tasks amongst editors and other contributors (see task list)
  • Buffer for more work on BP or SSN or Time
  • Coverage: initial discussion on what to expect and the challenges from 3pm
  • Plan for parallel work on deliverables?
  • Review, summarise actions and close from 4pm


  • (Frans) With respect to the BP deliverable, I think it will be useful to discuss to what extent we want or should deliver more than the BP document. For some known issues it seems clear that some sort of action needs to be undertaken to resolve it. Is just describing the issue sufficient? Who will resolve those issues, or take the lead in resolving them, if not us? Examples are encoding of vector geometry (multiple standards exist) and referencing and using CRS (currently an impediment for publishing professional data). If we want to tackle such issues we probably need to collaborate with other communities, so it seems smart not to postpone these decisions because setting up collaboration probably takes time.
  • (Frans) With respect to the UCR deliverable: Can we talk about steps to ensure that the remaining issues will not stay open indefinitely? Logically, requirements should be as ready as possible before ensuing work is started. (Kerry added to agenda Monday morning)