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Meeting: Timed Text Working Group Teleconference
15:02:19 [trackbot]
Date: 03 December 2015
15:03:13 [nigel]
Present: Frans, nigel
15:03:16 [nigel]
chair: nigel
15:03:17 [nigel]
scribe: nigel
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15:04:16 [nigel]
Present+ pal
15:05:20 [nigel]
Present+ tmichel
15:06:17 [nigel]
Topic: This meeting
15:07:07 [nigel]
nigel: There's a bit of action to report on and I think we want to cover IMSC pull requests in advance of CRs
15:08:11 [nigel]
pal: Yes, it looks like Glenn is still implementing so if we move to a new CR now we may need another one in case more issues get filed.
15:08:38 [nigel]
nigel: I'd like to know how much time Glenn will spend on it - if its 1 week that gives us one view; if 3 months then it would be another.
15:08:45 [nigel]
pal: That would be a good question to ask.
15:09:07 [nigel]
nigel: Anything else on the agenda?
15:10:31 [nigel]
group: No AOB
15:10:34 [nigel]
Topic: Action Items
15:10:45 [nigel]
15:10:45 [trackbot]
action-452 -- Nigel Megitt to Check with frans about hosting the ibc slides on the ebu space, and send a link around. -- due 2015-12-03 -- PENDINGREVIEW
15:10:45 [trackbot]
15:11:04 [nigel]
nigel: Thank you Frans for uploading the slides as requested, onto the EBU space. I've updated the action with the URL:
15:11:20 [nigel]
15:12:42 [nigel]
Action-452: nigel to add link to wiki prior to closing this action
15:12:42 [trackbot]
Notes added to Action-452 Check with frans about hosting the ibc slides on the ebu space, and send a link around..
15:13:02 [nigel]
15:13:02 [trackbot]
action-451 -- Thierry Michel to Investigate if we are required to move to the 2015 process -- due 2015-12-03 -- OPEN
15:13:02 [trackbot]
15:13:51 [nigel]
tmichel: I'm sorry that I cannot report because I've not been able to discuss it with plh.
15:14:05 [nigel]
... I will ping him again today and hopefully report in a few days.
15:14:59 [nigel]
pal: Thank you!
15:15:30 [nigel]
15:15:30 [trackbot]
action-450 -- Pierre-Anthony Lemieux to Check character to glyph mappings for common script value -- due 2015-11-26 -- OPEN
15:15:30 [trackbot]
15:17:07 [nigel]
pal: We should actually file this as an issue on github
15:17:52 [nigel]
... I'll do that right now. And I'll include a prompt to remind Glenn about the list of complex scripts.
15:18:29 [nigel]
... [files issue]
15:18:59 [nigel]
... Thank you for the reminder. This one is not fatal but we should find a solution.
15:19:11 [nigel]
15:19:26 [nigel]
Action-450: This action moved to issue #103 on github at
15:19:26 [trackbot]
Notes added to Action-450 Check character to glyph mappings for common script value.
15:19:35 [nigel]
close action-450
15:19:35 [trackbot]
Closed action-450.
15:21:06 [nigel]
Topic: Charter
15:21:24 [nigel]
nigel: I just want to remind us that as per
15:21:54 [nigel]
... we need to prepare a new draft charter by the end of January.
15:22:18 [nigel]
Topic: IMSC
15:22:37 [nigel]
pal: I've merged 3 pull requests uneventfully.
15:22:43 [nigel]
15:23:17 [nigel]
pal: Related to issues #81, #84, #85 and #86
15:23:37 [nigel]
nigel: Great!
15:24:00 [nigel]
pal: The three remaining PRs will be on track to be closed soon. People seem happy so
15:24:11 [nigel]
... we're just waiting for the 2 week review period.
15:25:30 [nigel]
pal: I don't have any other major things. Glenn has raised some good issues that I'll address.
15:25:49 [nigel]
... I don't expect any further problems with those. How do we manage the fact that we want
15:25:56 [nigel]
... folks to have ready access to the latest version.
15:26:12 [nigel]
nigel: I'll follow up with Glenn to get an estimate on his timescales in implementing IMSC 1.
15:27:00 [nigel]
tmichel: Just to come back to the CR issue, I think now a new trend that was advocated
15:27:18 [nigel]
... by plh is to publish the CR when the group has the level of implementation readiness
15:27:43 [nigel]
... to exit CR.
15:27:52 [nigel]
nigel: I think that was based on being in WD - we're already in CR.
15:28:12 [nigel]
tmichel: Well still we can use that idea. There are still people working on implementation
15:28:23 [nigel]
... so we can wait until we're ready before going to the next CR.
15:28:36 [nigel]
pal: I'm happy to wait. It was not obvious from the /TR page that the ED was really what
15:28:48 [nigel]
... they ought to be looking at, but I'm happy to withhold a CR until after Glenn has
15:28:55 [nigel]
... finished his initial implementation assuming that will be soon.
15:29:12 [nigel]
tmichel: I agree that's not obvious for people. We're requesting people to look at the ED
15:29:25 [nigel]
... to see the latest version but we're asking for implementations on the CR - that's not
15:30:04 [nigel]
... easy to understand. We can still publish any number of CRs with no problem. Now the process is easier too.
15:30:49 [nigel]
pal: One positive of publishing a new CR is that the delta between successive CRs is smaller
15:31:03 [nigel]
... There's an argument for doing that even though we will have the pain of another CR later.
15:31:40 [nigel]
nigel: I agree - it's just that if Glenn gives us a wrapped up implementation report by the
15:31:47 [nigel]
... end of December then we'll think we should have waited.
15:31:59 [nigel]
pal: I agree with that. Let's target a CR version for next week then.
15:32:12 [nigel]
tmichel: To clarify, my position is not to wait for more bug fixes. Personally I think we
15:32:32 [nigel]
... should publish a new CR. What I'm saying now is that there's this model that plh is pushing
15:32:51 [nigel]
... that simplifies the process. Myself I prefer to go to another CR even if there's another one.
15:33:02 [nigel]
... And it's good to make the deltas shorter and shorter over time.
15:33:33 [nigel]
pal: Let's say we set a target for next week to go to CR. Can we close issues during the meeting?
15:35:47 [nigel]
nigel: We can, yes - I view the Pull Request as a call for consensus, which for offline decisions
15:37:15 [nigel]
... is subject to the 2 week decision policy. If during a meeting we have all the right inputs
15:37:37 [nigel]
... and the folk who raised the issue are happy with it then I see that as equivalent to our
15:37:48 [nigel]
... previous working model of closing pending review issues.
15:38:14 [nigel]
pal: What do we need to do to move to a CR?
15:39:02 [nigel]
nigel: We need a version that we can propose to publish, and a minuted resolution to publish,
15:39:17 [nigel]
... then we need to agree the conformance changes as being substantive or not, and if there
15:39:24 [nigel]
... are any that are then we need to meet the Director.
15:39:38 [nigel]
pal: Can we see if we can schedule a meeting with the Director for Dec 18?
15:39:47 [nigel]
tmichel: I'll look at the diary and see if we can manage that/
15:39:52 [nigel]
15:40:08 [nigel]
pal: Okay that'd be the best option and would give us a couple of weeks to clean up the
15:40:12 [nigel]
... SOTD section etc.
15:40:31 [nigel]
tmichel: I'll do that right now.
15:41:55 [nigel]
nigel: So you don't think any of the open issues needs discussion?
15:42:08 [nigel]
pal: I'd appreciate review, but they all look fairly straightforward.
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15:46:23 [nigel]
nigel: Okay, I think we're out of agenda now so I'll adjourn - thanks everyone! [adjourns meeting]
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