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Meeting: HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 19 November 2015
15:51:36 [janina]
15:51:47 [janina]
zakim, clear agenda
15:51:47 [Zakim]
agenda cleared
15:51:52 [janina]
agenda+ Identify Scribe
15:51:55 [janina]
agenda+ Agenda Edits & Additions
15:51:58 [janina]
agenda+ Housekeeping Updates -- Work Statement, Decision Policy, Etc.
15:52:00 [janina]
agenda+ Alt Doc Update -- Janina, Shane, Liam
15:52:03 [janina]
Agenda+ Footnotes Update -- Shane
15:52:05 [janina]
agenda+ Accessibility API Update -- Cynthia
15:52:08 [janina]
agenda+ TF Open Actions
15:52:10 [janina]
agenda+ Other Business
15:52:13 [janina]
agenda+ be done
15:52:50 [janina]
zakim, next item
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agendum 2. "Agenda Edits & Additions" taken up [from janina]
15:52:59 [janina]
zakim, take up item 1
15:52:59 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Identify Scribe" taken up [from janina]
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15:59:29 [janina]
regrets: chaals, leonie
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present+ JS
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scribe: liam
16:10:55 [liam]
zakim, take up agendum 1
16:10:56 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Identify Scribe" taken up [from janina]
16:11:05 [liam]
zakim, take up agendum 2
16:11:06 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Agenda Edits & Additions" taken up [from janina]
16:11:43 [liam]
zakim, take up agendum 3
16:11:43 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Housekeeping Updates -- Work Statement, Decision Policy, Etc." taken up [from janina]
16:12:51 [liam]
password will be given out only in IRC, and only using "/me" so not on the record.
16:13:04 [liam]
JS: It's possible to get to MIT webex via SIP
16:13:25 [liam]
directly if you're using ipv4, but not if using ipv6
16:13:42 [liam]
You may need to turn reinvite off in your sip client
16:13:54 [liam]
I'll send email.
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16:14:19 [liam]
Other items include work statement, decision policy, name APA + Web Platforms instead of PF and HTML, maybe other tweaks.
16:14:52 [liam]
Also some discussion regarding joint documents similarly
16:15:07 [liam]
e.g. there's one between ARIA and WP
16:15:58 [IanPouncey]
present+ IanPouncey
16:16:13 [liam]
JS: We need to hold up alt because of tweaks we're expecting related to extended descriptions- looking like aria-describedat will be repalced by HTML details & summary, but our requirements aren't yet met
16:16:41 [liam]
The disambiguation between use of detail/summary for an image description vs another purpose needs to be firmed up, probably in December.
16:17:02 [liam]
So there will be edits to the draft alt document, so premature to ask WCAG and EO to weigh in on it.
16:18:02 [MarkS]
LQ: I've been following the describedat conversation closely. I will go through the alt doc and close as many issues as possible, like typos and these new details about summary/details
16:18:09 [MarkS]
...once we reach consensus
16:18:32 [liam]
JS: once we get that consensus we'll review the text here.
16:19:03 [ShaneM]
I have nothing new to report on this. and can't get my audio to work :/
16:19:09 [liam]
[ShaneM not on the call]
16:19:46 [liam]
[Cynthia not on the call]
16:21:01 [liam]
16:21:13 [ShaneM]
Present+ ShaneM
16:21:25 [liam] Send out note requestiong wider review (includes wcag and eo)
16:22:43 [liam]
16:22:48 [liam]
16:23:00 [liam] Start a cfc to publish maur as a note
16:23:01 [liam]
16:23:13 [liam] Shane re. footnotes, done
16:24:13 [liam]
JS: want to refer to footnotes from multiple places in a document and to go back to the right place
16:24:24 [liam]
and to be able to read footnotes without going through the document
16:24:48 [liam]
ShaneM: the old access element had support for this sort of use case
16:24:57 [liam]
... based on roles.
16:25:27 [liam]
This is no longer just accessibility, but a larger context. And every time we say HTML should be extended to cover notes.
16:25:32 [liam]
And every time people push back.
16:26:02 [liam]
Someone needs to enumerate requirements
16:26:52 [ShaneM]
16:26:53 [liam]
ShaneM: PF WG had responsibility for access element inherited from HTML 2 WG
16:27:10 [liam]
JS: we took care of role & forgot the other.
16:28:42 [liam]
JS: Next week in the US is the time we're grateful for the fact in the US we've welcomed so many immigrants... Thanksgiving... so no call next week
16:29:24 [liam]
Next call will be 3rd December. Look in IRC for the appropriate password at that time.
16:29:29 [liam]
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As of this point the attendees have been Janina, Judy, IanPouncey, Liam, MarkS, JS, Joanmarie_Diggs, ShaneM
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present+ Shane
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present- Shane
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As of this point the attendees have been Janina, Judy, IanPouncey, Liam, MarkS, JS, Joanmarie_Diggs, ShaneM
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19:02:25 [liam]
ShaneM, I added some more requirements to your NOTES wiki page
19:07:42 [liam]
np no hurry
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