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Meeting: Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 08 July 2015
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13:03:38 [billroberts]
Hi Kerry - we were hearing you reasanably well, if a little quiet
13:03:44 [billroberts]
sounds like you couldn't hear anyone else though
13:04:29 [kerry]
i cant hear you much a t all
13:04:39 [kerry]
scribe volunteer please?
13:04:40 [Frans]
I can hear Kerry typing
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scribe: ClemensPortele
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scribenick: clemens
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regrets+ Jeremy, Linda, Ed, Phil, Andreas, Simon, Stefan Lemme, Josh
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regrets+ Jeremy
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regrets+ Linda
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Meeting: Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference
13:08:35 [trackbot]
Date: 08 July 2015
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regrets+ Simon
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regrets+ Stefan Lemme
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13:09:22 [kerry]
topic: requirements issue-12
13:09:36 [ChrisLittle]
* Clemens, could you mute while typing please
13:09:36 [Frans]
Lots of background noise!
13:09:54 [Alejandro_Llaves]
13:09:54 [BartvanLeeuwen]
kerry, could you mute yourself ?
13:09:55 [ClemensPortele]
Chris, I am muted locally
13:10:11 [ClemensPortele]
Alejandro_Llaves: issue 12 from Barcelona
13:10:47 [kerry]
13:10:50 [ClemensPortele]
Alejandro_Llaves: for now excluded as considered out-of-scope, but we have the issue still open
13:11:04 [kerry]
13:11:20 [kerry]
13:11:29 [ClemensPortele]
Alejandro_Llaves: for discussion at f2f meeting, but does not seem important for use cases
13:11:36 [kerry]
ack kerry
13:11:38 [ClemensPortele]
Alejandro_Llaves: comments anyone?
13:12:43 [ChrisLittle]
* clemens apologies
13:13:35 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: maybe not covered by a use case, but seems to be a requirement from IoT community
13:14:03 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: suggestion to close the issue for now, but add an action to discuss this with them later
13:14:44 [kerry]
13:15:17 [Alejandro_Llaves]
13:15:30 [kerry]
action: kerry to keep in contact with WoT re actuation
13:15:31 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-58 - Keep in contact with wot re actuation [on Kerry Taylor - due 2015-07-15].
13:15:52 [ClemensPortele]
ACTION: Alejandro_Llaves to close issue-12
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13:16:11 [Alejandro_Llaves]
close issue 12
13:16:17 [kerry]
topic: best practice designissues
13:16:20 [Alejandro_Llaves]
close: issue-12
13:16:26 [Alejandro_Llaves]
13:17:46 [Payam]
A good sample for best practice:
13:17:53 [kerry]
13:18:11 [kerry]
Are we focussing on "linked data" -- can we use JSON-LD as out primary encoding for each BP, then supplement where necessary?
13:19:08 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: Jeremy was keen on using JSON-LD in BPs
13:19:51 [BartvanLeeuwen]
13:19:56 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: Editors want to avoid the "usual" basics (have metadata, etc); just reference this as a basis
13:20:08 [kerry]
13:20:12 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: Editors do not want a tutorial
13:20:40 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: But be clear about things to avoid
13:21:14 [kerry]
13:21:23 [AndreaPerego]
13:21:40 [LarsG]
+1 to technology independence
13:21:50 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: Idea is to use JSON-LD (and other formats) in examples, but be clear that this is just an example
13:22:13 [Frans]
13:22:38 [ChrisLittle]
+1 to technology independence
13:22:59 [ChrisLittle]
+1 to things to avoid as well as BP
13:23:27 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: Approach will be to go requirements and try to group them
13:23:34 [AndreaPerego]
I think that what we mean with "technology independence" needs to be clarified.
13:23:52 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: Editors will work on a proposal and present it to the group
13:24:10 [kerry]
13:24:44 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: Plan is to have a draft available for f2f meeting
13:24:50 [kerry]
ack andreas
13:24:52 [billroberts]
I think using JSON-LD for examples is a good idea. Reasonably readable and the JSON bit will be familiar to many non-lD people
13:25:01 [kerry]
ack andra
13:25:30 [kerry]
ack andrea
13:26:25 [ClemensPortele]
AndreaPerego: regarding referencing vs repeating - we need to be careful; is referencing general (we inherit all of Data on the Web BP) or are we specific with references
13:27:22 [ClemensPortele]
AndreaPerego: "technology independence" - what do we mean by this? the web is a platform that has its own technologies
13:28:20 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: agrees, document should also be self-sufficient, but should not go into detail with content included in Data on the Web BP
13:29:08 [ClemensPortele]
+1 on make references specific (to be clear which requriements or BPs are meant)
13:29:41 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: agrees on being technical, but no making the BP a tutorial
13:29:45 [kerry]
ack frans
13:30:07 [Frans]
The scope of the Spatial Data on the Web Working Group, SDWWG, is Web technologies as they may be applied to location. Where relevant, it will promote Linked Data using the 5 Stars of Linked Data paradigm, but this will not be to the exclusion of other technologies.
13:30:17 [AndreaPerego]
13:30:42 [BartvanLeeuwen]
13:30:53 [ClemensPortele]
Frans: points out the statement in the charter; does everyone agree with this or is a change necessary
13:31:10 [AndreaPerego]
No change needed, IMO.
13:31:12 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: sees the approach discussed consistent with the charter
13:31:31 [ClemensPortele]
+1 for no change needed
13:32:13 [kerry]
+1 I think we "assume" as frans suggested
13:32:40 [ClemensPortele]
Frans: do we assume linked data to be the best practice or are we looking at each UC/Req?
13:33:15 [kerry]
13:33:59 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: In many cases linked data is one approach, but others are (equally) valid as well
13:34:04 [kerry]
ack Bart
13:34:36 [ClemensPortele]
... discussion about "best practice" (singular) vs "best practices" (plural)
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13:35:16 [ClemensPortele]
BartvanLeeuwen: Data on the Web had a similar discussion
13:35:43 [AndreaPerego]
13:36:18 [ClemensPortele]
BartvanLeeuwen: Approach there is linked data is included in the scope, but not the exclusive approach
13:36:38 [kerry]
13:36:49 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: suggests to discuss this when we have a concrete BP example
13:37:20 [billroberts]
present+ billroberts
13:37:24 [billroberts]
(sorry forgot before)
13:37:58 [billroberts]
+1 agree easier to comment and refine when we can discuss a concrete first draft
13:38:12 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: idea was to not assume a certain technology to be the best practice for all use cases
13:39:33 [AndreaPerego]
I would say a certain "Web" technology
13:39:47 [AndreaPerego]
13:40:02 [kerry]
ack andrea
13:40:33 [billroberts]
I liked Jeremy's explanation of the publishers and consumers relationship
13:41:25 [ClemensPortele]
AndreaPerego: the web should be the basis (not linked data as such), this is the minimal requirement
13:41:36 [kerry]
agree we must use uris and also we must link!
13:42:44 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: agrees with Andrea
13:43:30 [Payam]
13:43:56 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: agrees with Jeremy's proposal to use the DWBP as a template, but extend to cover both publisher/consumer perspectives
13:44:06 [Frans]
13:44:25 [kerry]
ack frans
13:45:33 [kerry]
13:45:49 [ClemensPortele]
Frans: publishers may also have their own requirements beyond the consumer requirements
13:47:03 [Frans]
13:47:09 [BartvanLeeuwen]
13:47:17 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: should we ask editors to use the "template" and create an example?
13:47:24 [kerry]
ack frans
13:47:32 [AndreaPerego]
13:48:35 [ClemensPortele]
Frans: a good idea; maybe from the metadata ones?
13:48:54 [AndreaPerego]
+1 to metadata
13:49:19 [billroberts]
I hear a bit of background noise from somewhere but no speaking (except for Kerry)
13:50:24 [Frans]
Good idea to make suggestions on the list
13:50:33 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: please make suggestions on the list where to start
13:51:06 [ClemensPortele]
Payam: editors will work on the grouping
13:51:22 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: maybe do both (grouping, example) in parallel
13:51:33 [Frans]
I like the idea of picking one BP requirement as an example
13:51:43 [kerry]
topic: approve the minutes
13:51:50 [Payam]
13:52:00 [billroberts]
(missed last week's call so can't vote)
13:52:01 [AndreaPerego]
13:52:03 [Frans]
Kerry, you also did not do the patent call
13:52:04 [Alejandro_Llaves]
13:52:05 [ChrisLittle]
+1 minutes
13:52:08 [MattPerry]
13:52:15 [kerry]
13:52:15 [AndreaPerego]
I was not there
13:52:16 [cory]
13:52:23 [kerry]
13:52:30 [LarsG]
13:52:33 [MattPerry]
13:52:54 [ClemensPortele]
topic: W3C and OGC patent calls
13:52:57 [Frans]
I have not read the minutes entirely yet
13:53:19 [kerry]
topic: Sapporo
13:53:44 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: reminder to register for TPAC
13:54:20 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: idea is to finalise 1st working draft BP
13:54:32 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: start work on ontologies
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13:55:54 [ClemensPortele]
kerry: status at OGC?
13:56:22 [ClemensPortele]
ClemensPortele: email vote started (low turnout in OGC DWG telecon)
13:56:27 [kerry]
13:56:32 [ClemensPortele]
topic: AOB?
13:56:54 [ChrisLittle]
Bye and Thank you
13:56:55 [Alejandro_Llaves]
thanks, bye!
13:56:56 [AndreaPerego]
Thanks and bye!
13:56:58 [billroberts]
ok, thanks very much, bye!
13:57:01 [ClemensPortele]
13:57:03 [MattPerry]
13:57:10 [Payam]
13:57:15 [Frans]
have a good week
13:57:20 [kerry]
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13:59:10 [kerry]
thanks everyone, bye
13:59:23 [AndreaPerego]
Bye again, Kerry, and thanks!
13:59:51 [AndreaPerego]
14:15:32 [kerry]
trackbot, bye
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