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ok, trackbot; I see DPUB_(ANNO)11:00AM scheduled to start in 18 minutes
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Meeting: Web Annotation Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 06 May 2015
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Chair: Frederick_Hirsch
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Present+ Frederick_Hirsch
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Regrets+ Rob_Sanderson, Bill_Kasdorf, Jacob_Jett, Dave_Cramer, Ben_De_Meester, Ray_Denenberg,
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Topic: Agenda Review, Scribe Selection, Announcements
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Present+ Matt_Haas
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I'm OK with cancelling
15:03:02 [bigbluehat]
it'd be best to have people in the room ^_^
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see fjh_, Matt_Haas, bigbluehat, TimCole, Doug_Schepers
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... JakeHart, bret, bigbluehat, dwhly, csillag, trackbot
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Present+ Miguel_ Aragón
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Present+ Janina_Sarol
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ScribeNick: TimCole
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15:06:17 [fjh_]
Request for Search/Query use cases,
15:06:23 [fjh_]
Miguel joined WG,
15:06:44 [stain]
(I'm just lurking on IRC today)
15:06:54 [fjh_]
Plans to switch from zakim to webex for calling in, next week
15:07:16 [fjh_]
should be message on list in advance of next week’s call
15:07:35 [TimCole]
fjh: Call on 20th will be cancelled.
15:07:38 [Zakim]
+ +
15:07:51 [TimCole]
fjh: we will have a call next week.
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zakim, aabb is me
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+csillag; got it
15:08:12 [fjh_]
Topic: Minutes Approval
15:08:14 [stain]
(Note: Webex' Java client is not known to work too well on 64-bit Linux)
15:08:20 [TimCole]
fjh: can we approve the f2f minutes?
15:08:26 [fjh_]
proposed RESOLUTION: F2F minutes from 22 April 2015 approved, see
15:08:40 [Zakim]
15:08:44 [fjh_]
proposed RESOLUTION: Teleconference minutes from 29 April 2015 approved, see
15:08:52 [TimCole]
RESOLUTION: F2F minutes from 22 April 2015 approved, see
15:08:53 [Zakim]
15:09:04 [TimCole]
RESOLUTION: Teleconference minutes from 29 April 2015 approved, see
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Present+ Kristof_Csillag
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15:09:33 [TimCole]
fjh: Doug will briefly introduce the new draft re RangeFinder API
15:09:42 [fjh_]
Topic: Rangefinnder API
15:09:49 [fjh]
15:09:57 [TimCole]
shepazu: will send instructions for annotating the new draft
15:10:02 [tilgovi]
Present+ Randall_Leeds
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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15:10:30 [shepazu]
15:10:40 [TimCole]
... updated version is currently at temporary location, will be in proper location this week.
15:11:00 [fjh]
15:11:01 [TimCole]
... annotating is relatively straightforward
15:11:11 [fjh]
15:11:39 [TimCole]
fjh: on web platform it is not obvious how to annotate
15:11:46 [TimCole]
shepazu: will fix this.
15:11:54 [fjh]
obvious with icon on draft
15:12:19 [TimCole]
... this is a radically simplified version of what was posted previously
15:12:24 [csillag]
zakim, mute me
15:12:24 [Zakim]
csillag should now be muted
15:12:40 [TimCole]
... examples have not been updated for syntax, but the ideas are still illustrated in the examples
15:13:04 [TimCole]
... there are now 2 interfaces: rangefinder and edit-distance
15:13:21 [TimCole]
... the latter is just a helper interface, though it can be used stand-alone.
15:14:02 [TimCole]
... the rangefinder itself: you still set certain parameters
15:14:17 [TimCole]
... you can say you are willing to accept an edit distance of X
15:14:35 [TimCole]
... if you don't set an edit distance than it will be treated as a string literal
15:14:51 [TimCole]
... you can set case-folding, unicode-folding, page-folding, etc.
15:15:26 [TimCole]
... most modern specs use algorithms; reduces questions, ambiguity
15:15:30 [Zakim]
15:15:36 [TimCole]
... but they are not the most user friendly to read
15:15:47 [takeshi]
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15:15:50 [TimCole]
... so this draft includes an explanation of the algorithms used
15:16:25 [TimCole]
... this is helpful for laying out the ideas of the algorithm as we go (i.e., to help write the algorithm)
15:16:41 [TimCole]
... two other items with this spec:
15:17:05 [TimCole]
... 1 - scope, which says I want to limit the search to a particluar part of a document
15:17:58 [TimCole]
... scope is derived from other specs and consists of start-range and ???
15:18:22 [TimCole]
... should be less work to implement this approach
15:18:32 [fjh]
s/scope is/scope and start range are/
15:18:50 [TimCole]
... removed the custom and blocking / non-blocking stuff
15:19:07 [Zakim]
+ +1.434.971.aacc
15:19:10 [TimCole]
... changed the search method. Once you've filled in the parameters you say search.
15:19:12 [fjh]
s/derived from other specs and consists of start-range and ???/ no longer define various selectors but relay on Range from DOM4, which need to be manually created/
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15:19:26 [davis_salisbury]
15:19:31 [TimCole]
... a promise is returned, which is like a call-back
15:19:40 [fjh]
Present+ Davis_Salsbury
15:19:52 [TimCole]
... with chaining this should allow someone to introduce their own search algorithm
15:20:06 [fjh]
15:20:07 [TimCole]
... promise is less work than a simple call back
15:20:18 [takeshi]
Present+ Takeshi_Kanai
15:20:24 [TimCole]
... still lets you do strict searching and fuzzy search
15:20:54 [TimCole]
... spec calls for consistency in how the results of the search are presented -- how search is done by the browser behind this is not specified.
15:21:12 [TimCole]
fjh: should we defer discussion of the issues now or defer.
15:21:22 [TimCole]
shepazu: probably should defer.
15:21:23 [fjh]
15:21:48 [TimCole]
... if anyone wants to talk about the issues in the current draft, please annotate or talk on list
15:22:09 [fjh]
15:22:15 [TimCole]
fjh: back to WebEx
15:22:17 [fjh]
Topic: WebEx
15:22:42 [TimCole]
fjh: currently we use Zakim. You call in.
15:22:53 [TimCole]
... voice portion of call will change.
15:23:23 [TimCole]
... for WebEx you will call differently, but we will continue to use IRC as now
15:24:01 [TimCole]
... we will not use other features of WebEx except for the voice -- so we will not use WebEx chat, whiteboard, etc.
15:24:25 [TimCole]
... we want to try this sooner rather than later to identify any issues.
15:24:36 [TimCole]
... you will be able to call up to 10 minutes early.
15:25:03 [TimCole]
shepazu: we have until June to switchover, but by starting earlier we can discover any issues.
15:25:24 [fjh]
15:25:32 [TimCole]
fjh: the first time you use it WebEx may need to install software, so give yourself some lead time.
15:25:35 [fjh]
zakim, who is here?
15:25:35 [Zakim]
On the phone I see fjh_, Matt_Haas, bigbluehat, TimCole, Doug_Schepers, MiguelAraCo, csillag (muted), [IPcaller], +1.434.971.aacc
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15:25:38 [Zakim]
... KevinMarks, shepazu, oshepherd, rhiaro, ujvari_, nickstenn, JakeHart, bret, bigbluehat, dwhly, csillag, trackbot
15:26:06 [TimCole]
fjh: we'll adjourn now. Talk next week. Week after is cancelled.
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zakin, unmute me
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zakim, unmute me
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- +1.434.971.aacc
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Topic: Adjourn
15:26:20 [fjh]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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DPUB_(ANNO)11:00AM has ended
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Attendees were fjh_, Matt_Haas, +1.864.787.aaaa, bigbluehat, TimCole, Doug_Schepers, MiguelAraCo, +, csillag, [IPcaller], +1.434.971.aacc
15:26:44 [fjh]
s/I'm OK with cancelling//
15:26:54 [fjh]
s/it'd be best to have people in the room ^_^//
15:27:26 [fjh]
i/Teleconference minutes from 29 April 2015/and
15:27:50 [fjh]
s/back to WebEx//
15:28:18 [fjh]
s/zakin, unmute me//
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