Policy on W3C Group Charter End Dates


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Adopted by W3M 2015-03-18

Charter Review

From time to time a Working Group or Interest Group will not have completed its work prior to the end date of its group charter.  The Director may entertain requests to extend the charter.  The Advisory Board has asked W3M to monitor charter end dates and group progress more closely and in particular to clarify the status of a group that wishes to continue to work past the end of its charter.

W3M resolved to adopt the following procedures effective 18 June 2015.

  1. At W3M's regular quarterly meetings during which it reviews the progress of all chartered groups the Function Leads will present a plan for each Group whose charter will have expired prior to the following quarterly review meeting. Function Leads are encouraged to look ahead further than the next review meeting and report expectations for groups whose charter expires within six months of each review meeting.
  2. W3M will review each such plan during the quarterly meetings and reach an approved consensus plan.  The Advisory Board encourages W3M to grant charter extensions sparingly.
  3. Any approved plan that re-charters a group, extends a charter, or closes a Group must be announced to the Membership, with rationale, prior to the current charter expiration.
  4. Any approved plan to defer a decision; e.g. to see if the group reaches a specific milestone, must specify the date of a regular weekly W3M meeting where a decision will be taken.  The date for this W3M discussion must be no later than
    1. one month prior to the charter expiration if an AC review of the change to the charter is not expected or
    2. three months prior to the charter expiration if an AC review of the proposed change to the charter might be conducted.

    Whether or not an AC review is conducted, a decision on the current charter of the Group must be announced to the Membership, with rationale, prior to the charter expiration.  W3M may grant short charter extensions if AC review has not completed prior to the current charter end date.

  5. Publication Requests on behalf of a Group whose charter has expired more than five business days prior to the date of publication will be denied.  This five business day allowance is meant only to accommodate unforeseen circumstances out of the Group's control.
  6. Any Group whose charter has expired should not request nor should it expect W3C Staff support. W3M may choose to continue some level of Staff support. Changes in Staff support decided by W3M will be communicated to the chair(s) of the Group.
Change History
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2017-02-15 (Editorial) Domain Leads were replaced by Function Leads.
2015-05-04 (Editorial) Point 3 had omitted re-chartering; fixed. Point 6 text on staff support was rephrased for grammatical clarity.

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