SmOD Land Cover Vocabulary

Tatiana Tarasova, Spaziodati
Jindřich Mynarz, University of Economics, Prague
Phil Archer W3C/ERCIM
Last Updated
8 May 2015

This document is also available in Turtle and RDF/XML.


This vocabulary represents in RDF the part of the INSPIRE Land Cover Theme that was included in the data model developed under the Smart Open Data project. An aggregate view of the INSPIRE Themes used in the project is available at

Status of this Document

This vocabulary is stable. Definitions may be updated to clarify semantics if appropriate but the basic definitions will not change. If you wish to add terms in the INSPIRE LC model not included here, please contact Phil Archer

This is not a W3C standard and has not been endorsed by the W3C Membership.

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Properties: corineLandCover

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Diagrammatic view of the classes and relationships
Graph view of the classes and properties used in SmartOpenData, based on INSPIRE Land Cover


rdfs:labelcorine land cover
rdfs:commentThis property links the Spatial Object to the Corine Land Cover taxonomy as defined by the European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET). It takes values from the SKOS representation of the taxonomy available at