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Wednesday at 8:00am US Eastern time for 120 minutes

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 WebEx (for audio):
  To join by phone: +1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number
  Access code/Meeting number: 646 464 360
IRC channel: #shapes on on port 6665 (irc link, W3C web irc link)
To start meeting (ignore errors related to Zakim not knowing what teleconf this is): trackbot, start meeting
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  • Chair: Irene Polikoff
  • Scribe: First available on the scribe list.

Minutes of last meeting

PROPOSED: Approve minutes of the 11 Jan 2017 Telecon:

Next meeting

  • Wednesday 2017.01.25

Disposal of Raised Issues

ISSUE-218: Should we move SPARQL Annotations mechanism into the WG Note?


Working Draft

Discuss current working draft and next steps (e.g., publication of last editor's draft in a week from now).

ISSUE-92: additive repeated properties

Discuss ISSUE-92

PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-92, removing sh:partition as explained here:

ISSUE-94: separate syntax and semantics

Discuss ISSUE-94

PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-94 as obsolete

ISSUE-170: EXISTS blank nodes

Discuss ISSUE-170

PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-170 since EXISTS has been removed, see

ISSUE-203: Constraint components

Discuss ISSUE-203

PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-203 as addressed by

ISSUE-204: Constraint node

Discuss ISSUE-204

PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-204 as addressed by and a number of subsequent edits that make the issue obsolete

ISSUE-181: partial validation

Discuss ISSUE-181

ISSUE-217: Path vs predicate clean up

Discuss ISSUE-217

ISSUE-68: Pre-binding

Discuss ISSUE-68

PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-68 defining pre-binding using eval(D(G), Replace(PrjMap(X), μ)) as described in