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Thursday at 2pm US Eastern time for 90 minutes
  The US and Europe should be back on the usual time offset, but please effect check your timezone: -- 
 WebEx (for audio):
  To join by phone: +1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number
  Access code/Meeting number: 646 464 360
IRC channel: #shapes on on port 6665 (irc link, W3C web irc link)
To start meeting (ignore errors related to Zakim not knowing what teleconf this is): trackbot, start meeting
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  • Chair: Arnaud
  • Scribe: Eric Prud'hommeaux, first available on the scribe list.

Minutes of last meeting

PROPOSED: Approve minutes of the 5 November Telecon:

Next meeting

  • Telecon 2015.11.19

Disposal of Raised Issues



Update on SHACL Requirements coverage table

ISSUE-65: nomenclature consistency

PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-65, while not perfect, the recent editorial fixes and rewrites have sufficiently addressed this. Further inconsistencies to be treated incrementally.

ISSUE-96: Violation IDs

PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-96, adding an ID to validation results for each constraint type. These should align with the URIs of the templates and node validation functions in the SHACL system vocabulary.

ISSUE-78: sh:abstract

PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-78, adding to sh:ShapeClass an optional boolean property sh:abstract.

ISSUE-92: additive repeated properties

PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-92, with no changes at all. The basic combinations in SHACL are non-additive.

ISSUE-95: Template Simplifications

PROPOSED: There are two kinds of constraints: built-in and extensions. Extensions are either native or templates.

ISSUE-63: sh:hasShape

PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-63, requiring that engines with full SHACL support must implement a sh:hasShape function (the current specification may have issues with recursion, but these are mentioned in other tickets). Some implementations may use recursive code generation as an optimization.