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Thursday at 2pm US Eastern time for 60 minutes
  Check your timezone --
Telephone US: +1.617.761.6200
  Zakim code: SHAPES (742737)
IRC channel: #shapes on on port 6665
To start meeting: trackbot, start meeting
Zakim instructions:
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  • Chair: Arnaud Le Hors
  • Scribe: Arthur Keen, or Bart van Leeuwen, or first available on the scribe list.

Minutes of last meeting

PROPOSED: Approve minutes of the 18 December Telecon:

Next meeting

  • Teleconf 2015.01.15

Tracking of actions & issues

Here's a link to the Tracker Summary Page; for the purpose of the agenda here are some more specific links:

User Stories/Use cases status


Process as announced on 18 December

Status - how are we doing on the endorsement process agreed on last call?

Short description of the basic operation of each proposed solution

Definition of "Resource"

How to call "IRI or blank node"?

Disconnected graphs