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Wednesday at 10am US Eastern time for 60 minutes
  Check your timezone --
Telephone US: +1.617.761.6200
  Zakim code: SHAPES (742737)
IRC channel: #shapes on on port 6665
To start meeting: trackbot, start meeting
Zakim instructions:
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  • Chair: Arnaud Le Hors
  • Scribe: First available on the scribe list.

Minutes of last meeting

Draft minutes of the 30 & 31 October F2F:

Draft minutes of the 5 November Telecon:

Next meeting

  • Teleconf 2014.11.20 (Thursday 2pm ET)

Tracking of actions & issues

Here's a link to the Tracker Summary Page; for the purpose of the agenda here are some more specific links:

Relation between shapes and resources

User Stories/Use cases & Requirements