ISSUE-225: Respond to "Validation results and reports" - part 1

Validation Report details

Respond to "Validation results and reports" - part 1

SHACL - Core
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Holger Knublauch
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In this email

Peter has some issues with validation reports. This issue is being updated as agreed during 2/8/2017 meeting to be only about part one of the validation report issues in the e-mail:

the generation of validation results. SHACL document talks about "producing" results and Peter doesn't like the procedural description i.e., "must be produced".

He basically requests a rewrite of large portions of the document (I guess to align with his preferred mathematical style), so this whole topic needs a WG response.

One option may be to say "must contain" instead.
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Holger Knublauch, 22 Feb 2017, 23:22:29

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