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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Copy User stories from piratepad to Wiki Arnaud Le Hors 2014-11-12
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Will investigate how to get requirements into the wiki Eric Prud'hommeaux 2014-12-11
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Will create a new issue to describe the aspect of issue-3 that discuss the nature of shape resources Holger Knublauch 2014-12-11
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Create new wiki page for issue-3, seeded with his email message Peter Patel-Schneider 2014-12-11
ACTION-5 (edit) closed New wiki page for requirements (probably only with a few to start) Peter Patel-Schneider 2014-12-18
ACTION-6 (edit) closed And karen will be the editors. they will develop the document by ?? Simon Steyskal 2015-01-15
ACTION-7 (edit) closed For resource shapes Arthur Ryman 2015-01-15
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Write up rdfunit processing Dimitris Kontokostas 2015-01-15
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Create wiki page for existing systems Peter Patel-Schneider 2015-01-15
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Propose revision to S14 in wiki Richard Cyganiak 2015-02-24 S14 constraints?
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Revise S17 based on his ideas; we'll review and accept/or not Harold Solbrig 2015-02-24 S17 constraint?
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Merge 17 and 18 Harold Solbrig 2015-02-24
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Check tq f2f availability on may 19-21 or 27-29 Richard Cyganiak 2015-02-26
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Fix up property datatype in a way that doesn't confuse the wiki Peter Patel-Schneider 2015-02-26
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Propose a rephrasing of req 2.11.7 Richard Cyganiak 2015-03-05 Requirements
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Set up doodle poll for date/location of next f2f Arnaud Le Hors 2015-03-12
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Publish the ucr by 14 april 2015 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2015-04-16
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Advance discussion of s40 by 16 april 2015 Arthur Ryman 2015-04-16
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Add requirement(s) for RDF collections to address ISSUE-46 Richard Cyganiak 2015-04-30 RDF lists
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Update description of 2.6.11 expressivity: closed shapes to address concerns expressed to date Eric Prud'hommeaux 2015-04-30
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Arrange to have a table of aspects of contraints (x) and coherent proposals (y) Ted Thibodeau 2015-05-14
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Propose a "more compelling" use case for = and != for property paths (issue-41, issue-42) Simon Steyskal 2015-05-14
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Write up semantics (eq, ne, and any other constraint aspect) in the face of zero-or-more results to a property path Simon Steyskal 2015-05-14
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Write requirement coming from issue-48 Peter Patel-Schneider 2015-05-21
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Announce a stable version of the semantics document so we can have a review cycle Iovka Boneva 2015-05-26
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Draft a proposal for issue-1 (with holger) Arthur Ryman 2015-05-27
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Write outline of semantics document fragment Peter Patel-Schneider 2015-06-11
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Review Peter Patel-Schneider 2015-09-03
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Provide a proposal for recursion (from OSLC + shex static analysis) Arthur Ryman 2015-09-15 recursion
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Send email to group with unclear "satisfied by's" Karen Coyle 2015-11-05
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Create shacl-vocab.ttl and generate HTML as per resolution of ISSUE-87 Arthur Ryman 2015-12-17 SHACL Spec
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Draft a semantics doc for the wg to consider, that would complement the current shacl spec Arthur Ryman 2015-12-22
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Set up a meeting on metamodel with at least arthur, holger, and simon and announce on the mailing list Arthur Ryman 2015-12-22
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Send info on how to do without $shapesgraph Peter Patel-Schneider 2016-01-29
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Proposal for lists Peter Patel-Schneider 2016-02-25
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Send proposal for sh:stem in response to issue-80 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2016-03-10
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Check what happens in the shex extension that has severities Eric Prud'hommeaux 2016-05-26
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Work on an erratum for exists Andy Seaborne 2016-06-30
ACTION-39 (edit) pending review Email wg lists about the places where discussion on exists is happening. Andy Seaborne 2016-06-30
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Send a thank you to pfps, linking Dimitris Kontokostas 2016-09-01
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Create some wiki documentation exploring the requirements Karen Coyle 2016-09-08
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Document library use cases for (remote) validation protocol Karen Coyle 2016-09-08
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Take a read through the spec and raise specific terminology issues as needed Mark Hedley 2016-10-04
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Fork an experiment without "validation" Karen Coyle 2016-11-09
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Propose text for issue-192 Karen Coyle 2016-11-09
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Propose changes to the definition of validation to close issue-185 Mark Hedley 2016-11-16
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Review test suite and compare with shex tesst suite Eric Prud'hommeaux 2016-11-23
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Produce a json-ld @context draft Pano Maria 2017-02-22 JSON-LD @context
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Send mail to list about plan to cut off new tests may 25 Sandro Hawke 2017-04-26

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