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Meeting: User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 20 November 2014
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regrets: kelly, greg
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chair: JimAllan
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 82941 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, Jan
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zakim, [IPcaller] is really Jan
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+Jan; got it
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18:11:57 [allanj]
Topic: 2.10 flashing.
18:12:12 [allanj]
comment: 2.10 can't be A. We are not at all sure this is implementable. The browser does not always know how something will flash. Flash rate is dependent on script, system state (is my swap file full? It will run slower) and hardware.
18:14:00 [allanj]
ja: there is the Applicability notes - for recognized
18:14:02 [allanj]
18:14:53 [allanj]
Topic: 1.2.2 removal
18:15:07 [allanj]
no implementations, no test
18:15:23 [allanj]
RESOLUTION: remove 1.2.2
18:15:35 [allanj]
topic: 2.10
18:16:01 [allanj]
ja: not sure there are any implementations for 2.10.1 or 2.10 2
18:16:17 [allanj]
jr: have an SC for no autoplay on video
18:16:44 [allanj]
... largest part of flashing may come from certain videos
18:17:03 [Jan]
2.11.1 Time-Based Media Load-Only:
18:17:41 [Jan]
2.11.2 Execution Placeholder
18:17:49 [Jan]
2.11.3 Execution Toggle
18:18:03 [allanj]
ja: other than ESC to stop animated gifs, otherwise no good way to stop all of the other things that could flash
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18:19:16 [allanj]
ja: there are no UAs that preemptively stop motion even in animated gifs
18:21:29 [allanj]
ja: at one time these were only for UA UI
18:21:42 [allanj]
jr: ok with setting back to UA UI
18:22:13 [jeanne]
+1 for going back to UA UI
18:25:40 [allanj]
ja: browser developers should be able to control the amount of flashing that the UA user interface does
18:25:58 [allanj]
js: how to test, look at all screens,
18:26:06 [allanj]
jr: review documentation
18:26:31 [allanj]
js: make error conditions, see
18:27:01 [jeanne]
18:28:11 [allanj]
ja: WG changed to wording to make flashing specific to UA UI, developers should be able to control the amount of flashing that the UA user interface does
18:29:23 [allanj]
Topic: 2.11.7 semantic nav for time-based media
18:29:32 [allanj]
MS06: 2.11.7 might make more sense as AT than mainstream UA requirement
18:33:55 [Jan]
18:34:31 [Kim]
MS06: 2.11.7 This does have existing implementations outside AT. Mainstream uses are also increasing and include journalists and archivists.
18:37:06 [Kim]
It's possible to jump between chapters in mainstream players including QuickTime and real media
18:38:13 [allanj]
topic: 2.12.2 operation with any device
18:38:29 [allanj]
MS06: 2.12.2 should be A. It is required for WCAG and is easy to implement
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18:43:04 [allanj]
jr: what is an input device, how do I test this.
18:43:54 [allanj]
jr: for ios - keyboard, braille display, switch,
18:44:26 [allanj]
jr: 2.1.1 keyboard functionality. so this is more than keyboard
18:45:16 [allanj]
... if you could only use a mouse, then 2.12.2 means everything can be done with a mouse, and 2.12.3 including text input
18:45:32 [allanj]
jr: how does speech input play into this
18:45:55 [allanj]
kp: works on laptop and desktop. not so much on mobile
18:47:54 [allanj]
there is no definition of Device
18:48:02 [allanj]
jr: how to text
18:48:28 [allanj]
s/how to text/how to test
18:48:58 [allanj]
discussion of input on mobile
18:49:32 [allanj]
kp: don't want to limit any mix of input (gesture for somethings, speech for other, keyboard for other)
18:49:49 [allanj]
jr: is this done by OS or UA
18:49:58 [allanj]
kp: better if OS
18:52:45 [allanj]
discussion of APIs
18:57:56 [allanj]
ja: would just have 2.12.3 if platform supports input mechanism, then user can command, control, and text input at levl A
18:58:25 [allanj]
19:01:46 [allanj]
jr: want to make it clear, that the UA is constained by the OS.
19:02:23 [allanj]
... sometime the OS doesn't provide service all the way to applications
19:04:14 [allanj]
jr: api issues are tough
19:04:41 [allanj]
jr: is testing ... using all devices and see if the UA works?
19:04:58 [allanj]
ja: that sound right
19:05:39 [allanj]
jr: like collapsing into 1
19:06:04 [allanj]
js: say instead of supported "can be equipped"
19:06:41 [allanj]
js: never mind
19:07:12 [allanj]
ja: agreement on rolling into one SC, test with a bunch of devices
19:08:00 [allanj]
jr: we have keyboard at level A, this is extra so AA, and UA need to pass at A
19:08:35 [allanj]
ja: most could pass at AA
19:08:57 [allanj]
kp: on mobile you can map speech to keyboard, but not speech to gesture
19:09:10 [allanj]
ja: so need a new API
19:09:18 [allanj]
jr: in the OS
19:10:25 [allanj]
kp: no speech control of browser, can navigate in content and text input. no mapping of speech to controls
19:11:03 [allanj]
Proposal: remove 2.12.1 and 2.12.2, make 2.12.3 AA
19:11:37 [jeanne]
19:12:00 [allanj]
and 2.1.1 covers keyboard at A
19:12:17 [allanj]
jr: cross reverence 2.1.1 and 2.12.1
19:13:29 [allanj]
RESOLUTION: remove 2.12.1 and 2.12.2, make 2.12.3 AA. cross reverence 2.1 and 2.12
19:13:59 [allanj]
topic: 3.1.2 setting changes
19:14:56 [allanj]
MS06: 3.1.2 should be AA. It may be difficult to implement. I am not aware of any browser that currently support it. Requiring confirmation is easy, but greatly decreases usability.
19:16:19 [allanj]
jr: all setting changes can be reversed.
19:17:40 [allanj]
... confirmation is "or" so UAs don't have to do it.
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19:19:04 [Jan]
19:19:16 [allanj]
RESOLUTION: leave 3.1.2 at A
19:19:40 [allanj]
jr: this should go in Setting section (2.7)
19:19:42 [Jan]
Guideline 2.7 - Configure and store preference settings
19:20:50 [Jan]
JR: Let's just leave it and avoid renyumbering
19:21:29 [allanj]
topic: 3.1.4
19:21:51 [allanj]
MS06: 3.1.4 should be A. All the browsers support it.
19:22:30 [allanj]
jr: do all mobile browsers support it? will users loose accessibility if the document doesn't have spell check
19:25:17 [allanj]
ja: checked default browser on android, it auto corrects
19:28:14 [allanj]
RESOLUTION: leave at AA, no user will loose accessibility if the document doesn't have spell check
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leaving. As of this point the attendees were Jeanne, Kim_Patch, Jan, Jim_Allan
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