IRC log of i18n on 2014-09-11

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trackbot, prepare teleconference
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Zakim, this will be 4186
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ok, trackbot; I see I18N_CoreWG()10:00AM scheduled to start in 2 minutes
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Meeting: Internationalization Working Group Teleconference
13:58:39 [trackbot]
Date: 11 September 2014
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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Chair: Addison Phillips
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Scribe: Addison Phillips
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ScribeNick: aphillip
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see aphillip
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On IRC I see koji, Zakim, RRSAgent, aphillip, fantasai, trackbot
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Regrets: Richard
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Topic: Agenda
14:05:00 [aphillip]
Regrets+ Mati
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I'm logging. I don't understand 'draft minute', aphillip. Try /msg RRSAgent help
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Topic: Action Items
14:06:30 [aphillip]
close action-342
14:06:30 [trackbot]
Closed action-342.
14:06:37 [aphillip]
Topic: Info Share
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14:07:20 [aphillip]
koji: korean and other east asian
14:07:30 [aphillip]
... css wants to poll
14:07:39 [koji]
14:08:04 [aphillip]
koji: three or four options in wiki page
14:08:33 [aphillip]
... (see document table)
14:08:42 [aphillip]
... question is which is better
14:09:50 [aphillip]
koji: conclusion of css is prefer content-language based algorithm
14:10:02 [aphillip]
... doesn't make sense to have list of languages in css text
14:10:47 [aphillip]
... separate list or table with i18n's help
14:11:06 [aphillip]
... will write to i18n in a formal
14:11:37 [aphillip]
koji: working on UTR50
14:11:58 [aphillip]
... utc review coming soon
14:12:04 [aphillip]
... published in a couple of weeks
14:12:24 [aphillip]
Topic: RADAR
14:12:29 [koji]
14:12:36 [aphillip]
14:13:05 [aphillip]
Topic: What Time Is This Meeting At?
14:13:23 [aphillip]
14:14:17 [aphillip]
addison: propose we keep this (UTC) time
14:14:25 [aphillip]
(JcK and leandro and koji agree with it)
14:14:47 [aphillip]
Topic: Encoding CR News
14:15:30 [aphillip]
addison: publishing next week (16th)
14:15:45 [aphillip]
Topic: CSS Text comments, CSS predefined counter styles, and other CSS stuff
14:16:25 [aphillip]
14:17:31 [aphillip]
action: richard: reply to CSS Text issues listed in linked email in minutes with satisfaction (if satisfied)
14:17:32 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-343 - Reply to css text issues listed in linked email in minutes with satisfaction (if satisfied) [on Richard Ishida - due 2014-09-18].
14:17:48 [aphillip]
14:17:48 [trackbot]
issue-334 -- 'letter-spacing' and Indic -- open
14:17:48 [trackbot]
14:19:45 [koji]
14:19:55 [koji]
14:21:01 [aphillip]
addison: perhaps add a note about this? not sure why rejected
14:21:13 [aphillip]
koji: better to refer to ILREQ
14:21:20 [aphillip]
koji: CR by TPAC
14:21:58 [aphillip]
addison: may have FPWD by then
14:22:17 [aphillip]
action: addison: respond to css on issue-334
14:22:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-344 - Respond to css on issue-334 [on Addison Phillips - due 2014-09-18].
14:23:22 [aphillip]
Topic: URL Spec, IRI Status and other fun
14:23:35 [aphillip]
14:24:19 [aphillip]
addison: sent above email
14:24:25 [aphillip]
... url to get same treatment as encoding
14:27:45 [aphillip]
Topic: Charmod
14:27:58 [aphillip]
14:29:10 [aphillip]
addison: reminder that we need to work on this document
14:29:30 [aphillip]
jck: probable regrets next week
14:29:37 [aphillip]
... may cure insomnia by reading
14:29:45 [aphillip]
leandro: will look
14:30:54 [aphillip]
Topic: AOB?
14:31:34 [Zakim]
14:31:36 [Zakim]
14:31:38 [Zakim]
14:31:38 [Zakim]
14:31:40 [Zakim]
I18N_CoreWG()10:00AM has ended
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Attendees were aphillip, koji, leandro, JcK
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rrsagent, make minutes
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Present: Addison, Koji, Leandro, JcK
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rrsagent, make minutes
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