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ok, trackbot; I see I18N_CoreWG()10:00AM scheduled to start now
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Meeting: Internationalization Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 05 June 2014
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zakim, this will be i18n
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ok, r12a, I see I18N_CoreWG()10:00AM already started
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zakim, dial richard please
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ok, r12a; the call is being made
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see +1.781.221.aaaa, Richard (muted)
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On IRC I see RRSAgent, Leandro, matial, r12a, trackbot
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zakim, ??p34 is me
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+matial; got it
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zakim, code
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I don't understand 'code', aphillip
14:01:35 [aphillip]
zakim, code?
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the conference code is 4186 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, aphillip
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zakim, +1 is Leandro
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+Leandro; got it
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see Leandro, Richard, matial
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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Regrets: Felix
14:03:04 [aphillip]
Chair: Addison Phillips
14:03:09 [aphillip]
Scribe: Addison Phillips
14:03:13 [aphillip]
ScribeNick: aphillip
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Leandro, Richard, matial, aphillip
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On IRC I see aphillip, David, Zakim, RRSAgent, Leandro, matial, r12a, trackbot
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14:05:06 [aphillip]
Topic: Agenda
14:05:32 [aphillip]
Topic: Action Items
14:05:37 [aphillip]
14:05:48 [Zakim]
14:07:00 [aphillip]
14:07:00 [trackbot]
action-251 -- Addison Phillips to Contact the epub folks and see if they will write to html asking about ruby -- due 2013-09-05 -- OPEN
14:07:00 [trackbot]
14:07:36 [aphillip]
14:07:36 [trackbot]
action-252 -- Felix Sasaki to Ping dita folks about contacting html5 about ruby progress -- due 2013-09-05 -- OPEN
14:07:36 [trackbot]
14:08:25 [aphillip]
close action-302
14:08:25 [trackbot]
Closed action-302.
14:08:32 [aphillip]
richard: need to announce these
14:09:18 [aphillip]
close action-307
14:09:18 [trackbot]
Closed action-307.
14:09:30 [aphillip]
action: addison: talk to susan about tpac arrangements
14:09:30 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-311 - Talk to susan about tpac arrangements [on Addison Phillips - due 2014-06-12].
14:10:11 [aphillip]
close action-309
14:10:11 [trackbot]
Closed action-309.
14:10:25 [aphillip]
close action-310
14:10:25 [trackbot]
Closed action-310.
14:10:33 [aphillip]
Topic: Info Share
14:11:06 [aphillip]
chair: welcoming Leandro from Adobe
14:11:19 [aphillip]
leandro: been on globalization team of Adobe since 1996
14:11:27 [aphillip]
... involved with I18N of our products
14:11:52 [aphillip]
... have an internal website about internationalization
14:12:08 [aphillip]
... the "globalization report card"
14:12:28 [aphillip]
... currently the globalization architect for digital marketing product
14:12:45 [aphillip]
... working on bidi in one of our products
14:12:51 [aphillip]
... thanks for having me here
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14:13:16 [aphillip]
richard: published last call for Encoding
14:13:40 [aphillip]
richard: just been working on tests for @dir
14:13:48 [aphillip]
... in HTML to check that it does isolation
14:13:56 [aphillip]
... talked to Aharon
14:14:03 [aphillip]
... he won't have time to develop tests
14:14:11 [aphillip]
richard: looked at encoding tests
14:14:31 [aphillip]
JcK: precis document
14:14:58 [aphillip]
... which seems to encourage every protocol to have its own character rules
14:15:02 [aphillip]
... being hotly debated
14:15:17 [r12a]
14:15:25 [aphillip]
richard: universal access discussion in oman
14:15:36 [aphillip]
... the above link is the blog post trip report about it
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14:15:56 [aphillip]
Topic: RADAR
14:16:13 [aphillip]
14:17:18 [aphillip]
14:17:58 [aphillip]
State Chart XML (SCXML): State Machine Notation for Control Abstraction
14:18:25 [aphillip]
Topic: Review of CSS-Variables and Tracking-DNT
14:18:39 [aphillip]
14:19:09 [aphillip]
14:19:09 [trackbot]
issue-346 -- Section 5.2 use of %31 and %30 for characters 1 and 0 -- open
14:19:09 [trackbot]
14:20:40 [aphillip]
14:20:40 [trackbot]
issue-347 -- Section 5.2: DNT-extension excludes should spell out control, space, double quote. -- open
14:20:40 [trackbot]
14:21:09 [aphillip]
14:21:09 [trackbot]
issue-348 -- Non-ASCII not permitted in extensions -- open
14:21:09 [trackbot]
14:22:17 [aphillip]
14:22:17 [trackbot]
issue-349 -- Section title for 6.2.7 doesn't match earlier description -- open
14:22:17 [trackbot]
14:22:36 [aphillip]
14:22:36 [trackbot]
issue-350 -- IRI/non-ASCII not permitted in -- open
14:22:36 [trackbot]
14:23:03 [aphillip]
Section 6.3.2: The grammar doesn't allow %, so the path to the DNT value cannot include non-ASCII characters that are percent encoded (neither can it be an IRI). A tracking resource might be named for some actual resource that uses non-ASCII characters in its name. Not permitting non-ASCII directly or via URI percent escapes limits what can be represented.
14:23:25 [aphillip]
richard: add document links too, please
14:23:44 [aphillip]
14:23:44 [trackbot]
issue-351 -- Section 6.4.2: restriction to "URI-safe characters" -- open
14:23:44 [trackbot]
14:24:07 [aphillip]
Section 6.4.2: Use of "URI-safe characters" (non-ASCII support). Since a site may wish to associate the tracking status with specific resources and since these resources might be named using non-ASCII characters, this appears to limit usage in a non-helpful way?
14:24:21 [aphillip]
14:24:49 [aphillip]
14:27:24 [matial]
14:27:26 [aphillip]
addison: any objections to making these WG comments?
14:27:30 [aphillip]
jck: no objection
14:27:37 [David]
no objection
14:27:49 [aphillip]
... be a little cautious about adopting non-ASCII everywhere
14:28:56 [aphillip]
14:29:15 [aphillip]
14:29:15 [trackbot]
issue-352 -- normalization of custom property names -- open
14:29:15 [trackbot]
14:29:34 [aphillip]
Section 2 says in part: <quote> Unlike other CSS properties, custom property names are case-sensitive. EXAMPLE. While both --foo and --FOO are valid, they are distinct properties - using var(--foo) will refer to the first one, while using var(--FOO) will refer to the second. </quote> Case sensitivity is not the only variation that can apply to text. While citing the case sensitivity is useful, should mention be made of other variations, such as Unicode[CUT]
14:30:32 [aphillip]
addison: anne had a good comment on this, but suggest a health warning
14:30:40 [aphillip]
14:30:40 [trackbot]
issue-353 -- Section 2.1 case sensitivity and normalization -- open
14:30:40 [trackbot]
14:31:03 [aphillip]
addison: any objection to making these WG comments?
14:31:12 [matial]
14:31:13 [aphillip]
14:31:31 [aphillip]
Topic: Encoding
14:32:06 [aphillip]
addison: we did publish and announce to chairs@
14:32:26 [aphillip]
richard: if anyone feels like wrigting some tests
14:32:29 [aphillip]
... this is your big chance
14:32:39 [aphillip]
... looked at some tests we have already
14:32:55 [aphillip]
... focus on recognizing encoding correctly
14:33:01 [aphillip]
... and the characters in each encoding
14:33:06 [aphillip]
... need to tests the api parts
14:33:19 [aphillip]
richard: some tests not completely accurate
14:33:30 [aphillip]
... think about format of tests
14:33:38 [aphillip]
... single byte all in a single test
14:33:41 [aphillip]
... some pass, some fail
14:33:46 [aphillip]
... need to separate
14:33:55 [aphillip]
... put into standard format for html test suite
14:34:08 [aphillip]
... and generate results too!
14:34:18 [aphillip]
richard: need to talk to people about this
14:34:27 [aphillip]
... robin berjon would be happy to help us start
14:34:42 [aphillip]
... he'll be back in a week or so
14:34:51 [aphillip]
richard: in the meantime... please to read and comment
14:35:25 [aphillip]
richard: need to respond to all comments, including dispostion
14:36:51 [aphillip]
14:41:32 [aphillip]
action: richard: talk to Dom about adding status tracking stuff to tracker for encoding last call purposes
14:41:32 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-312 - Talk to dom about adding status tracking stuff to tracker for encoding last call purposes [on Richard Ishida - due 2014-06-12].
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14:42:12 [aphillip]
14:42:22 [aphillip]
14:42:39 [aphillip]
Topic: CharMod
14:42:56 [aphillip]
Topic: Review Rules
14:43:24 [aphillip]
richard: process for raising issues in reviews
14:43:31 [aphillip]
... was more complicated than it needed to be
14:43:38 [aphillip]
... so addison and I simplified some things
14:43:41 [r12a]
14:43:44 [aphillip]
... and we simplied the product lists
14:43:53 [r12a]
14:44:21 [aphillip]
richard: if you look at this, you can see we've gotten rid of .prep, .adhoc, etc.
14:44:30 [aphillip]
... moved any issues into named products
14:45:05 [aphillip]
... makes it easier to find anything
14:45:11 [aphillip]
richard: rewrote process
14:45:18 [aphillip]
... at the link to follow
14:45:20 [r12a]
14:45:36 [aphillip]
richard: much shorter and simpler
14:45:47 [aphillip]
... so now we need people to go review some documents and try it out
14:45:58 [aphillip]
... we have tended previously
14:46:10 [aphillip]
... the initial posts went to public-i18n-core list
14:46:18 [aphillip]
... but please look out for those emails
14:46:24 [aphillip]
... and raise objections
14:46:54 [aphillip]
... and commenters should send addison an agenda+
14:47:04 [aphillip]
... give some time so people have time to read them
14:47:16 [aphillip]
... and we'll discuss in the teleconference
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14:48:19 [aphillip]
Topic: CharMod
14:48:39 [aphillip]
14:51:02 [aphillip]
addison: would like to go "first public working draft"
14:55:09 [aphillip]
richard: pubrules, link checker, etc.
14:55:27 [aphillip]
Topic: AOB?
14:55:43 [aphillip]
richard: no
14:55:51 [aphillip]
s/no/uh? no/
14:56:12 [Zakim]
14:56:13 [Zakim]
14:56:17 [Zakim]
14:56:20 [aphillip]
rrsagent, make minutes
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14:56:20 [r12a]
zakim, drop richard
14:56:20 [Zakim]
Richard is being disconnected
14:56:22 [Zakim]
14:56:48 [Zakim]
14:56:49 [Zakim]
I18N_CoreWG()10:00AM has ended
14:56:49 [Zakim]
Attendees were +1.781.221.aaaa, Richard, matial, Leandro, aphillip, JcK
14:57:37 [aphillip]
Present: Addison, Richard, leandro, Mati, David (via IRC)
14:57:54 [aphillip]
rrsagent, make minutes
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14:58:32 [aphillip]
zakim, bye
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rrsagent, bye
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I see 2 open action items saved in :
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ACTION: addison: talk to susan about tpac arrangements [1]
14:58:36 [RRSAgent]
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14:58:36 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: richard: talk to Dom about adding status tracking stuff to tracker for encoding last call purposes [2]
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