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invite Zakim
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trackbot, start telcon
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scribe: allanj
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hi all I have no audio today as I am in a station waiting room
17:07:40 [allanj]
agenda+ preview agenda
17:07:41 [allanj]
agenda+ Any new introductions
17:07:43 [allanj]
agenda+ Defining challenges and making user scenarios
17:07:44 [allanj]
agenda+ Table of content for gap analysis
17:07:46 [allanj]
agenda+ Table of content for roadmap
17:07:47 [allanj]
agenda+ Request to review UAAG 2.0
17:07:49 [allanj]
agenda+ Actions
17:07:50 [allanj]
agenda+ be done
17:08:09 [allanj]
ls: review agenda, irc, etc
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Chair: LisaSeeman
17:10:26 [allanj]
Topic: Resources
17:10:29 [allanj]
Home Page:
17:10:31 [allanj]
Work Statement:
17:10:32 [allanj]
Email Archive:
17:10:34 [allanj]
Wiki Main Page:
17:10:36 [allanj]
Wiki Gap Analysis:
17:10:37 [allanj]
Example User Scenario:
17:10:39 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:11:48 [allanj]
ls: Asks for Introductions of new participants
17:12:40 [neilmilliken]
I have added to the Dyscalculia gap analysis -- it's very much a work in progress more to follow
17:14:01 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:14:12 [allanj]
zakim, agenda?
17:14:12 [Zakim]
I see nothing on the agenda
17:15:22 [allanj]
Topic: Gap Analysis
17:15:42 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:16:51 [allanj]
ls: want to use the same structure for other areas
17:17:27 [allanj]
ls: describes outline for dyslexia
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17:18:57 [allanj]
ls: Description - simple, short description & definition
17:20:06 [allanj]
ls: Cognitive Function - background, technical reference, map to area of the brain
17:20:47 [allanj]
ls: Symptoms: practical information, something you might find on a fact sheet
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17:21:44 [allanj]
ls: Challenges - functional manifestation of symptoms
17:23:55 [allanj]
ls: Scenario and User Story - associate a persona, symptoms and challenges, possible accessible strategies or steps to overcoming the challenges
17:25:11 [allanj]
ls: creating scenario for web accessibility and ICT or any other information delivery mechanisms
17:26:14 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:26:28 [allanj]
ls: describes rest of outline
17:26:40 [neilmilliken]
17:27:04 [allanj]
ack neilmilliken
17:28:17 [allanj]
nm: happy that the scenarios are expanded beyond the web. interested in dyscalculia
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17:28:57 [allanj]
ls: explains a bit about consensus process, input welcome
17:29:52 [allanj]
unknown: what is the engagement process for folks to share experience
17:30:16 [allanj]
ls: yes, looking for input, perhaps in usergroups
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17:31:38 [allanj]
john: willing to help setup usergroups
17:31:44 [neilmilliken]
there is very little on maths learning difficulties and how they affect people on the web - most testimonies are about everyday life
17:31:55 [allanj]
current usergroups
17:32:00 [allanj]
17:32:01 [allanj]
Brain injury sub set of aphasia,
17:32:03 [allanj]
17:32:04 [allanj]
Aging and Dementia,
17:32:06 [allanj]
Downs Syndrome
17:32:07 [allanj]
17:32:09 [allanj]
17:32:10 [allanj]
17:32:30 [allanj]
ls: short discussion on labels across countries
17:33:54 [Nethermind]
Great suggestion, Jim
17:34:31 [allanj]
ja: perhaps a list of labels, alternative names, perhaps with country, or legalese
17:34:51 [allanj]
ls: can add that
17:34:54 [neilmilliken]
I like related terms - I think it's a useful addition
17:35:27 [allanj]
john: where is the template
17:35:32 [neilmilliken]
I'm comfortable adding to the gap analysis templates
17:35:59 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:36:53 [allanj]
search for "template" on the page
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17:37:58 [neilmilliken]
not on all of them :-)
17:38:58 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:39:42 [allanj]
khs: see page on aging
17:40:16 [allanj]
... please edit/contribute
17:41:39 [allanj]
... may be possible to use same scenario across cognitive areas
17:41:59 [allanj]
... perhaps email, setting thermostat
17:42:40 [allanj]
ls: User Scenarios and User Stories
17:42:47 [neilmilliken]
Using the same scenarios to illustrate difficulties is a really good idea as it may highlight conflicting needs and requirements based upon differing needs
17:43:48 [allanj]
ls: anybody disagree with putting something similar the User Scenario for Dyslexia (important information) on all User Groups
17:43:57 [neilmilliken]
I have to run now I have a train to catch ...
17:44:15 [Kinshuk]
I agree, Lisa.
17:44:20 [bwj729]
I think that there are many cases that would cross our types
17:44:24 [allanj]
khs: "notification of an important/changing event" scenario
17:44:36 [allanj]
... broad enough to use across user groups
17:45:41 [allanj]
ls: who else is on dementia Users group (Katie, Elle, Mary Jo).
17:45:59 [allanj]
elle: won't turn anyone away, more is better
17:46:24 [richardschwerdtfeger]
*stepping out a second
17:46:40 [allanj]
17:48:16 [Suzanne]
17:49:01 [allanj]
st: do we need a section on Goals in the template
17:49:37 [allanj]
... some disabilities have a broad spectrum, depending on the place in the spectrum, may have different goal
17:49:56 [allanj]
... especially for those with more severe cognitive disabilites
17:50:41 [allanj]
ls: that may be a large focus. interesting idea
17:51:02 [allanj]
... should be implied in the user story. Should have main goals
17:52:13 [allanj]
km: not trying to boil the ocean. Perhaps another user group would be "Strategies for Severe Cognitive Disability"
17:52:30 [allanj]
... these might cross all other areas.
17:53:02 [allanj]
km: Contact Johnathan Chetwin(sp?)
17:54:41 [allanj]
ls: perhaps we need a set of User Scenarios that cross all areas and make sure they meet User Group Goals
17:55:18 [allanj]
elle: good idea, put time limit on how long to spend on creating goals
17:55:26 [bwj729]
Have to jump to another meeting. Sorry. See you next week.
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17:55:39 [allanj]
ls: anyone want an action to create goals.
17:56:04 [allanj]
action: Lisa to create a goal list
17:56:40 [allanj]
topic: anyone look at email on reviewing UAAG20
17:56:51 [allanj]
no response
17:57:12 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:57:58 [allanj]
due date is Jan 31
17:58:22 [allanj]
it is a Last Call document
17:58:29 [Lisa_Seeman]
17:58:43 [allanj]
rrsagent, make minutes
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17:59:18 [allanj]
ls: any other comments?
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rrsagent, make minutes
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18:00:27 [Lisa_Seeman]
Thanks Jim
18:00:31 [katherinemancuso_]
thank you everyone! :)
18:00:51 [katherinemancuso_]
and allan, thank you especially for the fantastic scribing
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zakim, please part
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title: Cognitive Accessibility Task Force Telecon
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ACTION: Lisa to create a goal list [1]
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