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The 3rd Share-PSI 2.0 workshop will be hosted by the West University of Timisoara in Timisoara, the capital city of Timis County, in western Romania, with a population of +300,000 inhabitants. The venue of the event is West University of Timisoara's main building, Bd. V. Parvan, 4, located 10 minutes away from the city center. The venue provides one large auditorium (Aula Magna, ~400 seats), one lecture room (~70 seats), up to 5 small rooms for WG meetings (around 30 seats each), and a generous exhibition and coffee break area, all with WiFi coverage.

Practical info about Timisoara & Romania

First time in Timisoara? Enjoy a short presentation video.

Currency: EURO is NOT accepted in cash transactions in regular shops, bars etc. We have our local currency Romanian New Leu (RON). For the official exchange rates consult Banca Nationala a Romaniei page. You can change EUR, GBP, USD at exchange offices that are scattered around the city, including city center. You may ask at hotel reception as well. Please note that exchange offices usually pay 1-2% less than the official rate, hence you will get 4.40-4.43 RON / EUR, or 5.90 - 6 RON / GBP.

Most of the merchants (shops, bars, hotels etc) accept payment by credit/debit cards. No extra fees are charged.

Transportation: Hotels you booked are closely located to workshop venue (West University of Timisoara) and to the city center, hence it's unlikely that you need public transportation. In case you do, the airport is operated by RATT bus line 4/4b with the following timetable: Airport -> Bastion, Bastion -> Airport. Bastion station is located here. The map of public transportation can be downloaded here.

Language: Romanian, but English is widely spoken.

Emergency number throughout Romania is 112.

Travel arrangements

Timisoara can easily be reached by plane, car or train, its airport being directly connected to 12 destinations in Europe (France, Germany, UK, Italy and Spain) and easily reachable from any European city via Munich or Bucharest. The trip by car will take ~3.5 hours from Budapest or ~3 hours from Belgrade.


Accommodation is available in 3 and 4 stars hotels in a range of 15 min walking distance, with prices around 60 EUR per night.

Hotels Perla -- 10 minutes walking distance

There are 3 hotels sharing the same area:

Perla 2, ***: Protopop George Dragomir nr.7

Perla 3 (Perla d'Oro), ***: Elvila Celebi nr.14

Perla 4, ****: Protopop George Dragomir nr.9
Tel: +40-256-495203 (please specify during your booking Perla hotel 2/3/4)
Book Hotel Perla 4 (****) on booking.com
Book Hotel Perla d'Oro (***) on booking.com

Hotel Savoy **** -- 5 minutes walking distance

Address: Splaiul Tudor Vladimirescu, 2, Timisoara
Tel.: +40-256-249900
Book Hotel Savoy on booking.com

NH Hotel **** -- 15 minutes walking distance

Address: Strada Pestalozzi 1/a, 300115 Timisoara, Timisoara
Tel. +40 256 407 440
Fax. +40 256 407 441
Book Hotel NH Timisoara on booking.com

Hotel Boavista *** -- 18 minutes walking distance

Address: Aleea FC Ripensia nr.7A, Timisoara
Tel.: +40-256-309409
Book Hotel Boavista on booking.com

Hotel Timisoara ** -- 12 minutes waling distance

Address: 1-3 Marasesti, 300086 Timisoara
Tel. +40-256-498862
Fax. +40-256-499450
Book Hotel Timisoara on booking.com

Hotel Central ** -- 10 minutes walking distance

Address: Str. Lenau 1-2, 300004 Timisoara,
Tel: +40-256-490091
Fax: +40-256-490096
Book Hotel Central on booking.com