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  1. Chair: Hadley Beeman
  2. Scribe: Phil Archer

Agenda 24 Jan 2014

  1. Preliminary Items (~20minutes)
    • Who's in the WG
    • Brief presentation of participants
  2. Main Agenda (~35minutes)
    • What participating in the group means
      • Meetings
      • F2F Meetings
    • WG procedures (e.g. scribes, scribe/alternate schedule, irc, minutes, editors, use of wiki, mailing lists...)
    • What the group is (charter)
    • What do we need to accomplish (deliverables)
      • What problems we want to solve
        • Data on the Web Best Practices
        • Quality and Granularity Description Vocabulary
        • Data Usage Description Vocabulary
      • Who's going to benefit from the results
      • Task Forces
  3. Reminders (~5minutes)
    • Next call