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Wednesday 26th February, 09:00 ET, 14:00 UK World Clock


Join the #dacg IRC channel (see the W3C wiki for more info or if you're in a hurry just go to the Web interface).

Dial details: W3C Zakim conference bridge: +1.617.761.6200 or Conference code will be available via IRC, channel #dacg


  1. scribe
  2. Purpose of the Coordination Group, what is the Data Activity cf. the Semantic Web Activity (5 mins Phil)
  3. Tour de Table
    1. Please include a résumé of the current state of play in your WG
  4. Discussion of current state of play
  5. Possible future directions
    1. Property Graphs
    2. RDF Validation/Machine Readable Application Profiles
    3. Geospatial
  6. Future regular timing of the call