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Existing formats

Tabular Data Package

The format’s focus is on simplicity and ease of use over the web – that is, usage online with access and transmission over HTTP. In addition the format is focused on data that can be presented in a tabular structure and in making it easy to produce (and consume) this format from spreadsheets and relational databases.

(was known as Simple Data Format, but the name appears to have been changed in the March 2014 release)

JSON Table Schema

This RFC defines a simple schema for tabular data. The schema is designed to be expressible in JSON.

CSV Dialect Description Format

This RFC defines a simple JSON format to describe the various dialects of CSV files; it aims to deal with a reasonably large subset of the features which differ between dialects (terminator strings, quoting rules, escape rules, etc)


This document provides a proposal for a standardized way of describing units associated with numeric quantities.

New formats


CSV-LD is strongly tied to JSON-LD, and uses JSON-LD contexts and framing to interpret and generate CSV.

Linked CSV

Linked CSV Many open data sets are essentially tables, or sets of tables, which follow the same regular structure. This document describes a set of conventions for CSV files that enable them to be linked together and to be interpreted as RDF.

Amendment to Linked CSV proposal Linked-CSV-Amd1