Meeting Agenda 2014-09-03

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Weds 08:00 Boston Time (13:00 GMT UK time). Zakim code should be 2789 (ie CSVW) and the irc channel

Chair(s): Dan

Scribe: TBA (volunteers?) raw irc logs

Nearby: Zakim/IRC info

  • This meeting is devoted to regrouping after the summer, and getting moving with templates/mappings
    • Ivan has sent around a CSVTemplating_status overview.
    • F2F countdown: ~8 weeks until TPAC 2014, 27-31 Oct 2014, Santa Clara, California, USA; let's discuss goals for that period.
    • Any updates on the non-templating deliverables? Feedback received over summer?

Related: other CSV summer work:

  • Andy's announcement of jena-csv software - maybe Andy will be around to report on any lessons learned?
  • Jeni looked at scenarios