Mapping Requirements to Specifications

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3.2.1 Requirements relating to parsing of CSV

Requirement Name Definition References
R-WellFormedCsvCheck Ability to determine that a CSV is syntactically well formed CSV+ Syntax, Tabular Data Models Existing Standards,
R-RightToLeftCsvCheck Ability to determine that a CSV is using RTL. Bidirectionality in CSV+ Files, Optional Properties

3.2.2 Requirements relating to applications

Requirement Name Definition References
R-CsvValidation Ability to validate a CSV for conformance with a specified metadata definition Metadata Vocabulary for Tabular Data, Existing Standards, CSV+ Syntax, Tabular Data Models
R-CsvToRdfTransformation Ability to automatically transform a CSV into RDF Generating RDF from Tabular Data on the Web
R-CsvToJsonTransformation Ability to automatically transform a CSV into JSON Generating JSON from Tabular Data on the Web
R-CsvToXmlTransformation Ability to transform a CSV into XML No located
R-CanonicalMappingInLieuOfAnnotation Ability to transform CSV conforming to the core tabular data model yet lacking further annotation into a object / object graph serialisation Annotating Tables
R-IndependentMetadataPublication Ability to publish metadata independently from the tabular data resource it describes. Locating Metadata
R-SpecificationOfPropertyValuePairForEachRow Ability to define a property-value pair for inclusion in each row. Not located
R-ConditionalProcessingBasedOnCellValues Ability to apply conditional processing based on the value of a specific cell. Not located
R-CommentLines Ability to identify comment lines within a CSV file and skip over them during parsing, format conversion or other processing. Parsing Tabular Data

3.2.3 Non-functional requirements

Requirement Name Definition References
R-ZeroEditAdditionOfSupplementaryMetadata Ability to add supplementary metadata to an existing CSV file without requiring modification of that file Link Header, Standard File Metadata, Standard Directory Metadata

3.2.4 Data Model requirements

Requirement Name Definition References
R-CellMicrosyntax Ability to parse internal data structure within a cell value Data Types, Parsing Cells Issue 96
R-NonStandardFieldDelimiter Ability to parse tabular data with field delimiters other than comma Parsing Tabular Data, Parsing Tabular Data Packages
R-PrimaryKey Ability to determine the primary key for entities described within a CSV file Schemas
R-ForeignKeyReferences Ability to cross reference between CSV files Schemas
R-AnnotationAndSupplementaryInfo Ability to add annotation and supplementary information to CSV file Annotated Tabular Data Model
R-AssociationOfCodeValuesWithExternalDefinitions Ability to associate a code value with externally managed definition Not located
R-CsvAsSubsetOfLargerDataset Ability to assert how a single CSV file is a facet or subset of a larger dataset Not located
R-SyntacticTypeDefinition Ability to declare syntactic type for data values Issue 96
R-SemanticTypeDefinition Ability to declare semantic type for data values Issue 82
R-MissingValueDefinition Ability to declare a ""missing value"" token and, optionally, a reason for the value to be missing Issue 47, Grouped Tabular Data Model
R-URIMapping Ability to map the values of a CSV row/column into corresponding URI (e.g. by concatenating those values with a prefix).
R-UnitMeasureDefinition Ability identify/express the unit of measure for the values reported in a given column. Not located
R-GroupingOfMultipleTables Ability to group multiple data tables into a single package for publication Grouped Tabular Data Model
R-LinkFromMetadataToData Ability for a metadata description to explicitly cite the tabular dataset it describes Link Header
R-MultilingualContent Ability to declare a locale / language for content in a specified column Property Syntax
R-RepeatedProperties Ability to provide multiple values of a given property for a single entity described within a tabular data file Not located

3.3 Deferred requirements

Requirement Name Definition References
R-MultipleHeadingRows Ability to handle headings spread across multiple initial rows, as well as to distinguish between single column headings and file headings. Dialect Descriptions
R-RandomAccess Ability to access and/or extract part of a CSV file in a non-sequential manner. Not located
R-TableNormalization Ability to normalize data that is not in normal form and possibly vice-versa. Not located