This document report test subject conformance for and related specifications for N-Quads [[N-QUADS]] according to the requirements of the Evaluation and Report Language (EARL) 1.0 Schema [[EARL10-SCHEMA]].

This report is also available in alternate formats: Turtle and JSON-LD

Instructions for submitting implementation reports

Tests should be run using the test manifests defined in the Test Manifests Section.

The assumed base URI for the tests is <http://example/base/> if needed.

Reports should be submitted in Turtle format to and include an earl:Assertion for each test, referencing the test resource from the associated manifest and the test subject being reported upon. An example test entry is be the following:

  [ a earl:Assertion;
    earl:assertedBy <>;
    earl:subject <>;
    earl:test <>;
    earl:result [
      a earl:TestResult;
      earl:outcome earl:passed;
      dc:date "2013-02-22T15:12:30-08:00"^^xsd:dateTime];
    earl:mode earl:automatic ] .

The Test Subject should be defined as a doap:Project, including the name, homepage and developer(s) of the software (see [[DOAP]]). Optionally, including the project description and programming language. An example test subject description is the following:

  <> foaf:primaryTopic <>
    dc:issued "2013-02-22T15:12:30-08:00"^^xsd:dateTime ;
    foaf:maker <> .

  <> a doap:Project, earl:TestSubject, earl:Software ;
    doap:name          "RDF.rb" ;
    doap:homepage      <> ;
    doap:license       <> ;
    doap:description   "RDF.rb is a pure-Ruby library for working with Resource Description Framework (RDF) data."@en ;
    doap:developer     <>, <>, <> ;
    doap:maintainer    <>, <>, <> ;
    doap:documenter    <>, <>, <> ;
    foaf:maker         <> ;
    dc:creator         <> .

The software developer, either an organization or one or more individuals SHOULD be referenced from doap:developer using [[FOAF]]. For example:

  <> a foaf:Person, earl:Assertor;
    foaf:name "Gregg Kellogg";
    foaf:title "Implementor";
    foaf:homepage <> .

See Turtle Test Suite Wiki for more information.

Test Manifests

N-Quads tests

Test Apache Jena Raptor RDF.rb rdflib
nq-syntax-uri-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-uri-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-uri-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-uri-04 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-uri-05 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-uri-06 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bnode-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bnode-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bnode-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bnode-04 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bnode-05 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bnode-06 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bad-literal-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bad-literal-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bad-literal-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bad-uri-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nq-syntax-bad-quint-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-file-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-file-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-file-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-uri-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-uri-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-uri-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-uri-04 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-string-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-string-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-string-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-str-esc-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-str-esc-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-str-esc-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bnode-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bnode-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bnode-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-datatypes-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-datatypes-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-uri-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-uri-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-uri-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-uri-04 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-uri-05 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-uri-06 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-uri-07 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-uri-08 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-uri-09 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-prefix-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-base-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-struct-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-struct-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-lang-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-esc-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-esc-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-esc-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-string-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-string-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-string-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-string-04 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-string-05 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-string-06 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-string-07 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-num-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-num-02 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-bad-num-03 PASS PASS PASS PASS
nt-syntax-subm-01 PASS PASS PASS PASS
comment_following_triple PASS PASS PASS PASS
literal_all_controls PASS PASS PASS PASS
literal_all_punctuation PASS PASS PASS PASS
literal_ascii_boundaries PASS PASS PASS PASS
literal_with_2_dquotes PASS PASS PASS PASS
literal_with_2_squotes PASS PASS PASS PASS
literal_with_dquote PASS PASS PASS PASS
literal_with_numeric_escape4 PASS PASS PASS PASS
literal_with_numeric_escape8 PASS PASS PASS PASS
literal_with_squote PASS PASS PASS PASS
literal_with_UTF8_boundaries PASS PASS PASS PASS
langtagged_string PASS PASS PASS PASS
lantag_with_subtag PASS PASS PASS PASS
minimal_whitespace PASS PASS PASS PASS
Percentage passed out of 85 Tests 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%

Test Subjects

This report was tested using the following test subjects:

Apache Jena
Apache Jena provides a complete framework for building Semantic Web and Linked Data applications in Java, and provides: parsers for RDF/XML, Turtle and N-triples; a Java programming API; a complete implementation of the SPARQL query language; a rule-based inference engine for RDFS and OWL entailments; TDB (a non-SQL persistent triple store); SDB (a persistent triples store built on a relational store) and Fuseki, an RDF server using web protocols. Jena complies with all relevant recommendations for RDF and related technologies from the W3C.
Programming Language
Home Page
Rob Vesse
Paolo Castagna
Chris Dollin
Stephen Allen
Ian Dickinson
Damian Steer
Andy Seaborne
Claude Warren
Dave Reynolds
Test Suite Compliance
85/85 (100.0%)
Programming Language
Home Page
Home Page
Test Suite Compliance
85/85 (100.0%)
RDF.rb is a pure-Ruby library for working with Resource Description Framework (RDF) data.
Home Page
Arto Bendiken
Home Page
Ben Lavender
Home Page
Gregg Kellogg
Home Page
Test Suite Compliance
85/85 (100.0%)
Home Page
Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes
Home Page
Test Suite Compliance
85/85 (100.0%)

Individual Test Results

Individual test results used to construct this report are available here:

Test Definitions

Test nq-syntax-uri-01

URI graph with URI triple

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> <http://example/g> .
Test nq-syntax-uri-02

URI graph with BNode subject

_:s <http://example/p> <http://example/o> <http://example/g> .
Test nq-syntax-uri-03

URI graph with BNode object

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> _:o <http://example/g> .
Test nq-syntax-uri-04

URI graph with simple literal

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "o" <http://example/g> .
Test nq-syntax-uri-05

URI graph with language tagged literal

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "o"@en <http://example/g> .
Test nq-syntax-uri-06

URI graph with datatyped literal

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "o"^^<> <http://example/g> .
Test nq-syntax-bnode-01

BNode graph with URI triple

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> _:g .
Test nq-syntax-bnode-02

BNode graph with BNode subject

_:s <http://example/p> <http://example/o> _:g .
Test nq-syntax-bnode-03

BNode graph with BNode object

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> _:o _:g .
Test nq-syntax-bnode-04

BNode graph with simple literal

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "o" _:g .
Test nq-syntax-bnode-05

BNode graph with language tagged literal

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "o"@en _:g .
Test nq-syntax-bnode-06

BNode graph with datatyped literal

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "o"^^<> _:g .
Test nq-syntax-bad-literal-01

Graph name may not be a simple literal (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> "o" .
Test nq-syntax-bad-literal-02

Graph name may not be a language tagged literal (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> "o"@en .
Test nq-syntax-bad-literal-03

Graph name may not be a datatyped literal (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> "o"^^<> .
Test nq-syntax-bad-uri-01

Graph name URI must be absolute (negative test)

# No relative IRIs in N-Quads
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> <g>.
Test nq-syntax-bad-quint-01

N-Quads does not have a fifth element (negative test)

# N-Quads rejects a quint
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> <http://example/g> <http://example/n> .
Test nt-syntax-file-01

Empty file

Test nt-syntax-file-02

Only comment

#Empty file.
Test nt-syntax-file-03

One comment, one empty line

#One comment, one empty line.

Test nt-syntax-uri-01

Only IRIs

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-uri-02

IRIs with Unicode escape

# x53 is capital S
<http://example/\u0053> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-uri-03

IRIs with long Unicode escape

# x53 is capital S
<http://example/\U00000053> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-uri-04

Legal IRIs

# IRI with all chars in it.
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <scheme:!$%25&'()*+,-./0123456789:/@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~?#> .
Test nt-syntax-string-01

string literal

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "string" .
Test nt-syntax-string-02

langString literal

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "string"@en .
Test nt-syntax-string-03

langString literal with region

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "string"@en-uk .
Test nt-syntax-str-esc-01

string literal with escaped newline

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "a\n" .
Test nt-syntax-str-esc-02

string literal with Unicode escape

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "a\u0020b" .
Test nt-syntax-str-esc-03

string literal with long Unicode escape

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "a\U00000020b" .
Test nt-syntax-bnode-01

bnode subject

_:a  <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-bnode-02

bnode object

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> _:a .
_:a <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-bnode-03

Blank node labels may start with a digit

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> _:1a .
_:1a <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-datatypes-01

xsd:byte literal

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "123"^^<> .
Test nt-syntax-datatypes-02

integer as xsd:string

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "123"^^<> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-uri-01

Bad IRI : space (negative test)

# Bad IRI : space.
<http://example/ space> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-uri-02

Bad IRI : bad escape (negative test)

# Bad IRI : bad escape
<http://example/\u00ZZ11> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-uri-03

Bad IRI : bad long escape (negative test)

# Bad IRI : bad escape
<http://example/\U00ZZ1111> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-uri-04

Bad IRI : character escapes not allowed (negative test)

# Bad IRI : character escapes not allowed.
<http://example/\n> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-uri-05

Bad IRI : character escapes not allowed (2) (negative test)

# Bad IRI : character escapes not allowed.
<http://example/\/> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-uri-06

Bad IRI : relative IRI not allowed in subject (negative test)

# No relative IRIs in N-Triples
<s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-uri-07

Bad IRI : relative IRI not allowed in predicate (negative test)

# No relative IRIs in N-Triples
<http://example/s> <p> <http://example/o> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-uri-08

Bad IRI : relative IRI not allowed in object (negative test)

# No relative IRIs in N-Triples
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <o> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-uri-09

Bad IRI : relative IRI not allowed in datatype (negative test)

# No relative IRIs in N-Triples
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "foo"^^<dt> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-prefix-01

@prefix not allowed in n-triples (negative test)

@prefix : <http://example/> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-base-01

@base not allowed in N-Triples (negative test)

@base <http://example/> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-struct-01

N-Triples does not have objectList (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o>, <http://example/o2> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-struct-02

N-Triples does not have predicateObjectList (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o>; <http://example/p2>, <http://example/o2> .
Test nt-syntax-bad-lang-01

langString with bad lang (negative test)

# Bad lang tag
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "string"@1 .
Test nt-syntax-bad-esc-01

Bad string escape (negative test)

# Bad string escape
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "a\zb" .
Test nt-syntax-bad-esc-02

Bad string escape (negative test)

# Bad string escape
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "\uWXYZ" .
Test nt-syntax-bad-esc-03

Bad string escape (negative test)

# Bad string escape
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "\U0000WXYZ" .
Test nt-syntax-bad-string-01

mismatching string literal open/close (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "abc' .
Test nt-syntax-bad-string-02

mismatching string literal open/close (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> 1.0 .
Test nt-syntax-bad-string-03

single quotes (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> 1.0e1 .
Test nt-syntax-bad-string-04

long single string literal (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> '''abc''' .
Test nt-syntax-bad-string-05

long double string literal (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> """abc""" .
Test nt-syntax-bad-string-06

string literal with no end (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "abc .
Test nt-syntax-bad-string-07

string literal with no start (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> abc" .
Test nt-syntax-bad-num-01

no numbers in N-Triples (integer) (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> 1 .
Test nt-syntax-bad-num-02

no numbers in N-Triples (decimal) (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> 1.0 .
Test nt-syntax-bad-num-03

no numbers in N-Triples (float) (negative test)

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> 1.0e0 .
Test nt-syntax-subm-01

Submission test from Original RDF Test Cases

# Copyright World Wide Web Consortium, (Massachusetts Institute of
# Technology, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en
# Automatique, Keio University).
# All Rights Reserved.
# Please see the full Copyright clause at
# <>
# Test file with a variety of legal N-Triples
# Dave Beckett -
# $Id: index.html,v 1.2 2014/02/20 21:07:11 sandro Exp $

# comment lines
# comment line after whitespace
# empty blank line, then one with spaces and tabs

<> <> <> .
_:anon <> <> .
<> <> _:anon .
# spaces and tabs throughout:
<> <> <> .

# line ending with CR NL (ASCII 13, ASCII 10)
<> <> <> .

# 2 statement lines separated by single CR (ASCII 10)
<> <> <> .
<> <> <> .

# All literal escapes
<> <> "simple literal" .
<> <> "backslash:\\" .
<> <> "dquote:\"" .
<> <> "newline:\n" .
<> <> "return\r" .
<> <> "tab:\t" .

# Space is optional before final .
<> <> <>.
<> <> "x".
<> <> _:anon.

# \u and \U escapes
# latin small letter e with acute symbol \u00E9 - 3 UTF-8 bytes #xC3 #A9
<> <> "\u00E9" .
# Euro symbol \u20ac - 3 UTF-8 bytes #xE2 #x82 #xAC
<> <> "\u20AC" .
# resource18 test removed
# resource19 test removed
# resource20 test removed

# XML Literals as Datatyped Literals
<> <> ""^^<> .
<> <> " "^^<> .
<> <> "x"^^<> .
<> <> "\""^^<> .
<> <> "<a></a>"^^<> .
<> <> "a <b></b>"^^<> .
<> <> "a <b></b> c"^^<> .
<> <> "a\n<b></b>\nc"^^<> .
<> <> "chat"^^<> .
# resource28 test removed 2003-08-03
# resource29 test removed 2003-08-03

# Plain literals with languages
<> <> "chat"@fr .
<> <> "chat"@en .

# Typed Literals
<> <> "abc"^^<> .
# resource33 test removed 2003-08-03
Test comment_following_triple

Tests comments after a triple

<http://example/s> <http://example/p> <http://example/o> . # comment
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> _:o . # comment
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "o" . # comment
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "o"^^<http://example/dt> . # comment
<http://example/s> <http://example/p> "o"@en . # comment
Test literal

literal """x"""

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "x" .
Test literal_all_controls

literal_all_controls '\x00\x01\x02\x03\x04...'

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "\u0000\u0001\u0002\u0003\u0004\u0005\u0006\u0007\u0008\t\u000B\u000C\u000E\u000F\u0010\u0011\u0012\u0013\u0014\u0015\u0016\u0017\u0018\u0019\u001A\u001B\u001C\u001D\u001E\u001F" .
Test literal_all_punctuation

literal_all_punctuation '!"#$%&()...'

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> " !\"#$%&():;<=>?@[]^_`{|}~" .
Test literal_ascii_boundaries

literal_ascii_boundaries '\x00\x26\x28...'

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "	&([]" .
Test literal_with_2_dquotes

literal with 2 squotes """a""b"""

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "x\"\"y" .
Test literal_with_2_squotes

literal with 2 squotes "x''y"

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "x''y" .
Test literal_with_BACKSPACE

literal with BACKSPACE

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "\b" .
Test literal_with_CARRIAGE_RETURN

literal with CARRIAGE RETURN

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "\r" .


<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "\t" .
Test literal_with_dquote

literal with dquote "x"y"

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "x\"y" .
Test literal_with_FORM_FEED

literal with FORM FEED

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "\f" .
Test literal_with_LINE_FEED

literal with LINE FEED

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "\n" .
Test literal_with_numeric_escape4

literal with numeric escape4 \u

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "\u006F" .
Test literal_with_numeric_escape8

literal with numeric escape8 \U

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "\U0000006F" .
Test literal_with_REVERSE_SOLIDUS

literal with REVERSE SOLIDUS

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "\\" .
Test literal_with_REVERSE_SOLIDUS2

REVERSE SOLIDUS at end of literal

<> <> "test-\\" .
Test literal_with_squote

literal with squote "x'y"

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "x'y" .
Test literal_with_UTF8_boundaries

literal_with_UTF8_boundaries '\x80\x7ff\x800\xfff...'

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "€߿ࠀ࿿က쿿퀀퟿�𐀀𿿽񀀀󿿽􀀀􏿽" .
Test langtagged_string

langtagged string "x"@en

<http://a.example/s> <http://a.example/p> "chat"@en .
Test lantag_with_subtag

lantag with subtag "x"@en-us

<> <> "Cheers"@en-UK .
Test minimal_whitespace

tests absense of whitespace between subject, predicate, object and end-of-statement


Report Generation Software

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This software is provided by Gregg Kellogg in hopes that it might make the lives of conformance testers easier.