Position paper : W3C Workshop on Electronic Books and The Open Web Platform

Bobby Tung, WANDERER Digital Publishing Inc.

Participant's Interest

WANDERER is a startup company in Taiwan mainly provide EPUB authoring service to publishers. We focus on ebook design that fits printed book layout rules. Recently we are working with two issues:

  1. Bopomofo implement with ruby-position and ruby-algn and tools to make it into practice level.
  2. UTR #50 that doesn't contain any information of character in vertical writing in Chinese usage, but implied in reading systems.

We'd like to report what Bopomofo required and specifications for browsers to implement.

Point of View

  1. ruby-position:inter-character should be implied properly for Bopomofo usage in horizontal writing ebooks. And ruby-algn:center would be great help for layout design.
  2. Tools developing for practice. Bopomofo in a book usually for education that attached with every character, not selective as Japanese ruby usage. So we are going to make tools for content provider to edit ruby text.

Sample on issue

We've already made a EPUB 3 fixed layout sample for Bopomofo to describe issues confronted.

Download url: http://book.binb.tw/epubopomo