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Meeting: HTML Weekly Teleconference
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Date: 27 June 2013
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hi all
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scribe: plh
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Regrets: Daniel
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Regrets+ Paul
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Regrets+ Sam
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16:06:44 [plh]
Topic: New Issues this week
16:06:58 [Zakim]
16:07:03 [plh]
--> BUG 22043
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16:08:03 [plh]
Maciej: will look for recommendations before moving
16:08:15 [plh]
Topic: Test TF report
16:08:24 [chaals]
Present+ chaals
16:08:25 [plh]
Kris: not much going this week. meet again next Tuesday.
16:08:30 [plh]
... on #testing
16:08:52 [plh]
Topic: A11y TF report
16:09:20 [plh]
Charles: we have questions regarding the CfC on CR exit criteria
16:09:36 [plh]
... we seem to be held to extremelly high standard if we say something is not interoperable
16:09:46 [chaals]
16:09:50 [plh]
... the semantics of the ARIA part of HTML aren't interoperable
16:10:02 [plh]
... and the question is: how much evidence do you really need?
16:10:18 [plh]
... depending on the answer, we may need more time
16:10:49 [plh]
Janina: providing of non-interop is really rather difficult, you can provide instances
16:10:57 [plh]
... so proving the negative was the basis of the concern
16:11:35 [plh]
... and the other thing that was a bit vexing was that the bar for marking something as green was a lot lower in the room in San Jose than it is now to unmark
16:11:46 [plh]
... we weren't in the room at that time
16:12:14 [plh]
... so, we're concerned that there is now a higher bar to unmark.
16:12:20 [plh]
... probably not intentional but that's what we see now
16:12:47 [plh]
... we're not asking for a decision on the flight here
16:13:10 [plh]
... we're walking through the spec where we think that are issues
16:13:28 [plh]
... and we're uncountering some portions that are marked are green and shouldn't
16:13:53 [plh]
Maciej: thank you for reporting theses issues, we'll need to follow up by email.
16:14:13 [plh]
Charles: we started to look at our work statement
16:14:29 [plh]
Janina: we expect longdesc to come forward next week as well
16:14:40 [plh]
Topic: Media TF report
16:14:49 [plh]
Maciej: Paul isn't around. anyone else?
16:15:17 [plh]
Maciej: let's skip then
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16:15:23 [plh]
Topic: Other business
16:16:04 [mjs]
CfC: remove Microdata from HTML 5.0, incorporate Microdata into 5.1,
16:16:04 [mjs]
publish Microdata doc as a W3C note
16:16:05 [mjs]
16:16:06 [plh]
Maciej: first is the CfC on Microdata
16:16:42 [plh]
... there were discussions and some pushback
16:17:00 [plh]
... on the basis that Microdata is widely used, but JS API is dropping
16:17:12 [plh]
... actual semantic and markup is deployed and used
16:17:29 [chaals]
16:17:33 [plh]
... Robin was facilitating some discussions about this topic
16:17:43 [mjs]
ack chaals
16:17:43 [plh]
ack c
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16:18:06 [plh]
Charles: at this stage we would object to move Microdata into 5.1 or publish it as a Note
16:18:07 [plh]
16:18:25 [plh]
... we'd be happy to have it in 5.0, happy to drop the API
16:18:36 [plh]
... we're happy to provide editor resources
16:18:59 [Zakim]
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Zakim, mute Tantek
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16:19:19 [plh]
s/we're happy/we recognize the need/
16:19:20 [tantek]
(sorry a bit late to call)
16:19:31 [chaals]
s/we're happy/we recognise that there is a need/
16:19:51 [plh]
plh: Microdata is not part of 5.0
16:20:12 [plh]
... are you proposing to put it back?
16:20:29 [plh]
Charles: would be nice but recognize there might be pushback
16:20:48 [plh]
plh: indeed, I'd think we would pushback
16:21:00 [tantek]
zakim, unmute tantek
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Tantek should no longer be muted
16:21:26 [plh]
Tantek: continuing as a standalonge document seems fine to me
16:21:33 [krisk]
16:21:39 [chaals]
ack pl
16:21:40 [plh]
... understanding there is sufficient interest and resources to push it along
16:21:45 [chaals]
ack kr
16:22:07 [chaals]
16:22:12 [plh]
Kris: do we have consensus to remove the JS portion of Microdata?
16:22:17 [plh]
Maciej: it's a standalone document
16:22:39 [plh]
... if we want to remove the JS portion, that would require a difference CfC
16:23:05 [plh]
Charles: I'd be happy to propose that we make one
16:23:15 [plh]
plh: +1
16:23:17 [plh]
Kris: +1
16:23:22 [plh]
Tantek: +1
16:23:35 [plh]
Maciej: I'll bring it to the other Chairs
16:23:55 [tantek]
just wanted to confirm this proposal is for 5.1
16:24:10 [plh]
... and the remainder will still be under discussion (ie standalone or 5.1)
16:24:21 [plh]
Charles: seems would stay as standalone
16:24:44 [plh]
Maciej: would remain an open question for the moment
16:25:49 [tantek]
q+ re: charter
16:26:14 [plh]
plh: due to calendaring, don't expect progress on the charter before mid-July
16:26:14 [mjs]
16:26:14 [chaals]
16:26:16 [mjs]
16:26:19 [plh]
ack t
16:26:19 [Zakim]
tantek, you wanted to discuss charter
16:26:53 [plh]
Tantek: a few calls ago, I requested if you could ask folks to file their reason for their FO publically
16:27:01 [plh]
... to see if we can resolve them
16:28:39 [plh]
plh: I still expect to make progress on them
16:29:02 [plh]
Tantek, btw, see
16:29:13 [plh]
Topic: Next meeting
16:29:19 [plh]
Maciej: next week is canceled
16:29:26 [plh]
... so next meeting is July 11
16:29:56 [plh]
... any volunteer to scribe?
16:30:13 [plh]
[none heard]
16:30:20 [krisk]
I might be able to scribe
16:30:28 [chaals]
16:30:33 [plh]
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