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meeting: MLW-LT WG
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chair: felix
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scribe: tbd
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present+ yves, karl, tadej, felix
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regrets+ christian, phil
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topic: checking attendees
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scribe: fsasaki
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topic: Bled objectives
12:05:11 [fsasaki]
12:05:43 [fsasaki]
felix: any thoughts on the objectives?
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12:06:38 [fsasaki]
... tadej, can we have a speakers phone for bled? let me know if that faces problems
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topic: HTML "Translate" default discussion
12:06:59 [fsasaki]
12:07:17 [fsasaki]
"...To avoid unexpected behaviour, users of ITS 2.0 are strongly encouraged to set Translate behaviour in HTML5 explicitly via global rules, and to process local translate attributes in HTML5 with dedicated ITS 2.0 processors."
12:08:33 [Yves_]
12:08:39 [fsasaki]
felix summarizing yves' thoughts from the mail
12:08:49 [Yves_]
but it's more about the behavior of translate than the defaults
12:09:16 [Yves_]
12:09:27 [fsasaki]
felix: the interaction between translatable elements and attributes
12:09:47 [fsasaki]
... currently, we have 4 ways to express translate in html5:
12:10:02 [fsasaki]
.. html5 whatwg, html5 w3c cr document
12:10:08 [fsasaki]
.. html5.1 document
12:10:13 [fsasaki]
.. ITS 2.0 for HTML5
12:10:32 [fsasaki]
.. the first three ways have rather slight differences
12:10:41 [fsasaki]
.. e.g. what list of attributes to expect
12:11:04 [fsasaki]
.. ITS 2.0 has a huge difference: no interaction between attributes and elements at all, and no default list
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topic: UL list of issues
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12:12:08 [fsasaki]
no further feedback
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topic: ITS 2.0 Logo
12:12:38 [fsasaki]
felix: thoughts on that here?
12:12:46 [fsasaki]
topic: Moving to ITS IG
12:13:08 [fsasaki]
felix: move our best practice conent to an open wiki
12:13:11 [fsasaki]
12:13:27 [fsasaki]
12:13:35 [fsasaki]
felix: ITS wiki is for everybody
12:13:55 [fsasaki]
.. pedro said and others: we need a forum for the general users to give them feedback
12:14:03 [fsasaki]
12:14:17 [fsasaki]
felix: we can do that via the wiki and the its IG ML
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12:14:56 [fsasaki]
.. let's have some open calls in the IG once the last call is finished
12:15:26 [fsasaki]
.. idea is to have less regular calls
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topic: XLIFF review
12:15:40 [fsasaki]
12:15:52 [fsasaki]
"Committee Specification Draft (CSD)"
12:16:13 [fsasaki]
felix: will also be discussed in bled
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topic: bled again
12:16:32 [fsasaki]
12:16:42 [fsasaki]
"EU project internal: state of deliverables. Be prepared to give an update on your deliverables, due M18 and M21. 120 min. "
12:17:09 [fsasaki]
felix: 5 min about state of each deliverable
12:17:35 [fsasaki]
.. e.g. what you need from partners, how the deliverable is moving forward
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topic: aob
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