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meeting: MLW-LT WG
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chair: dF
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scribe: fsasaki
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topic: roll call
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regrets: jörg, christian
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agenda at
13:02:55 [dF]
13:03:10 [fsasaki]
topic: High level usage scenario doc publication
13:03:29 [Naoto]
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13:03:31 [fsasaki]
daveF: time line is teight for publication on March 8
13:03:42 [dF]
13:03:47 [fsasaki]
.. just be aware of christian's mail
13:04:08 [fsasaki]
.. he suggests a method for pulling of publication. He will add his questions into the doc
13:04:25 [fsasaki]
.. whoever is able to answer should do that in the wiki
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13:04:41 [fsasaki]
.. that will bring us to the publication by the desired date
13:04:43 [omstefanov]
present+ omstefanov
13:04:46 [fsasaki]
.. everybody fine with that?
13:05:35 [fsasaki]
felix: publication will be a draft, so we can also update it later
13:05:41 [fsasaki]
topic: HTML ITS default behaviour
13:05:51 [dF]
13:06:02 [fsasaki]
david: above mail is from Monday's call discussion
13:06:14 [dF]
13:06:26 [fsasaki]
.. interrelated with HTML "translate" topic, which is discussed in HTML WG
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13:08:03 [fsasaki]
felix: we discussed on monday, we need more input from implementers
13:08:07 [pnietoca]
present+ pnietoca
13:08:44 [fsasaki]
"title" attribute example
13:09:40 [pnietoca]
felix is there a scribe? do you want me to try?
13:09:57 [fsasaki]
scribe: pnietoca
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13:11:17 [pnietoca]
dF: What other data categories can have an impact apart from translate?
13:11:49 [pnietoca]
Yves_: elementsWithinText maybe
13:12:11 [Yves_]
FYI: I'll post an email on some of my finding/thoughts on implementation for HTML defaults later today.
13:12:13 [pnietoca]
... there can be inheritance problems
13:13:06 [pnietoca]
dF: what's the state of the issue from a formal point of view?
13:13:44 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: Resolve the issue within April
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13:14:34 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: wait for implementors advances before moving forward
13:14:56 [pnietoca]
dF: depends on the spec impact w.r.t HTML
13:15:36 [pnietoca]
kfritsche: to start with would be good to write something about defaults
13:15:43 [Yves_]
+1 on Karl's move to start listing the defaults
13:15:51 [pnietoca]
+1 too
13:16:28 [pnietoca]
dF: all agree about the defaults, but they might impact on the spec
13:16:48 [Yves_]
I can post a global rules file that shows what we have implemented as defaults so far on our side.
13:17:08 [pnietoca]
kfritsche: that would tell whether we should make a BP doc or change the spec
13:17:09 [Yves_]
that could be a starting point
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13:17:40 [pnietoca]
dF: we should have an at a once glance the defaults on the wiki
13:18:20 [pnietoca]
.. based on the investigation we will decide whether to use a BP doc or if it will affect the spec
13:18:41 [Yves_]
if i can find the time yes
13:18:45 [pnietoca]
.. Yves would you be ok to start the wiki?
13:18:55 [leroy]
present+ leroy
13:19:48 [pnietoca]
action: Yves to send the global rules file and to start the wiki on HTML defaults for the data categories
13:19:49 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-452 - Send the global rules file and to start the wiki on HTML defaults for the data categories [on Yves Savourel - due 2013-03-06].
13:20:38 [pnietoca]
dF: work needs to continue on the working list and on the wiki page
13:20:51 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: we can move on
13:21:01 [fsasaki]
scribe: fsasaki
13:21:05 [pnietoca]
you're wellcome
13:21:14 [DomJones1]
13:21:16 [fsasaki]
topic: Conformance type again
13:21:31 [fsasaki]
df: what is your proposed resolution?
13:21:39 [fsasaki]
phil: sent a mail this morning
13:21:53 [fsasaki]
.. most of the type values express negative aspect
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13:22:11 [fsasaki]
.. so I don't mind to say "non-conformance"
13:22:17 [fsasaki]
.. so that's fine by me
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13:23:05 [fsasaki]
df: anybody objecting to add the new value?
13:23:27 [fsasaki]
phil: just to clarify: not another data category, a new value
13:23:37 [fsasaki]
dF: correct, new value for localization qualtiy issue
13:23:43 [fsasaki]
.. any objections?
13:23:51 [fsasaki]
no objections
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13:24:46 [fsasaki]
action: felix to do edit for issue-63
13:24:46 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-453 - Do edit for issue-63 [on Felix Sasaki - due 2013-03-06].
13:25:25 [fsasaki]
topic: standoff experiment
13:25:36 [fsasaki]
scribe: pnietoca
13:25:51 [fsasaki]
13:25:51 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: this not to open a new issue
13:26:12 [fsasaki]
13:26:37 [pnietoca]
.. made an experimentation with multiple tan annotations
13:26:56 [fsasaki]
- During the discussion of multiple annotations a while ago we also touched upon the "direction" of the standoff: from outside to IDs (see multiple-ann-with-id-plus-standoff.html and 2a), or from the document to the standoff (current loc quality issue / provenance, see 2b) above). Pointint from the document (= 2b) has the drawback in HTML that you need a separate "script" element for each target - whereas in the case of 2a) you only need one script e[CUT]
13:27:10 [pnietoca]
..want to get feedback about this new way of pointing
13:27:41 [pnietoca]
.. actual standoff (provennace, lqi) vs reverse standoff
13:28:03 [fsasaki]
13:29:18 [pnietoca]
pointing from inside to outside creates more markup
13:29:45 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: pointing from inside to outside creates more markup
13:30:11 [fsasaki]
13:30:15 [pnietoca]
philr: lqi currently allows several records
13:31:14 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: with the pointing from outside we just need one script element and not several so yes it might work
13:31:38 [pnietoca]
daveL: we discussed this before
13:32:01 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: the outcome is the difference between numbers
13:33:01 [Yves_]
There is a massive difference for stream-based processors: they would have to check if there is standoff annotation each time we find an id. I'll need to think more about it.
13:33:18 [pnietoca]
.. the approach from inside to outside 58 vs outside to inside 101
13:33:41 [pnietoca]
.. just want to know some opinions on this
13:34:37 [pnietoca]
daveL: with provenance you want to know the actors in the process of translating but we don't expect much records
13:34:52 [pnietoca]
.. the scalabitiy should be big
13:35:22 [pnietoca]
13:35:34 [Pedro]
present+ Pedro
13:36:37 [pnietoca]
daveL: the new files on the github gives you an idea of the number
13:36:57 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: need to think carefully about this
13:37:21 [pnietoca]
dF: I want formal stuff for this
13:37:49 [pnietoca]
philr: don't know how this will affect the test suite
13:37:55 [fsasaki]
for the record, this was just informally on the agenda, no need to have an issue for this
13:37:56 [pnietoca]
.. will create test files
13:38:29 [pnietoca]
dF: Felix you said is not to create another issue, but we need to create an issue
13:38:42 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: I'm creating an issue right now
13:38:55 [pnietoca]
dF: is this a last call comment?
13:39:00 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: no
13:39:18 [fsasaki]
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13:39:43 [fsasaki]
scribe: fsasaki
13:39:46 [pnietoca]
thanks :)
13:39:53 [fsasaki]
topic: XLIFF mapping
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13:40:38 [fsasaki]
dF summarzing XLIFF discussion
13:41:58 [fsasaki]
df: had an implementers meeting about this, targeting rome demo, will continue with that this week
13:42:10 [fsasaki]
.. documenting decisions on the wiki page
13:42:10 [Clemens]
present +Clemens
13:42:21 [dF]
13:44:22 [fsasaki]
discussion on where to start the BP document - felix says that our mlw-lt wiki is fine, we can move to ITS IG later
13:44:40 [fsasaki]
df: if a roundtrip happens in XLIFF - you need to know what elements to use
13:44:52 [fsasaki]
.. when the data returns to the source format
13:45:02 [fsasaki]
.. that requires source format knowledge
13:46:43 [fsasaki]
XLIFF discussion on relation to source format
13:47:34 [Yves_]
mostly agrees
13:47:48 [fsasaki]
topic: Rome / Luxembourg prep
13:48:28 [fsasaki]
13:48:50 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: thanks specially Pedro for the feedback
13:48:50 [fsasaki]
13:49:28 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: would be good to rehearse business and technicval demonstrations
13:50:05 [pnietoca]
tadej_: Enricher will be used by Cocomore and?
13:50:27 [pnietoca]
Pedro: putting to much work on the posters
13:52:06 [pnietoca]
tadej_: Pedro says to merge buusiness and technical but this is not the case
13:52:10 [dF]
Tadej was saying that the Enrycher will be also used by TCD/UL LION<->SOLAS demo
13:53:16 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: in most of the demonstrations you can make a relation with the use cases
13:53:39 [pnietoca]
tadej_: not having strong opinion on the ordering
13:53:59 [pnietoca]
Pedro: the demos should be presented according to the posters
13:54:45 [pnietoca]
Pedro: have to choose if the business presentations have to go first or not
13:55:44 [pnietoca]
dF: Dave tadej are you in contact in order to see if there are some loose ends?
13:56:44 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: do you need the WG to participate on those meeting?
13:56:56 [pnietoca]
..just to keep track
13:57:05 [dF]
13:57:37 [Ankit]
yes for me
13:57:41 [fsasaki]
13:57:42 [pnietoca]
dF: Is the friday call 1:00 pm UTC working for everybody?
13:57:47 [pnietoca]
Pedr: yes
13:57:47 [Yves_]
yes for me
13:57:54 [pnietoca]
dF: ok
13:58:00 [pnietoca]
DaveL: ok
13:58:10 [Milan]
Milan: ok
13:58:24 [pnietoca]
13:58:26 [philr]
I may be 10 minutes late joining and have to leave 15 minutes before end.
13:58:36 [Milan]
Present+ Milan
13:58:43 [pnietoca]
Tadej: agreed
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14:00:24 [pnietoca]
dF: there was the need to host this itsx NS, we would shre the details this week
14:00:48 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: why is Shaun invelved in this?
14:01:03 [pnietoca]
dF: he is only parcipating on the development
14:01:15 [dF]
Sean Mooney
14:01:23 [fsasaki]
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14:01:50 [pnietoca]
fsasaki: I encourage you not to parcipate in off the group call about xliff mapping
14:02:03 [RRSAgent]
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14:02:13 [pnietoca]
.. try to involve others in the WG
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