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Meeting: WebID Community Group Teleconference
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Date: 25 January 2013
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Today's Agenda:
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zakim, who's here?
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i am +1.631.444.aaaa
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Topic: votes
15:06:46 [TallTed]
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15:07:42 [deiu]
bblfish: you can't be part of the same company and have a different vote
15:08:02 [deiu]
... the poll is per affiliation, not per individual
15:08:24 [deiu]
15:08:26 [bblfish]
15:09:15 [deiu]
... might have missed some people who are not affiliated
15:09:57 [deiu]
bblfish is reading the votes results
15:10:26 [deiu]
TallTed: maybe we should nudge the non-responders (12 or so)
15:10:51 [deiu]
bblfish: so far it looks like we're converging on Nr.3
15:11:15 [deiu]
... it would be nice to have Timbl cast his vote
15:11:41 [deiu]
TallTed: you may be giving Timbl's vote too much weight in the poll
15:11:47 [bblfish]
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15:12:36 [deiu]
Topic: Privacy
15:12:38 [bblfish]
15:12:58 [deiu]
bblfish: do we have an issue for privacy?
15:13:09 [deiu]
... it would be very good to have a section on privacy
15:13:32 [deiu]
15:13:32 [trackbot]
ISSUE-24 -- Privacy issues from WebID URI dereferencing -- raised
15:13:32 [trackbot]
15:14:45 [deiu]
TallTed: the removal of user interaction is not a hight benefit here, but the user choice is important
15:15:24 [deiu]
... when you authn to a place, you should know that the service will try to identify you, so you need to be able to choose your persona
15:15:44 [deiu]
bblfish: is this something we need to put into a spec? which?
15:15:53 [deiu]
15:16:50 [deiu]
TallTed: issue-24 should remain open, since it bares discussion
15:16:55 [bblfish]
reopen issue-24
15:16:58 [trackbot]
Re-opened ISSUE-24 Privacy issues from WebID URI dereferencing.
15:17:26 [deiu]
bblfish: we need to discuss what to do with it
15:17:37 [bblfish]
15:17:37 [trackbot]
ISSUE-68 -- privacy considerations section -- raised
15:17:37 [trackbot]
15:18:02 [bblfish]
Proposal: open issue-68?
15:18:07 [bblfish]
15:18:09 [bobP]
15:18:11 [deiu]
... we can open issue-68 and see how we can combine it with issue-24
15:18:12 [deiu]
15:18:15 [bergi]
15:18:15 [TallTed]
trackbot, associate issue-68 with issue-24
15:18:15 [trackbot]
TallTed, please associate just one ACTION with one ISSUE.
15:18:44 [bblfish]
reopen issue-68
15:18:45 [trackbot]
Re-opened ISSUE-68 privacy considerations section.
15:18:59 [TallTed]
s/bares discussion/bears discussion/
15:19:09 [deiu]
ack deiu
15:19:27 [bobP]
can't hear
15:20:02 [ebremer]
a bit better
15:20:03 [bblfish]
15:20:41 [bblfish]
Andrei's arguing there should be a small section in the spec
15:21:07 [deiu]
deiu: we should have a pointer in the spec, linking to a more in-depth analysis of the privacy issues
15:22:14 [deiu]
15:22:46 [bblfish]
15:24:45 [deiu]
bblfish: we need to show that users can protect their profile documents
15:25:01 [deiu]
... we need a security section
15:26:32 [deiu]
... maybe a "Security Considerations" sections
15:27:15 [bblfish]
15:27:46 [bblfish]
Andrei: it should not be exhaustive
15:27:54 [bblfish]
TallTim: it does not need to be exhaustive
15:28:35 [bblfish]
... it is a high level overview. There are privacy considerations, security ones, specific protocols are going to have more information... So the specifics are not going to come in unless you use TLS
15:28:38 [bobP]
15:29:06 [bblfish]
15:29:08 [bblfish]
15:29:17 [deiu]
quick brb
15:29:31 [Zakim]
15:29:41 [ebremer]
a "truth in lending"
15:29:50 [Zakim]
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Zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see Bob_Powers, ebremer, scor, TallTed, bergi, bblfish, ??P16
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Zakim, ??P16 is me
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+deiu_; got it
15:31:17 [bblfish]
proposal: add a small security section to the spec
15:32:29 [bblfish]
proposal: add a small security section to the WebID Identity and Discovery
15:33:45 [bblfish]
15:34:28 [deiu]
15:34:44 [bblfish]
15:34:45 [deiu]
ack deiu
15:36:19 [bblfish]
action: deiu to create do open issue in database, and create page on security
15:36:19 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-53 - Create do open issue in database, and create page on security [on Andrei Sambra - due 2013-02-01].
15:37:34 [bblfish]
Topic: Web Access Control
15:37:36 [scor]
15:38:35 [deiu]
15:39:34 [deiu]
ack scor
15:40:41 [scor]
scor: I haven't heard back from Jeff Sayre re his contributions on User Stories
15:41:50 [bblfish]
deiu: WebACL is using WebID as the default identity mechanism
15:42:03 [bblfish]
... not sure if we should discuss this as part of the WebID group.
15:42:20 [deiu]
ack deiu
15:42:29 [bblfish]
... it could be a group, that could produce a spec and ontology
15:42:34 [bblfish]
15:42:36 [scor]
+1 one to open a WebACL CG, and keep the WebID group focused on WebID only
15:42:50 [scor]
15:43:34 [deiu]
15:43:37 [deiu]
ack scor
15:43:57 [deiu]
ack deiu
15:44:03 [bblfish]
scor: people may be interested in WebID but not WebACL, and it may be too much noise.
15:44:21 [scor]
15:46:29 [deiu]
ack scor
15:47:35 [deiu]
scor: we can use the WebID teleconf slots for WAC, having a WebID confcall every two weeks
15:47:52 [deiu]
15:48:09 [bobP]
Is it the case that the objections from that fellow from Google a few months ago primarily came from an ACL perspective?
15:48:41 [scor]
scor: for example, WebID call the first Friday of the month, ACL call (using the WebID phone bridge) the third Friday of the month
15:49:43 [deiu]
bblfish: we need to have people using WAC to come and suggest improvements to the ontology
15:49:46 [TallTed]
identity (WebID or otherwise) is necessary for access control (WebACL or otherwise); access control is not necessary for identity
15:51:35 [TallTed]
it might be useful to create a WebID Task Force (WebID interop?) to look at the interaction between these (and others?), but I think Access Control needs its own space ... and I think this piece of interop is more about WebID-over-TLS than Conceptual-WebID
15:51:49 [scor]
deiu: ACL will be easier to sell without the dependency on WebID
15:52:06 [scor]
bblfish: I agree... or RDF
15:52:22 [deiu]
ack deiu
15:53:19 [deiu]
15:53:46 [bblfish]
thanks scor
15:54:26 [bblfish]
I have WAC,, deiu
15:54:43 [bblfish]
readwriteweb on github
15:55:16 [deiu]
deiu: bergi has WAC too
15:55:27 [bblfish]
action deiu, to turn WAC into a real process
15:55:27 [trackbot]
Error finding 'deiu,'. You can review and register nicknames at <>.
15:55:44 [TallTed]
action deiu to turn WAC into a real process
15:55:44 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-54 - Turn WAC into a real process [on Andrei Sambra - due 2013-02-01].
15:56:19 [bblfish]
Topic: next meeting?
15:56:37 [deiu]
Proposal: next week
15:56:39 [bblfish]
next week because of the results of vote will be in
15:56:41 [bblfish]
15:56:43 [deiu]
15:56:49 [bergi]
15:57:02 [deiu]
Resolved: next week
15:57:30 [bblfish]
15:57:30 [Zakim]
15:57:32 [Zakim]
15:57:32 [Zakim]
15:57:34 [Zakim]
15:57:34 [Zakim]
15:57:34 [ebremer]
15:57:36 [Zakim]
15:57:40 [Zakim]
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Attendees were Bob_Powers, +1.631.444.aaaa, scor, TallTed, bblfish, bergi, deiu, ebremer, deiu_
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rrsagent, please make record public
15:58:42 [deiu]
RRSAgent, please draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate deiu
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btw: for scribest the info is here:
15:59:43 [deiu]
cool, thanks
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When the teleconf starts?
16:24:08 [deiu]
domel, it ended 25 mins ago
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