WG Future Work hardware token workshop 2014

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Straw man proposal for a W3C workshop on 'Secure Tokens and Other Secure Services' (scope to drive the title) this is a draft proposal and may the basis for W3C side to organize a workshop on that topic

  • Home

The aim of this workshop is to bring together the actors of the web and discuss the integration of hardware based security in the open web platform. This integration would make available to the open web platform and the web developers the current security capabilities of the platforms.

  • Background

The integration of the smart card for web app has been discussed in several working group in W3C, such as web crypto working group, sysapp working group, and it is part of some expressed requirements by W3C members. Nevertheless there are different forms of secure tokens (smart card, secure micro-SD, embedded chips, trusted execution environement, TPM chip) and different services that could be brought by those trusted elements (storage, cryptographic operations, secure operations, authentication…).

  • Goal & Scope

One of the challenge of this workshop is to define the appropriate use cases, and the expected service that would be worth integrating in the open web platform, for the benefit of the web developers, service provider and the global robustness of the web.

  • Participation (Expression of Interest or Position Paper)

Any individual or company having some interest for this workshop should send an expression of interest or a position paper, including the type of problems or solution they would like to see discussed.

  • Potential interested parties - Please add your company if relevant