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JoAnne YATES is on the faculty at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and currently working (jointly with Craig Murphy, a professor of international relations at Wellesley College) on a historical study of how voluntary consensus standard setting processes and institutions emerged and have changed over the past century, up to the present. In earlier periods, they focus primarily on the process used by IEC, ISO, national standards organizations, and engineering societies, but would like to study some more recent models of standards setting, as well. The process followed by W3C is a good example of another model of such standard setting, especially as it is one of the initiators of the recent OpenStand announcement.

With the permission of Jeff Jaffe and Web Crypto Working Group chair and W3C contacts, JoAnne will be observing this Working Group’s process for the next year (or until the WG completes its work, if that happens sooner). She will follow the electronic discussion, participate in weekly phone meetings, and attend face-to-face meetings when possible. She may also request to interview some of you, either in person or by Skype, a request you may decline if you wish. Before quoting or referring to any members in our published research, she will secure written permission from the individual. JoAnne can be contacted at jyates at mit dot edu to set up a time to talk.

JoAnne research page at MIT Sloan is [1] and her personal MIT Sloan page is [2]