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Web Crypto API Last Call diary

  • The Web Crypto API went to last call in April and commenting period ended on 20th of may. This was announced to the W3C chairs and Web Crypto WG (see [1])
  • Comments and dicussions related to Last Call happened during april and may on Web Crypto Working Group mailing list and also Web Crypto Public Comment mailing list
  • For most of the discussions, a bug has been created in the W3C bugzilla system
  • The status on bugs captured on the 27th of May is available here
  • On 27th of may, the team decided to move forward on pending bugs, trigger discussions on the mailing list for the unsolved ones in the coming weeks.
  • The status of bugs captured on the 23rd of June is available here
  • On the 23rd of June, 4 bugs are requiring arbitration, as being controversial : 25839 related to curve 25519, 25721 related to key extractability, 25607/18925 related to security considerations,
  • The team has decided to work on the 4 sensitive bugs and have them solved by the 11th of July. The process we have been decided to adopt is the following : the chair will manage progress for those bugs directly with reviewers, in public on the bugzilla and public web crypto mailing list. Depending on the bug, the chair will either require to reviewers feedback on a suggested resolution, or ask reviewers to provide some text proposal to be added to the Web Crypto API specification. In the end, the WG will be asked to endorse or not the proposed resolution right after the 11th of July
  • During the summer the team and WG worked on resolving all sensitive bugs.
  • In October, the decision was taken to exit Last Call