Deliverable low level API

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First Public Working Draft

Low level API has gone to First Public Working Draft in Sept 2012 [1].

Comments have been called through different communication media [2]

It is still time to comment using the public mailing list

Editor's Draft

The Editor's Draft is being worked on here.

Comment to this API can be sent over the public mailing list, or by filling a bug under bugzilla here

Note : a github repo [3] was established to work out very rough ideas before committing them to the W3 CVS repo

Issue Management

Update July 2013 - The team has addressed most of the high prority issues [4].

The remaining open topics are related to - wrap/unwrap/import/expert - maintenance for algorithms integration


The objective is to issue a Working Draft in January 2013 --> Done The LC is expected to happen in fall, closed to TPAC 2013 meeting.