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This is validator is meant to validate RDFa content in an HTML or an XML file. The validator does not analyze the HTML/XML content itself. It is advised to use, e.g., the separate HTML validator for that purpose. By default, the validator considers RDFa 1.1, but RDFa 1.0 is also recognized if the @version attribute is set in the source

Distill by File Upload

Distill by direct input

If you intend to use this service regularly on large scale, consider downloading the package and use it locally.

This validator is based on the RDF 1.1 Distiller: it uses the same code base, just produces a different output more suitable for validation purposes. For more details about RDFa 1.1, the package, the detailed description of the options, downloading instructions, etc., please consult the RDF 1.1 Distiller page.

Ivan Herman, (ivan@w3.org)
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