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Mondays at 10am US Eastern time for 90 minutes
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Telephone US: +1.617.761.6200
  Zakim code: LDPWG (53794)
IRC channel: #ldp on on port 6665
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1 Admin

  • Chair: Arnaud Le Hors
  • Scribe: First available on the scribe list.

1.1 Minutes of last meeting

Proposal: Approve the minutes of the January 13 teleconf:

1.2 Next meeting

  • Teleconference 2014.02.03

2 Tracking of actions

Here's a link to the Tracker Summary Page; for the purpose of the agenda here are some more specific link:

3 2nd Last Call timeline

We're dangerously approaching the time when we won't be able to produce a REC by the end of our charter (1 June 2014) This means we must settle on the remaining issues within the next two weeks!!

  • Possible timeline looks something like this:
    • close all remaining issues by 27 January
    • two weeks for editors to get the spec up-to-date: 10 February
    • two weeks for the WG to review and approve publication of LC2: 24 February
    • one week for W3C to publish: 3 March
    • three weeks for LC period: 24 March
    • one month for CR: 21 April
    • two months for PR: 21 June

Some of this might be compressed but we may also have to deal with additional comments...

4 Next Face to Face meeting

  • New tentative dates: 18-20 March

5 Status of Accept-POST draft

6 ISSUE-92 - Interaction Model

  • ISSUE-92 Interaction Model
  • PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-92 by changing rel=type to rel=profile for client introspection of interaction model
  • It the above doesn't pass, PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-92 by keeping rel=type for client introspection of interaction model

7 ISSUE-89 - Managed Resources

8 ISSUE-86 - "membership triples" misnamed

9 ISSUE-93 - AcceptLevels

  • ISSUE-93 Accept and Auth
  • PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-93 removing section 4.3.2, meaning that LDP doesn't add any additional requirements to HTTP, it is up to the server what is taken into account when responding to a request with an Accept header

10 AOB