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1 RFC 5789

More explicit connections with RFC 5789.

Should move from Section 5 to Section 2. [SteveS]

Use quotes when taking phrases from RFC 5789? [TimBL]

Should add one word about Error handling. [TimBL]

2 formatting

"Why do some production names are in bold in the concrete syntax and some not?" [TimBL]

3 semantics

3.1 informative section

<#path-expression> The example feels incomplete. It also doesn't match the previous example. [SteveS]

<#UpdateList> Find definition fairly vague. [SteveS]

Makes clearer that a variable binds to exactly 1 node. [TimBL]

If a ! contraint fails, the whole query fails per RFC 5789. [TimBL]

4 examples

Let's add a full section with more examples.

There were some interesting example from Sandro's challenge and from Steve's OSLC.

Include examples with errors. [TimBL]

5 typos

See http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ldp-wg/2014Sep/0036.html [SteveS]