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14:58:42 <trackbot> Meeting: Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group Teleconference
14:58:42 <trackbot> Date: 25 February 2013
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15:00:21 <Arnaud> zakim, who's here?
15:00:22 <Zakim> On the phone I see [IPcaller], JohnArwe, cygri, +1.214.537.aaaa, SteveBattle, Arnaud
15:00:22 <Zakim> On IRC I see RRSAgent, JohnArwe, Arnaud, svillata, TallTed, jmvanel, cody, Ruben, dret, SteveS, betehess, bhyland, bblfish, stevebattle, oberger, Yves, trackbot, sandro, ericP
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15:00:29 <dret> zakim, IPcaller is me
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15:00:35 <cody> (1 214 537.aaaa is Cody, who hasn't learned to change Zakim's prompt from phone # to name)
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15:01:43 <bblfish> hi, in train from Paris to Amsterdam
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15:02:23 <Arnaud> zakim, who's here?
15:02:24 <Zakim> On the phone I see dret, JohnArwe, cygri, +1.214.537.aaaa, SteveBattle, Arnaud, svillata, TallTed (muted), bblfish
15:02:25 <Zakim> On IRC I see RRSAgent, JohnArwe, Arnaud, svillata, TallTed, jmvanel, cody, Ruben, dret, SteveS, betehess, bhyland, bblfish, stevebattle, oberger, Yves, trackbot, sandro, ericP
15:02:30 <JohnArwe> zakim, aaaa is cody
15:02:30 <Zakim> +cody; got it
15:02:35 <bblfish> afternoon!
15:02:59 <Arnaud> chair: Arnaud
15:03:07 <Arnaud> scribe: svillata
15:03:08 <svillata> scribe: svillata
15:03:15 <bblfish> svillata: you can use this:
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15:03:28 <svillata> thanks bblfish
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15:03:37 <dret> +1
15:03:46 <svillata> Topic: Approving minutes Feb 18
15:03:54 <svillata> Resolved: Minutes of Feb 18 approved
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15:04:11 <Zakim> +[IBM]
15:04:12 <Kalpa> zakim, who is on the phone
15:04:12 <Zakim> I don't understand 'who is on the phone', Kalpa
15:04:27 <SteveS> zakim, [IBM] is me
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15:04:28 <JohnArwe> zakim, who is on the phone?
15:04:28 <Zakim> On the phone I see dret, JohnArwe, cygri, cody, SteveBattle, Arnaud, svillata, TallTed (muted), bblfish, SteveS
15:04:32 <svillata> Arnaud: F2F is coming up
15:04:37 <stevebattle> I'll be travelling
15:05:08 <stevebattle> ..on the monday before the F2F
15:05:09 <svillata> Arnaud: indicate your participation to F2F meeting
<svillata> Topic: Tracking of issues and actions
15:05:53 <svillata> subtopic: Pending review ISSUE-47
15:05:56 <bblfish> Issue-47?
15:05:56 <trackbot> ISSUE-47 -- publish ontology -- pending review
15:05:56 <trackbot>
15:06:07 <Zakim> +??P31
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15:06:44 <nmihindu> Zakim, ??P31 is me
15:06:44 <Zakim> +nmihindu; got it
15:06:48 <svillata> Arnaud: do we want to close ISSUE-47?
15:06:53 <stevebattle> q+
15:06:55 <Zakim> -bblfish
15:07:00 <svillata> q?
15:07:13 <bblfish> makes sense to close it if the actions are taken. ( I can't hear much breaks up a lot in the train )
15:07:15 <Zakim> +roger
15:07:31 <Zakim> +Sandro
15:07:59 <Arnaud> ack stevebattle
15:08:11 <cody> Should it not have a date pattern in the URL like most W3C published schemas? How to handle new versions?
<svillata> stevebattle: afraid publishing the ontology as linked data with hyperlinked classnames etc is overkilling
15:08:23 <JohnArwe> arnaud: we now have a turtle document in the cvs ... that seems like linked data "enough"
15:08:53 <JohnArwe> ...expect editors to update ontology based on future resolutions of issues
15:09:07 <TallTed> cody - those date patterns are associated with the start of the WGs, not the schemas
15:08:21 <svillata> Resolved: Close ISSUE-47
15:08:21 <trackbot> Closed ISSUE-47 publish ontology.
15:09:13 <svillata> Topic: LDP specification and publishing a second draft
15:09:39 <cody> thx
15:09:43 <roger> roger has joined #ldp
15:10:07 <svillata> Arnaud: we have to discuss what we think we need to do for publishing the second draft
15:10:21 <TallTed> TallTed has changed the topic to: Linked Data Platform WG -- -- current agenda:
15:10:30 <JohnArwe> q+
15:10:31 <svillata> ... what do the editors need to publish a second draft?
15:10:41 <svillata> q?
15:11:07 <Kalpa> Kalpa has joined #ldp
15:11:24 <svillata> SteveS: pretty good shape wrt the resolved issues
15:11:39 <Zakim> -nmihindu
15:11:41 <Zakim> +??P29
15:11:56 <krp> zakim, ??P29 is me
15:11:56 <Zakim> +krp; got it
15:12:07 <Zakim> +??P31
15:12:17 <svillata> Arnaud: how are we doing with regard to linking all the issues from the spec?
<svillata> steves: as of last week the spec was up to date so that shouldn't be a problem
15:13:19 <dret> dret has joined #LDP
15:13:46 <Zakim> -??P31
15:13:50 <bblfish> concerning draft is the relative urls resolved?
15:14:09 <svillata> Arnaud: would be good to have a week to review the spec?
15:14:13 <SteveS> bblfish: it is an open action, minor update we can do
15:14:16 <Zakim> +??P31
15:14:38 <stevebattle> I'm happy to be transparent and publish internally and externally simultaneously.
15:14:49 <svillata> ... start review, and for March 11 decide whether to publish it
15:15:05 <Arnaud> q?
15:15:12 <Arnaud> ack john
15:15:13 <SteveS> q+
15:15:17 <nmihindu> Zakim, ??P31 is me
15:15:17 <Zakim> +nmihindu; got it
15:15:20 <Arnaud> ack steve
15:17:17 <svillata> Arnaud: maybe next week spec will be in a good shape, and we can decide then whether to publish it
#15:18:55 <svillata> which issue are we discussing?
#15:19:34 <svillata> ok, thanks
15:19:44 <stevebattle> q+
<svillata> Topic: Open Issues
15:20:29 <svillata> subtopic: Composition vs Aggregation ontology (related to ISSUE-34)
#15:20:59 <Zakim> +Sandro.a
15:21:03 <svillata> JohnArwe: the ontology itself is subject to change
15:21:06 <Zakim> -Sandro
15:21:11 <SteveS> Think this is more narrowly issue-32 and somewhat a part of it
15:21:18 <Arnaud> ack stevebattle
15:21:59 <svillata> stevebattle: issue-34 brings to an ontology about aggregation and composition
15:22:30 <Zakim> -nmihindu
15:23:00 <Zakim> +??P28
15:23:21 <JohnArwe> ashok's email: item 2
15:23:34 <nmihindu> Zakim, ??P28 is me
15:23:34 <Zakim> +nmihindu; got it
15:23:49 <svillata> Arnaud: proposal now is to have two subclasses for composition and aggregation
15:24:46 <svillata> ... container is a useful notion independently from aggregation/composition
15:25:03 <SteveS> q+
15:25:28 <svillata> ... we are discussing how many classes to define, which properties
15:25:29 <Arnaud> ack steves
15:26:19 <roger> q+
15:26:21 <stevebattle> q+
15:26:27 <Arnaud> ack roger
15:26:49 <svillata> ISSUE-34?
15:26:49 <trackbot> ISSUE-34 -- Adding and removing arcs in weak aggregation -- closed
15:26:49 <trackbot>
15:27:07 <Arnaud> ack stevebattle
15:27:28 <svillata> stevebattle: important to make a distinction in the ontology
15:28:33 <cygri> cygri has joined #ldp
15:28:50 <Arnaud>
15:29:09 <roger> It would be good to get feedback from Richard about issue 34 (because he originally raised the issue).
15:29:16 <svillata> Arnaud: email JohnArwe sent out on Friday with a proposal
15:29:50 <JohnArwe> SteveB: as long as real behavioral difference, happy to have different classes in ontology
15:29:52 <SteveS> roger: I believe cygri opened on behalf of us at F2F1…but would be good to get feedback, not arguing that
15:30:56 <svillata> Proposed: adopting ontology proposed by JohnArwe (
15:30:57 <Zakim> +bblfish
15:31:06 <stevebattle> +1
15:31:15 <bblfish> bblfish has joined #ldp
15:31:24 <SteveS> +1
15:32:06 <stevebattle> No - they have different deletion behaviour.
15:32:21 <svillata> cygri: reading the ontology I have no idea of what the difference is
15:32:52 <JohnArwe> @cygri: the example in the email ontology is (as resolved in 34) currently the only difference between them.
15:32:52 <TallTed> I'd suggest changing :Aggregation to :aggregateContainer and :Composition to :compositeContainer
15:33:17 <stevebattle> That sounds a bit verbose to me.
15:33:21 <svillata> Arnaud: when you delete the container, different behaviors about the deletion of the resources it contains
15:33:27 <stevebattle> It's going to be used a lot
15:33:41 <TallTed> but otherwise I'm OK with the suggested change *as a start* ...  I agree with cygri that the specific differences in behavior must be explicitly noted.
15:34:27 <Zakim> +??P33
15:34:52 <bblfish> back in new train
15:34:56 <svillata> cygri: having two subclasses which differ only for a sentence does not make sense, my feeling is that just using the super-class would be sufficient
15:35:19 <nmihindu> Zakim, ??P33 is me
15:35:19 <Zakim> +nmihindu; got it
15:35:33 <svillata> Arnaud: think richard is suggesting parent is aggregation and the subclass is the composition
15:35:54 <bblfish> the question I would have is what happens when something is changed from an Aggregation to a Container, especially concerning the members.
15:35:59 <svillata> cygri: members may continue to exist is not a constraint
15:36:15 <svillata> ... it doen't commit the server
15:36:20 <Arnaud> q?
15:36:22 <svillata> q?
15:36:25 <bblfish> q+
15:36:25 <TallTed> q+
15:36:31 <svillata> q?
15:36:34 <bblfish> please see my question above:
15:36:35 <TallTed> Zakim, unmute me
15:36:35 <Zakim> TallTed should no longer be muted
15:37:06 <svillata> Arnaud: how do we insert this aggregation concept?
15:37:17 <Arnaud> q?
15:37:19 <bblfish> please see above
15:37:23 <bblfish> the question I would have is what happens when something is changed from an Aggregation to a Container, especially concerning the members.
15:37:45 <stevebattle> q+
15:38:08 <bblfish> ack me
15:38:20 <JohnArwe> I don't know if we'd allow a change in container behavior dynamically... new conversation?
15:38:24 <Arnaud> ack TallTed
15:38:26 <roger> that (in my opinion) is a very dodgy thing
15:38:40 <svillata> SteveS: we can open an issue and address the question of bblfish
15:39:20 <svillata> q?
15:39:29 <bblfish> my guess is that this will only work if you add a :contains relation
15:39:48 <svillata> Arnaud: we have to make concrete proposals
15:39:50 <Arnaud> ack stevebattle
15:39:57 <JohnArwe> Ted: if (in the end) there is no behavioral difference between Container and AggregateContainer, would you like cygri want to collapse them?
15:40:12 <svillata> stevebattle: cygri's proposal appealing
15:40:23 <JohnArwe> s/Ted:/Question for Ted:/
15:40:54 <svillata> Arnaud: changing container to something else change the spec quite a lot, John's proposal is trying to minimize the change
15:41:05 <stevebattle> In OOD, composition is not (typically) a subclass of aggregation. They're commonly subclasses of association.
15:41:16 <Arnaud> q?
15:41:20 <svillata> s/change /changes
15:42:00 <svillata> q?
15:42:18 <stevebattle> Isn't Container an abstract superclass that is useful for property definitions?
#15:42:28 <Zakim> +Sandro.aa
#15:42:32 <Zakim> -Sandro.a
15:42:46 <svillata> TallTed: propose to use aggregate containers and composite containers
15:43:07 <svillata> ... superclass Container
15:43:17 <sandro> q+ to ask a naive question (can't we just use URLs?)
15:43:18 <SteveS> stevebattle: agree, we can multi-type if we even wanted to say it is a ldp:Container and a ldp:Aggregation
15:43:29 <SteveS> q+
15:43:33 <stevebattle> Yes - agreed that Aggregation and Composition are mutually exclusive classes.
15:43:35 <Arnaud> q?
15:43:44 <svillata> TallTed: proposal to change aggregation VS composition into aggregate containers/composite containers
15:43:44 <Arnaud> ack sandro
15:43:44 <Zakim> sandro, you wanted to ask a naive question (can't we just use URLs?)
<svillata> sandro: after weeks of discussion we still don't seem to have a resolution, so why not instead rely on the structure of the URLs to determine whether member resources should be deleted or not?
15:44:25 <stevebattle> I proposed that at the last F2F and got voted down :)
15:44:28 <bblfish> I think it is an interesting idea
15:44:31 <Arnaud> ack steves
<svillata> steves: this would go against the opacity principle
15:44:51 <bblfish> I was going to propose that urls ending in / are LDPCs
15:45:09 <Ruben> mmm, I don't like "urls ending in"
15:45:16 <Ruben> should be opaque
15:45:18 <bblfish> we spoke about this at the last F2F, but since then I have changed my mind.
15:46:02 <bblfish> Ruben, URLs are opaque as far as emantics goes, but in fact the URI spec does give / a special significance
15:46:09 <cygri> q+
15:46:14 <bblfish> s/emantics/semantics/
15:46:22 <Arnaud> ack cygri
15:46:44 <svillata> cygri: think one issue that was discussed at F2F1 and that led us to where we are was the idea of using the url structure to indicate composition
15:47:22 <svillata> ... can't give any special semantics to the relations to keep the implementation really simple
15:47:56 <stevebattle> q+
15:47:59 <sandro> I see that, but I don't find that compelling, giving the simplicity provided.
15:48:09 <svillata> q?
15:48:41 <Arnaud> ack stevebattle
15:49:26 <sandro> I probably voted against stevebattle at the F2F, but now that I see how long we've spent trying to figure this out, I lean more toward simplicity.
15:49:43 <bblfish> I can make a proposal
15:49:44 <svillata> stevebattle: is it possible to re-open the issue?
15:49:52 <sandro> q+
15:50:02 <SteveS> q+
15:50:14 <svillata> Arnaud: possible but better to re-open issues when new information comes
15:50:14 <bblfish> stevebattle: I have an idea on how to do this in a way that is uncontroversial
15:50:19 <Arnaud> ack sandro
15:50:19 <sandro> q-
15:50:26 <Arnaud> ack steves
15:50:28 <bblfish> ro was that Sandro
15:50:58 <stevebattle> An aggregate could generate URIs at the same level at the aggregation.
15:51:15 <sandro> sandro: I think it might be new information that this is so hard to us to figure out.
15:51:21 <stevebattle> They wouldn't be nested below the Aggregation
15:51:42 <stevebattle> ..In the URI structure
15:51:53 <JohnArwe> I think Sandro was proposing that "if the URL is structured ..., then the client Knows the behavior is delete (or not) members."
15:52:07 <SteveS> I think we are arguing over minor details of class hierarchy and not fundamental behavioral difference
15:52:09 <bblfish> sandro, we should get together on this.
15:52:19 <sandro> yes, JohnArwe
15:52:23 <SteveS> s/difference/differences/
15:52:39 <Arnaud> proposed: use John's proposed ontology with Aggregation renamed as AggregateContainer, Composition as CompositeContainer, and better documentation
15:52:45 <svillata> Arnaud: TallTed proposal from JohnArwe proposal
15:52:50 <sandro> in fact -- I probably shouldn't be in the lead or critical path for this
15:53:07 <stevebattle> +0 (not convinced about the long names)
15:53:18 <svillata> Arnaud: how do we feel with TallTed's proposal?
15:53:20 <TallTed> +1
15:53:21 <JohnArwe> When we talk about URL structures yielding client assumptions, we'd be making it harder for any existing implementations to comply.
15:53:30 <SteveS> +0 (I go back to my +1 for JohnArwe's proposal)
15:53:40 <roger> +0
15:53:48 <sandro> +0
15:53:51 <JohnArwe> +1 (rename things at will - I hate arguing over them, you'll win all the time )
15:53:59 <cody> +0
15:54:01 <svillata> +1
15:54:08 <cygri> -0 not convinced that aggregate is needed. ted's names are an improvement
15:54:23 <nmihindu> +0
15:54:36 <stevebattle> vote on the original proposal?
15:54:39 <svillata> Arnaud: we don't seem to have consensus
15:54:56 <dret> +/-0
<svillata> TallTed: I think we do, nobody has voted against it
15:54:59 <Zakim> -bblfish
15:55:17 <svillata> Arnaud: JohnArwe proposal?
15:55:49 <stevebattle> +1 (use namespaces for disambiguation)
15:56:52 <stevebattle> I prefer the shorter local names - we don't need to append 'Container'
15:56:56 <svillata> TallTed: what do you mean stevebattle as using namespaces for disambiguation?
15:57:24 <stevebattle> yez
15:57:52 <stevebattle> s/z/s/
15:58:56 <Arnaud> resolved: Go with John's proposal amended by Ted
15:58:21 <svillata> subTopic: LDP model section
16:00:59 <svillata> Arnaud: maybe we should leave to the editors to choose among the two proposals
16:01:23 <Zakim> -cygri
16:01:23 <Kalpa> Kalpa has left #ldp
16:01:30 <stevebattle> q+
16:01:39 <Arnaud> ack stevebattle
16:02:03 <svillata> stevebattle: the two proposals are materially the same, but I prefer Henry's proposal
16:02:22 <dret> yeah, that was just a proposal.
16:02:36 <svillata> Arnaud: do we have any text to put in the second draft of the spec?
16:02:38 <dret> no complete text yet, but i can take an action for that.
16:03:48 <SteveS> agree that editors can take the pen, using the feedback that is there now
16:03:55 <svillata> dret: we can write a complete section
16:04:12 <dret> in that case, can i have an action?
16:04:41 <Zakim> -SteveS
16:04:41 <svillata> ACTION: dret to create complete section
16:04:41 <trackbot> Created ACTION-38 - Create complete section [on Erik Wilde - due 2013-03-04].
<svillata> Arnaud: Meeting adjourned
16:04:43 <Zakim> -roger
16:04:45 <stevebattle> Thanks, bye.
16:04:49 <dret> thanks everybody!
16:04:52 <Zakim> -cody
16:04:53 <Zakim> -TallTed
16:04:53 <Zakim> -SteveBattle
16:04:54 <Zakim> -Arnaud
#16:04:54 <Zakim> -Sandro.aa
16:04:56 <Zakim> -svillata
16:04:56 <Zakim> -dret
16:04:56 <cody> One question
16:04:57 <Zakim> -krp
16:04:57 <Zakim> -JohnArwe
16:05:03 <cody> regarding the face to face coming up
16:05:17 <Ruben> Ruben has left #ldp
16:05:20 <JohnArwe> what's your q cody?
#16:05:31 <Zakim> -nmihindu.a
16:05:34 <cody> The line opens at 2:00 AM - 12:00 PM Boston time.
16:05:44 <cody> Is this because of overseas participation?
16:05:55 <cody> And is that the actual meeting start/end time?
16:06:02 <JohnArwe> probably - and probably copied from F2F1
16:06:34 <JohnArwe> ...when it was in France.  Usually they run 8 (or later) to 5 (or later) local time.
16:07:19 <cody> Just seems like a face to face hosted in the U.S. would require the overseas participants to join at the odd times.
16:07:26 <JohnArwe> Eric P one of the staff contacts made the arrangements - suggest email the list so he'll see your q and respond.
16:07:59 <cody> OK. Thx.
16:08:19 <JohnArwe> the assumption is most participants will be local, so local time is "it".  I can attest to the effect you describe (I was in NY during the Lyon F2F)
16:09:32 <JohnArwe> ...local time also tends to dictate when rooms can be booked, when meals are available (espec in a case like F2F2 when it appears there will be no sponsors so lunch is a "go out and get it" thing)
16:10:20 <cody> I still think I am confused. 2:00 AM to start a meeting in the U.S.?
16:10:31 <Zakim> disconnecting the lone participant, nmihindu, in SW_LDP()10:00AM
16:10:32 <Zakim> SW_LDP()10:00AM has ended
16:10:32 <Zakim> Attendees were JohnArwe, cygri, +1.214.537.aaaa, SteveBattle, Arnaud, dret, svillata, TallTed, bblfish, cody, SteveS, nmihindu, roger, Sandro, krp
16:10:43 <TallTed> TallTed has joined #ldp
16:11:07 <Arnaud> hmm, I wish I knew who was 1.214.537.aaaa
16:11:17 <cody> That is Cody
16:11:23 <Arnaud> ah, thanks
16:11:32 <cody> I do not know yet how to tell Zakim to use my name
16:11:39 <Arnaud> zakim is supposed to learn over time
16:12:00 <Arnaud> zakim, aaaa is cody
16:12:00 <Zakim> sorry, Arnaud, I do not recognize a party named 'aaaa'
16:12:15 <sandro> 214 537 is appears to be Richardson, TX
16:12:17 <sandro> dunno if that helps.
16:12:41 <cody> Someone already said "zakim aaaa is cody", so maybe that is why the statement no longer works
16:12:43 <Arnaud> cody is saying it's him
16:13:02 <sandro> ah.    i'm slow.
16:13:39 <Arnaud> I think it's because the call is over
16:13:51 <Arnaud> zakim, +aaaa is cody
16:13:51 <Zakim> sorry, Arnaud, I do not recognize a party named '+aaaa'
16:13:55 <Arnaud> right
16:14:21 <Arnaud> it's ok I can fix the minutes to reflect it anyway
16:14:39 <cody> Thx.
16:15:29 <JohnArwe> arnaud your transcript should show that we attributed aaaa to cody in zakim Very Shortly after he joined.  he said he did not know how to do so, so I did it.
16:15:50 <Arnaud> ok
16:16:10 <JohnArwe> remember that zakim for attendees unions them all together.  I forget if the minuting script collapsing resolved aliases or not.
16:18:06 <JohnArwe> cody, wrt to the 0200 start that is Very Likely wrong, copied from Lyon (where 0800 CET would be 0200 ET)
16:19:01 <JohnArwe> ...hence: email to list on it.  EricP presumably will then check whatever he booked at MIT and make Zakim's times align, then reflect that on the page (correctly)
16:19:12 <cody> OK
16:19:28 <cody> Is there a private list email? I seem to only have the public-ldp@
16:20:38 <sandro> The charter says the group will work in public, so that's the main list.   There is also member-ldp-wg for confidentail stuff like phone numbers, but that's rarely used.
16:20:39 <Arnaud> there are two lists: public-ldp and public-ldp-wg
16:20:50 <JohnArwe> all our emails are public.  there is another list (public) for non-members to append to if needed.
16:20:56 <sandro> (and you are on member-ldp.wg too.)
16:21:00 <cody> Ok- got it. Thanks!
16:21:59 <Arnaud> as a member you can post to either list
16:22:03 <JohnArwe> cody: you in vegas next week?
16:22:14 <Arnaud> non members can subscribe to both but only post to public-ldp
16:24:44 <cody> No. I'm in Dallas/Fort Worth next week. Was unaware of Vegas. (Sorry, I am just really, really green at this).
16:25:25 <cody> What is going on in Las Vegas? IBM conf?
16:25:29 <JohnArwe> cody: (2) I also see you posed a question in IRC that may have been missed.  Short answer on dates is that the month/year gets added very close to the end, because they are taken from the date it hits Rec.  Until then all ns values we own should be thought of as provisional.
16:26:02 <JohnArwe> cody: (1) yeah Pulse Conf.  if you were going to be there would be an opp for F2F meeting was the thought.  NP.
16:27:13 <cody> Got it on the URL. Thanks. And enjoy the conference!
16:27:36 <JohnArwe> cody: (2) ...also the email contents were an excerpt; in the ttl file in mercurial the ns we're using for now is <>.
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