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zakim, this is egov
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PhilA, I see T&S_EGOV(Atlantic)11:00AM in the schedule but not yet started. Perhaps you mean "this will be egov".
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zakim, this will be egov
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ok, PhilA; I see T&S_EGOV(Atlantic)11:00AM scheduled to start in 4 minutes
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zakim, don't be so picky!
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I don't understand 'don't be so picky!', PhilA
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Shall we cover our ears while you explain 'picky', PhilA ?
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annoyingly pedantic. I'm sure Zakimm knoew perfectly well what I meant!
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Hi all--we will be working from the wiki page at to help keep the conversation organized.
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the conference code is 3468 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, PhilA
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chair: Jeanne Holm
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Jeanne_: is looking for a scribe
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scribe: olyerickson
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zakim, who is here?
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Topic: Caller ID-ing
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Topic: Reminder of Agenda:
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Sandro, PhilA, GannonDick, DanielBennett, Jeanne, bhyland, bdhandspicker, DeirdreLee, Owen, olyerickson, BrandNieman
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15:10:47 [olyerickson]
Topic: Social Media in Taiwan
15:11:06 [olyerickson]
Apologies from TH Schee (at hospital)
15:11:31 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: We'll postpone his preso
15:12:09 [olyerickson]
ideas for Schee to communicate?
15:12:18 [olyerickson]
PhilA: Best is schedule another time
15:12:30 [olyerickson]
* play it by ear
15:12:47 [olyerickson]
Topic: Social Media at Nasa
15:13:03 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: Link in wiki
15:13:38 [PhilA]
Draft summary of the various presentations we've heard about social media use around the world, currently in a Word doc at
15:13:43 [olyerickson]
Wanted to communicate the excitement about what NASA is doing
15:14:10 [Zakim]
15:14:15 [bhyland]
zakim, who is talking?
15:14:27 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: (garbled)
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bhyland, listening for 15 seconds I heard sound from the following: Jeanne (86%), [IPcaller] (22%)
15:14:52 [bhyland]
Could the IPcall please mute their line … we're hearing a lot of background noise from you
15:14:52 [olyerickson]
* Slide 2: Generational differences in sharing
15:15:31 [PhilA]
zakim, mute IPCaller
15:15:33 [Zakim]
[IPcaller] should now be muted
15:15:36 [olyerickson]
* Slide 3: Trust & Reciprocity
15:15:52 [sandro]
bhyland, I'm afraid the noise is at Jeanne's location
15:16:02 [bhyland]
15:16:12 [PhilA]
zakim, unmute IPCaller
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[IPcaller] should no longer be muted
15:16:29 [bhyland]
15:17:02 [olyerickson]
* using social media to create a relationship with people who care about NASA
15:17:16 [olyerickson]
* NASA unique as an agency
15:17:31 [olyerickson]
* Slide 4: The Learning Journey
15:17:59 [olyerickson]
* Slide 5: Example from NASA portal: "the usual stuff..."
15:18:18 [olyerickson]
* Alide 6: NASA internal collaboration links
15:18:47 [olyerickson]
* Slide 7: Using semantic technologies to find NASA experts (hmmm, way cool)
15:19:22 [olyerickson]
** using social media to both reach OUT and to reach IN
15:19:56 [olyerickson]
* But that wasn't seen as enough based on the challenge given to NASA by the president
15:20:12 [olyerickson]
* a different kind of engagement is required (paradigm shift required)
15:20:33 [olyerickson]
* Slide 8: Paradigm Shift/competive edge
15:20:52 [olyerickson]
Slide 11: Facebook utilization
15:21:12 [olyerickson]
* implementation of various surveys using FB as a platform
15:21:19 [olyerickson]
* be where they are
15:21:43 [olyerickson]
* NASA has lots of pages: a page for each mission
15:22:07 [olyerickson]
* NASA wants to be flexible based on what people want/what they're interest in
15:22:21 [olyerickson]
* Personality of page needs to reflect the people who congregate there
15:23:11 [olyerickson]
Took successes from FB to other platforms: YouTube
15:23:47 [olyerickson]
Slide 12: iTunes deployment (podcasts)
15:23:59 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: (wicked garbled)
15:24:15 [olyerickson]
Slide 14: First to tweet from space
15:24:29 [olyerickson]
* Lots of astronauts on Twitter
15:24:43 [olyerickson]
Slide 15: Second Life
15:25:02 [olyerickson]
* engagement of students, etc in various activities
15:25:51 [olyerickson]
* key opportunity is to learn what communication is working and what isn't
15:26:04 [olyerickson]
* find out what people don't understand
15:26:19 [olyerickson]
Slide 17: Center for Global Change
15:26:43 [olyerickson]
* learned that many people don't understasnd the issues around global warming
15:27:00 [Brand]
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15:27:11 [olyerickson]
* 2nd life used to walk avatar through the problem
15:27:30 [olyerickson]
* ie use of visualization through s.m. platforms to explain
15:27:48 [olyerickson]
Slide 19: Usage of crowdsourcing
15:28:25 [olyerickson]
* utilization of game technologiu
15:28:52 [PhilA]
serious games... now there's a meme...
15:28:53 [olyerickson]
Slide 20: View into virtual view of surface of Mars
15:29:14 [olyerickson]
* allows people to explore, engage as the robot is engaging
15:29:39 [olyerickson]
* NASA wanted to inspire in ways that traditional modes of engagement wouldn't
15:29:47 [olyerickson]
Some bumps along the way
15:29:53 [olyerickson]
Very cost effective
15:29:59 [olyerickson]
Questions for Jeanne_ ?
15:30:27 [olyerickson]
PhilA: No one has the galleries of NASA
15:30:39 [olyerickson]
* could anyone else do what NASA does?
15:31:03 [olyerickson]
A: Other orgs may not have the followers, but
15:31:19 [olyerickson]
principle of going to where the people are still holds
15:31:42 [olyerickson]
* In the case of NASA, urgent to engage peopel the people are the stakeholders
15:32:41 [olyerickson]
* NASA took some chances, some risks, but worth it to improve engagement
15:32:51 [olyerickson]
15:33:07 [PhilA]
ack olyerickson
15:33:47 [PhilA]
olyerickson: I had a question... The general concept of building social networks around agencies... NASA is unique, lots of people care about it
15:34:24 [PhilA]
olyerickson: but there are other parts of the US gov who are exploring other methods of reaching its followers
15:34:51 [PhilA]
olyerickson: For example, people are concerned about social services etc. i.e. there are others
15:35:09 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: Can't think of an agency that ISN'T using s.m. in some wau
15:35:33 [olyerickson]
* example: CIA is focusing on improvement; recruiting people to "help out"
15:36:01 [olyerickson]
* so even an agency that doesn't usually share is reaching out
15:36:12 [olyerickson]
* another example: state department
15:36:43 [olyerickson]
* concept: not trying to do everything, but focus with the group(s) you want to reach out to and be where they are
15:37:37 [olyerickson]
Topic: Future Topics
15:37:57 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: has been gathering potential speakers on social media
15:37:57 [Jeanne_] for summary
15:38:35 [AdrianoC-INWEB-W3C]
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15:38:42 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: Wants our feedback on how to organize the above
15:39:05 [olyerickson]
* We could come up with "best practices" etc
15:39:23 [olyerickson]
PhilA: everything but a Recommendation(tm)
15:40:01 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: Most interesting thing: what objectives various different govts had in using social media
15:41:07 [olyerickson]
* Presenters didn't intend their methods to be considered "best practices" but rather simple examples of methods
15:41:29 [olyerickson]
Lessons summarized are important
15:41:38 [olyerickson]
Q for group: Is this useful?
15:41:45 [DanielBennett]
15:41:59 [Jeanne_]
ack DanielBennett
15:43:10 [Jeanne_]
Should add in the The interaction between government and the tool providers. Terms of service.
15:43:34 [Jeanne_]
DanielBennett: Legal identifiers, identity issues, licensing should all have a section addressed to it
15:43:51 [olyerickson]
DanielBennett: WOuld liek to see more detail on legal on
15:43:56 [Jeanne_]
DanielBennett: What is the best way that protects citizens and government's role in use of social media.
15:44:07 [olyerickson]
* e.g. who moderates, what are the issues
15:45:16 [olyerickson]
DanielBennett: The point is, there are lots of issues; they need to be laid out
15:45:33 [olyerickson]
* eg: accessibility
15:45:42 [Jeanne_]
DanielBennett: Accessibility issues, use, copyrights, privacy of citizen information all needs to be understood before "just standing up" a social media capability.
15:45:57 [olyerickson]
* a whole gamet that protects citizens, ensures govt abides by its laws, etc
15:46:09 [Owen]
Here's a plan for use of social media by educational institutions:
15:46:13 [olyerickson]
15:46:29 [PhilA]
ack olyerickson
15:46:39 [DanielBennett]
willing to help build out the issues i was mentioning
15:46:50 [Jeanne_]
Note that Rachel Flagg's presentation discussed some of this for the US government:
15:47:00 [PhilA]
olyerickson: On a slightly different point... we're doing some work with NIST on first responders/leveraging social networks
15:47:04 [Jeanne_]
olyerickson: We are doing work on social networks and first responders
15:47:24 [PhilA]
olyerickson: the question comes up around when you create a community cf. when you leverage an existing one
15:47:26 [Owen]
I will render Jeanne's proposed objectives in StratML format.
15:47:46 [PhilA]
olyerickson: NASA has its own platform but you're also using other people's
15:48:03 [Jeanne_]
Thanks Owen! You may want to wait until I get one more draft out
15:48:11 [PhilA]
olyerickson: You said you have multiple FB pages to meet different interests
15:48:54 [PhilA]
olyerickson: You need to go to where people are... that multi-modal approach is more of a methodology
15:49:31 [PhilA]
Jeanne_: (breaking up a little)
15:49:46 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: At W3C Accessibility Conference
15:49:55 [olyerickson]
Using accessibility as an example
15:50:08 [PhilA]
Jeanne_: Only 40% of the US population has meaningful access to the internet
15:50:24 [olyerickson]
"Don't forget traditional ways to engage the public"
15:50:33 [PhilA]
Jeanne_: So social media isn't everything. Still need traditional methods - town hall meetings, snail mail etc
15:51:15 [olyerickson]
* trad. media provides important way to extend the conversation from social media
15:51:37 [olyerickson]
* conversation begins in social media and can go where it needs to
15:51:58 [GannonDick]
thinks, the Flat Earth shouldn't be abandoned just yet
15:52:07 [DanielBennett]
happy to help add that new section
15:52:36 [PhilA]
+1 to a Google doc for a collaborative space
15:52:41 [DanielBennett]
re: government rules meet social media
15:52:41 [PhilA]
or the wiki
15:53:09 [olyerickson]
Topic: [what is the topic?]
15:53:50 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: Use of social media to ensure people are being heard
15:54:23 [olyerickson]
* effectiveness and approriateness of mobile devices
15:54:29 [DanielBennett]
is there a subcommittee that is overseeing the editing of the social media "note"?
15:54:47 [olyerickson]
* use of structured methods
15:55:04 [olyerickson]
Summary: "Tools and Methods" were all over the place
15:56:06 [olyerickson]
Scribe's note: We're still talking about the eGov Social Media "Summary Document"
15:57:00 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: Will add e.g. issues suggested by DanielBennett
15:57:32 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: We've had O(dozen) presentations over last 3 mos
15:57:44 [olyerickson]
* a huge amount of material
15:57:50 [olyerickson]
* but only a small sampling
15:58:08 [olyerickson]
Next steps:
15:58:13 [olyerickson]
* Community Directory
15:58:24 [olyerickson]
* Stakeholder engagement
15:59:14 [olyerickson]
* Feedback Loops
15:59:47 [olyerickson]
* <insert Page 3 "Key Findings" bullets here>
16:01:22 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: Those are *her* key findings, what did others hear?
16:01:52 [olyerickson]
* PhilA: Thanks Jeanne_ a lot of hard work to go through and summarize
16:02:08 [olyerickson]
* hearing the different perspectives e.g. Oman has been eye-opening
16:02:23 [olyerickson]
* Can eGov group take this on and "knock it into shapre"
16:02:37 [olyerickson]
* big but interesting task for group to take it on
16:03:00 [DanielBennett]
We should have a committee that meets in addition to this main meeting to build this document
16:03:10 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: When we re-formed group, we heard "something" should be produced
16:03:30 [olyerickson]
* it is an IG not a WG, there are limits
16:03:39 [DanielBennett]
I helped do this with the past group note
16:03:44 [Owen]
Owen has joined #egov
16:03:50 [olyerickson]
* but this document and a COmmunity Directory are two things that CAN be done
16:04:03 [olyerickson]
+1 to what we were hoping for
16:04:14 [olyerickson]
+1 to helping in a large or small way ;)
16:04:19 [Owen]
Jeanne's draft objectives are now available in StratMLformat at
16:04:32 [Jeanne_]
Thanks Owen
16:05:04 [olyerickson]
Q: Can this doc be W3C wikified in a W3C acceptable way?
16:05:13 [Jeanne_]
DanielBennett: Created a document before with lead people for each section, and separate meetings that helped to work the editorial process
16:06:04 [olyerickson]
Not sure what the work product DanielBennett is referring to might be
16:06:10 [Owen]
I have tried to engage wiki vendors in incorporating the StratML standard into their services ... thus far without discernable results
16:06:12 [olyerickson]
* specifics I mean
16:06:45 [olyerickson]
Q: What is "the format" A "Group Note?"
16:07:08 [olyerickson]
16:07:33 [olyerickson]
DanielBennett: Time constraints need to not be "loosey-goosey"
16:07:50 [olyerickson]
+1 to helping (assuming I understand what I'm helping on)
16:08:09 [GannonDick]
Owen, maybe I could help with a Strat
16:08:20 [GannonDick]
ml to
16:08:39 [GannonDick]
oo which exports
16:08:42 [DeirdreLee]
+1 for information and data sharing section
16:08:48 [GannonDick]
media wiki
16:09:23 [olyerickson]
Q: Will this be W3C hosted []yes []no
16:09:39 [PhilA]
Let me or Sandro know if and when you want to book a slot on the Zakim bridge
16:09:44 [olyerickson]
Q: Will this be in wiki format []yes []no
16:09:52 [GannonDick]
16:09:52 [PhilA]
Yes, olyerickson, it will be W3C hosted
16:10:06 [olyerickson]
Q: Will this be public from the start []yes []no
16:10:16 [Jeanne_]
It is public right now.
16:10:22 [Owen]
I will contribute in any way that I can, both in format and substance
16:10:24 [olyerickson]
DeirdreLee: Will contribute information & data sharing
16:10:31 [PhilA]
ack GannonDick
16:10:39 [Jeanne_]
I would think we should keep it transparent, although as it moves through some iterations it make be in discussion.
16:10:54 [olyerickson]
GannonDick: Can do StratML magic to it
16:11:01 [Owen]
Gannon, you are already referenced at
16:11:32 [Owen]
Will look forward to seeing StratML wikified
16:12:11 [PhilA]
16:12:27 [PhilA]
ack me
16:12:29 [Jeanne_]
ack PhilA
16:12:30 [DanielBennett]
16:13:00 [olyerickson]
PhilA: Encourages us to not be scared
16:13:18 [olyerickson]
Q: Does W3C process even apply (if this is not a Recommendation(tm) )
16:13:46 [olyerickson]
sandro: Every contributor MUST be a member of the group and follows IP policies
16:14:12 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: Initiate group member list etc yada yada
16:14:25 [olyerickson]
DanielBennett: The wiki platform does a great job
16:14:48 [Jeanne_]
yada yada = make sure people have agreed to W3C intellectual guidelines and policies
16:15:01 [olyerickson]
* even "pencil and paper" (definition? ;) )
16:15:20 [olyerickson]
PhilA: If tehre is something you need/want control over, DON'T contribute it...
16:15:41 [olyerickson]
DanielBennett: If you contribute, your name will be listed (but not good for tenure... )
16:15:50 [olyerickson]
Jeanne_: (garbled)
16:16:14 [olyerickson]
Topic: Wrapup
16:16:21 [DanielBennett]
16:16:22 [olyerickson]
Thanks all around
16:16:47 [olyerickson]
Special thanks to DanielBennett ( Jeanne_ owes him a pint)
16:17:01 [DanielBennett]
excellent, thanks
16:17:26 [olyerickson]
Topic: Future Topics
16:18:05 [olyerickson]
Trying to find someone with knowledge on interaction, policies, etc
16:18:31 [bhyland]
Topic: Community Directory
16:18:36 [PhilA]
scribe: PhilA
16:18:54 [bhyland]
Please keep in mind that the GLD WG has a deliverable that is a community directory, see
16:18:55 [Zakim]
16:19:01 [olyerickson]
olyerickson has left #egov
16:19:20 [Brand]
Re I have tried to engage wiki vendors in incorporating the StratML standard into their services - I think we have gone beyond StratML with MindTouch TCS:
16:19:29 [PhilA]
Jeanne_: I want to go haed and make the building of the directory as an asynchronous activity
16:19:47 [PhilA]
... want to write a wiki page to set out what we should try and capture
16:20:06 [bhyland]
A working directory that will improve with iteration & input from the eGov IG is here,
16:20:13 [PhilA]
... doesn't need to be a verbal discussion, just need to get on with it
16:20:30 [PhilA]
bdhandspicker: Doing is better than talking about it
16:21:13 [bhyland]
We're open to making it an Open Data directory ...
16:21:42 [bdhandspicker]
Clarification - precise quote from me: "Sometimes doing is better than talking something to death."
16:21:45 [bhyland]
++1 to what PhilA is saying, it gardener is required to maintain a garden
16:22:10 [bhyland]
16:23:16 [PhilA]
ack bhyland
16:23:34 [PhilA]
Jeanne_: Sounds good...
16:24:03 [PhilA]
bhyland: +1 to PhilA - it's hard to get this going. We have a directory built on W3C standards top to bottom. What we need is the input
16:24:29 [PhilA]
bhyland: We need more data and maybe a better UI but we should combine our efforts and not diltue them
16:24:47 [PhilA]
16:24:47 [Brand]
We are working on a directory of government "big data" sets and projects for Congress and the Federal Government:
16:25:36 [PhilA]
bhyland: WE should be promoting things like the UK's ODI etc. through the directory
16:25:47 [PhilA]
16:26:17 [bdhandspicker]
16:26:19 [PhilA]
bhyland: I would be disappointed if there were multiple directories - we should have one good one.
16:26:28 [PhilA]
Jeanne_: And yes, in this case, more is not better
16:26:51 [PhilA]
Jeanne_: I think it would be appropriate to include the topcs we're looking at. I'll look at the directory
16:26:51 [bhyland]
Caveat: Working code that has a few committed "gardeners" is critical to a community site.
16:27:00 [Owen]
If the directory complies with applicable standards for interoperability, does it matter whether there is one or many?
16:27:16 [Jeanne_]
ack bdhandspicker
16:27:18 [PhilA]
ack bdhandspicker
16:27:34 [PhilA]
bdhandspicker: I was just going to remind folks that not all gov data is open data
16:27:53 [PhilA]
bdhandspicker: But I'm sure that the directory could capture experts in data that isn't open
16:28:08 [Owen]
I'd like to post my own data for the directory(ies) on my own site.
16:28:26 [PhilA]
bhyland: Yes - just because you might come from a company that does OD, that doesn't mean you only do OD
16:29:10 [PhilA]
PhilA: I think that's one of the functions that the Directory has - it's all built on RDF and SPARQL
16:29:17 [PhilA]
^^ for Owen
16:29:52 [PhilA]
Jeanne: The last thing to mention is ICEGOV in Albany. Both I and Tomas will be there
16:29:59 [PhilA]
PhilA: So will Crossover project btw
16:30:29 [PhilA]
Jeanne: Next project will be Open data. What I want to do is to put out a call for speakers in the next 2 months or so. Including private gov data etc.
16:30:41 [PhilA]
... we'll be organising those sessions.
16:31:34 [PhilA]
Jeanne: I think the two time zone thing is working - we've had some good comments on that
16:31:55 [PhilA]
Jeanne: Thanks everyone for their contributions
16:31:59 [PhilA]
16:32:01 [bdhandspicker]
I'll scribe next time.... reading the 101 now....
16:32:08 [bdhandspicker]
16:32:08 [DanielBennett]
same here. thanks.
16:32:08 [Brand]
Jeanne. Thanks, I have to go to another meeting - I posted my suggestions
16:32:09 [Zakim]
16:32:10 [DanielBennett]
16:32:11 [Jeanne_]
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16:33:01 [Jeanne_]
Thanks everyone!
16:36:14 [PhilA]
meeting: eGov Interest Group
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