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Meeting: MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 01 October 2012
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Meeting: MLW-lT Phone call 1 Oct 2012 15:00 UTC
14:58:34 [daveL]
chair: dF
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scribe: daveL
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zakim, who's here ?
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sorry, daveL, I don't know what conference this is
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zakim, who's here ?
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sorry, daveL, I don't know what conference this is
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On IRC I see Yves_, leroy, tadej, giuseppe_, Arle, joerg, DomJones, Zakim, RRSAgent, shaunm, Ankit, dF, daveL, trackbot
15:02:19 [daveL]
15:02:30 [daveL]
df: follow up on Prague meeting
15:02:49 [daveL]
... Dom has followed up with reminder to fill in detailed of test suite commitments
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15:03:10 [daveL]
... there were presentaton on potnetial new partners with impementation proposals
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15:03:27 [daveL]
...proposal from Logrus, ]init[ and Tilde
15:03:54 [daveL]
... other issues - important progress made in tool referencing area
15:04:10 [daveL]
... resolved through introduction of special, non data cateogry mark up
15:04:22 [dF]
15:05:08 [daveL]
df: this solution was a special element that was orthogonal to data categories
15:05:33 [daveL]
... currently only used compulsoraryily by mtconfidence score
15:06:18 [daveL]
... but owner of other data categoires, especially quality related one, should consider making use of this manditory
15:06:31 [daveL]
df: this finished brief summary of prague face to face
15:06:44 [daveL]
... now return to open action items
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15:07:44 [daveL]
df; shaun has one on revised intro example
15:08:27 [daveL]
df: there are several other actions requiring new input to specification - from Tadej, Pedro and others
15:08:54 [daveL]
... we will return to these also in editing session
15:09:41 [daveL]
shaunm: action 218 on its way, and section 232 in the next few days
15:10:12 [daveL]
pedro: confirms that he is able to addess 224 by tomoorw
15:10:28 [daveL]
tadej; can provide 223 by midday tomorrow
15:10:42 [daveL]
df;action 225 also for tadej
15:11:00 [daveL]
tadej: will forward that tomorrow
15:11:26 [daveL]
arle: also had some edits that need to be incorporated also,
15:11:46 [daveL]
tadej: will liaise Arle on this
15:13:05 [daveL]
ACTION: arle to complete action 225 based on input from tadej
15:13:05 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-239 - Complete action 225 based on input from tadej [on Arle Lommel - due 2012-10-08].
15:13:50 [daveL]
df; will skip actions with felix as he can't make call
15:14:21 [daveL]
df; phil to complete 227 on provenace by next week.
15:15:36 [daveL]
df; dom has already circulated reminder for test suite committments
15:17:59 [daveL]
df: notes that we can have independent implementation for W3C conformance even if common libraries such as OKAPI used
15:18:34 [daveL]
leroy: action 231 completed so it can be closed
15:18:53 [daveL]
... git hub is availalbe and mail has been sent
15:20:19 [daveL]
df: will extend action 231 for leroy on tests for param
15:20:56 [Yves_]
15:21:46 [daveL]
yves: action is done, but awaiting comments on this post
15:24:36 [daveL]
df: close this action and pass actions to other data category holders
15:24:55 [daveL]
action: phil to apply its tool to proveance agents
15:24:55 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-240 - Apply its tool to proveance agents [on Phil Ritchie - due 2012-10-08].
15:25:20 [daveL]
action: declan to apply its tool to mt confidence
15:25:20 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-241 - Apply its tool to mt confidence [on Declan Groves - due 2012-10-08].
15:26:07 [daveL]
action: phil to apply its tool to quality data catefories
15:26:07 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-242 - Apply its tool to quality data catefories [on Phil Ritchie - due 2012-10-08].
15:26:25 [daveL]
action: tadej to apply its tool to disambiguation
15:26:25 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-243 - Apply its tool to disambiguation [on Tadej Štajner - due 2012-10-08].
15:27:14 [daveL]
daveL: so each of the above should provide an additonal example showing use of its tools
15:27:56 [daveL]
df: except for mtconfidence score where it is matatory and should therefore replace the exisitng action
15:28:44 [daveL]
df: tadej action is already covered by 236
15:29:15 [daveL]
df: have now covered all actions not covered by issues, now to cover issues
15:29:28 [daveL]
.. issue 42 cvored already
15:29:31 [Arle]
I'm having audio problems with the call. If I don't answer, that may be why. It's coming and going for me.
15:29:54 [daveL]
... issue 48 in counting linebreak
15:30:30 [daveL]
yves: have provided solutions though have not had much feedback
15:30:43 [daveL]
... consider it resolved
15:30:51 [dF]
15:31:32 [daveL]
df: unless there are objections to using the EBCEDIC value then close the issue 48
15:32:19 [daveL]
df: issue 51 on too many global rules
15:33:40 [dF]
Dave: Shaun's action on canonical names.. Thi should be probably extended as an annex
15:34:14 [dF]
.. we should have a table to start managing this.
15:35:04 [dF]
.. we do not have a canonical way how to couple HTML and XML attributes
15:35:45 [dF]
.. it is obvious now, but there is actually no formal way to connect them
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15:36:00 [dF]
Shaun: in the spec?
15:36:09 [dF]
Dave: it can be a normative annex
15:37:02 [dF]
.. we do not say which HTML attribute corresponds to what XML attribute.
15:37:56 [daveL]
action: shaunm to extend his action for canonical data category list with canonical list of data attributes
15:37:56 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find shaunm. You can review and register nicknames at <>.
15:39:10 [daveL]
yves: this topic has somewhat overridden the more general problem of having too many global rules with bad practice of selectors in global rules that break if the document is changes
15:39:20 [daveL]
... will provide an example of this problems
15:39:35 [daveL]
df: should these be two separate issues
15:40:19 [daveL]
yves: yes, it should be a separate issue, I had pointed this out in response to provenance proposals
15:40:57 [daveL]
df: we need felix to split the issue
15:42:13 [daveL]
action: felix to split the issue of pointers from the issue of too many poor global rules as suggested by Yves
15:42:13 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-244 - Split the issue of pointers from the issue of too many poor global rules as suggested by Yves [on Felix Sasaki - due 2012-10-08].
15:44:34 [daveL]
df: there is an issue with use of keyword for domain info compared to dc.subject
15:45:31 [daveL]
yves: points out that keyword is a list of items rather than just one, so this doesn't work with out domain mapping issue
15:45:56 [daveL]
df: this needs a solution, but non offered on call
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16:23:40 [Arle]
Action: Arle to circulate editorial sequence for sections in editors' meeting
16:23:40 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-245 - Circulate editorial sequence for sections in editors' meeting [on Arle Lommel - due 2012-10-08].
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