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trackbot, prepare teleconference
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Zakim, this will be 4186
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ok, trackbot; I see I18N_CoreWG()11:00AM scheduled to start now
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Meeting: Internationalization Core Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 27 June 2012
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15:00:37 [aphillip]
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zakim, dial richard
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ok, r12a; the call is being made
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+ +44.141.888.aaaa
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15:04:29 [aphillip]
Regrets: Felic, Mati
15:04:38 [aphillip]
15:05:01 [aphillip]
Topic: Agenda and Minutes
15:05:13 [Zakim]
15:05:40 [aphillip]
Topic: Action Items
15:07:01 [aphillip]
close ACTION-126
15:07:01 [trackbot]
ACTION-126 Contact Ian H. about feasibility of adding attributes for bidi isolation closed
15:07:20 [aphillip]
(AND ALL GROUP MEMBERS) study additional bidi controls proposal and express support or lack of support for it at Unicode
15:07:58 [aphillip]
Topic: Info Share
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15:08:28 [aphillip]
koji: UTR#50 and writing mode
15:08:35 [aphillip]
... preparing data files which is a snapshot of utr50
15:08:40 [koji]
15:08:41 [aphillip]
... now in ed
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zakim, mute me
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sorry, David, I do not know which phone connection belongs to you
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zakim, mute dclarke
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dclarke should now be muted
15:09:13 [aphillip]
... will have 1 or 2 more WD before last call
15:09:19 [aphillip]
... please provide feedback
15:09:40 [aphillip]
koji: attended subgroup of UTC
15:09:48 [aphillip]
... two telecons
15:09:59 [aphillip]
... told them about things we expected
15:10:06 [aphillip]
... which should go in next draft
15:10:16 [aphillip]
... but publishers need something now that is stable
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15:13:31 [aphillip]
koji: very helpful if someone can check out the datafiles in draft, especially for CJK important code points
15:13:44 [r12a]
15:13:53 [aphillip]
richard: link to final report on MLWeb project
15:14:04 [aphillip]
... finished at end of March
15:14:11 [aphillip]
... but final review was last friday
15:14:25 [aphillip]
... reached "exceeded expectatoins" score
15:14:35 [aphillip]
... which is highest
15:14:52 [aphillip]
... will continue workshops in ML Web LT project
15:15:03 [aphillip]
... which ends in 2014
15:15:12 [aphillip]
... need to look at funding models
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15:15:40 [aphillip]
Topic: Web Notifications
15:15:51 [aphillip]
15:16:46 [aphillip]
Norbert: raised issue 161
15:16:54 [aphillip]
... no way to specify the language
15:17:34 [aphillip]
... safe to say what the language is?
15:17:40 [aphillip]
... does the User Agent know?
15:18:05 [Zakim]
15:18:56 [Zakim]
15:19:23 [aphillip]
norbert: possibility of multiple items, each tagged with a language
15:19:29 [aphillip]
... so the user agent can select
15:19:38 [aphillip]
... which one to display
15:19:52 [andrewc]
zakim, +??P7 is andrewc
15:19:52 [Zakim]
sorry, andrewc, I do not recognize a party named '+??P7'
15:20:16 [aphillip]
1. The presence of 'direction' each attribute (title, body) is nice to see, but it would be good if there were also a "lang" attribute for each. Content language is used to influence the display of Notifications (line wrapping, font selection, etc.). The language attribute should be a String containing a BCP 47 language tag.
15:20:21 [andrewc]
zakim, ??P7 is andrewc
15:20:21 [Zakim]
+andrewc; got it
15:20:30 [aphillip]
2. (Section 5). It's a little odd that title is converted to Unicode before setting the direction, while body has its direction set first. Can those be made consistent?
15:20:56 [aphillip]
3. (Section 6). The Unicode Bidrectional Algorithm should be referenced directly here. As written, it's hard to understand unless one is already familiar with the concepts. Rules from UAX#9 are referenced by name here, so there should be an explicit reference to it. Note that such a reference is included in the references section already.
15:22:35 [aphillip]
appears to be there now
15:23:04 [r12a]
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15:23:40 [aphillip]
15:24:39 [aphillip]
4. (Section 7.2). Should normalization play a role in comparing 'tag' values?
15:25:29 [aphillip]
think we are coming to conclusion that answer is 'no'
15:26:36 [aphillip]
chair: any opposed to sending to WD
15:26:42 [aphillip]
s/to WD/to WG/
15:27:03 [aphillip]
ACTION: addison: send Web Notifications comments
15:27:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-134 - Send Web Notifications comments [on Addison Phillips - due 2012-07-04].
15:27:17 [aphillip]
Topic: Ruby Document
15:27:23 [r12a]
15:27:27 [aphillip]
15:28:03 [aphillip]
richard: not a finished item, but question is: "can I publish a new public WD"
15:28:18 [aphillip]
koji: think it's good to go public
15:28:39 [aphillip]
richard: add something about double-<rt>?
15:28:50 [aphillip]
koji: not sure if current spec and read this way
15:28:59 [aphillip]
s/spec and/spec can/
15:29:25 [aphillip]
Norbert: when reading...
15:29:38 [aphillip]
... elements not defined, e.g. <rp> I *think* means parens, etc.
15:30:02 [aphillip]
richard: don't hvae a link to HTML5 sections that describe ruby, etc.
15:31:08 [aphillip]
... document assumes some familiarity with Ruby and HTML5 ruby
15:31:09 [aphillip]
... and add links/refs
15:31:55 [aphillip]
Norbert: not aware that CSS and HTML can generate DOM elements when parsing
15:32:01 [aphillip]
...anonymous boxes
15:32:42 [aphillip]
richard: starting to develop an opinion... maybe not change HTML5
15:32:46 [aphillip]
... but might change how markup behaves
15:33:03 [aphillip]
... might not need <rb> as long as can get anonymous box
15:33:51 [aphillip]
norbert: multiple <rb> followed by multiple <rt>?
15:33:55 [aphillip]
richard: requires singificant reengineering?
15:34:07 [aphillip]
... can do nested ruby now
15:34:13 [aphillip]
.. and almost sort of works
15:34:37 [aphillip]
Norbert: no model where can get a "yes" everywhere in table in doc
15:38:02 [aphillip]
koji: fantasai and I think jukugo is a style rather than markup issue
15:38:21 [aphillip]
... haven't got time right now to work on ruby styling just now
15:38:32 [aphillip]
... but document describes issues and shows possible approaches
15:39:51 [aphillip]
norbert: might be good to have preferred direction mentioned somewhere, if there is one?
15:41:31 [aphillip]
richard: want to be neutral now?
15:42:49 [aphillip]
chair: who supports publishing as a FPWD?
15:42:51 [DClarke]
15:43:03 [aphillip]
koji: yes
15:43:05 [aphillip]
andrew: yes
15:43:08 [r12a]
15:43:11 [aphillip]
addison: yes
15:43:12 [aphillip]
norbert: yes
15:43:35 [aphillip]
ACTION: richard: publish ruby approaches document as First Public Working Draft and announce
15:43:36 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-135 - Publish ruby approaches document as First Public Working Draft and announce [on Richard Ishida - due 2012-07-04].
15:44:11 [aphillip]
richard: will change target of comments from public-i18n-core to www-international
15:44:42 [aphillip]
Topic: TPAC 2012
15:45:04 [aphillip]
15:45:36 [aphillip]
koji: will be there, try not to conflict with CSS
15:45:38 [aphillip]
> Lyon, France >
15:46:07 [aphillip]
norbert: currently we are scheduled Th/Fr and CSS is Mo/Tu
15:46:27 [aphillip]
Norbert: maybe
15:46:42 [aphillip]
addison: maybe
15:46:43 [DClarke]
I may be able to, but I'll have to decide closer to the time
15:47:35 [r12a]
i'll be there
15:47:37 [aphillip]
Topic: AOB?
15:50:06 [Zakim]
15:51:07 [aphillip]
next week: CSS3 Writing Mode
15:51:39 [aphillip]
Flex Box?
15:51:51 [aphillip]
also Flex Box
15:52:41 [aphillip]
richard: charter went to W3M review today
15:52:52 [aphillip]
... should hear in about 2 weeks
15:53:10 [r12a]
15:53:11 [aphillip]
richard: look at discussion items list
15:53:29 [aphillip]
... review items
15:54:28 [aphillip]
norbert: 49 open items in the HTML-prep
15:54:38 [Zakim]
15:54:39 [Zakim]
15:54:41 [Zakim]
15:54:49 [Zakim]
15:54:57 [r12a]
addison, was there something we needed to talk about?
15:55:04 [r12a]
do you want to rejoin the call
15:55:08 [r12a]
i'm still on
15:55:19 [aphillip]
15:55:29 [Zakim]
16:02:45 [Zakim]
16:02:52 [r12a]
zakim, drop richard
16:02:52 [Zakim]
Richard is being disconnected
16:02:53 [Zakim]
I18N_CoreWG()11:00AM has ended
16:02:53 [Zakim]
Attendees were Richard, +44.141.888.aaaa, aphillip, dclarke, andrewc, Norbert, koji
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rrsagent, make minutes
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Chair: Addison Phillips
16:03:17 [aphillip]
Scribe: Addison Phillips
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ScribeNick: aphillip
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rrsagent, make minutes
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