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Meeting: HTML Weekly Teleconference
16:13:11 [trackbot]
Date: 24 May 2012
16:13:16 [rubys]
(12:12:33 PM) rubys: chair: mjs
16:13:16 [rubys]
(12:12:37 PM) rubys: scribe: rubys
16:13:16 [rubys]
(12:12:42 PM) rubys: agenda:
16:13:27 [rubys]
topic: ACTION items due by Thursday, May 24
16:13:28 [Zakim]
16:13:36 [rubys]
16:13:36 [trackbot]
ACTION-211 -- Sam Ruby to ted O'Connor to write up a video-transcript IDref proposal for ISSUE-194 by Fri May 11 -- due 2012-05-24 -- OPEN
16:13:36 [trackbot]
16:13:40 [adrianba]
zakim, [Microsoft.a] is me
16:13:40 [Zakim]
+adrianba; got it
16:14:09 [rubys]
mjs: ted gave an update in email, unification with sylvia no longer seems like, new target end of week
16:14:19 [rubys]
action-211 due 26 may
16:14:19 [trackbot]
ACTION-211 Ted O'Connor to write up a video-transcript IDref proposal for ISSUE-194 by Fri May 11 due date now 26 may
16:14:34 [rubys]
16:14:34 [trackbot]
ACTION-213 -- Sam Ruby to get JF to deliver a revised ISSUE-194 change proposal by next friday -- due 2012-05-24 -- OPEN
16:14:34 [trackbot]
16:15:06 [rubys]
mjs: looks like sylvia is drafting the proposal, but I'm not sure if it is complete.
16:15:35 [nesta_]
zakim hi
16:15:36 [nesta_]
16:15:45 [rubys]
janina: you are correct, proposal is nearly complete, only small tweaks left. Should be complete over the weekend
16:16:35 [rubys]
action-213 due 31 may
16:16:35 [trackbot]
ACTION-213 Get JF to deliver a revised ISSUE-194 change proposal by next friday due date now 31 may
16:17:19 [rubys]
16:17:19 [trackbot]
ACTION-218 -- Paul Cotton to determine day and time for a weekly Media teleconference -- due 2012-05-22 -- OPEN
16:17:19 [trackbot]
16:17:31 [rubys]
16:17:31 [trackbot]
ACTION-216 -- Michael Cooper to update ISSUE-199 proposal based on Ted's -- due 2012-05-24 -- OPEN
16:17:31 [trackbot]
16:17:50 [rubys]
janina: michael and ted are playing tag...
16:17:56 [rubys]
mjs: target?
16:18:02 [rubys]
janina: next week
16:18:16 [rubys]
action-216 due 31 may
16:18:16 [trackbot]
ACTION-216 Update ISSUE-199 proposal based on Ted's due date now 31 may
16:18:27 [rubys]
16:18:27 [trackbot]
ACTION-218 -- Paul Cotton to determine day and time for a weekly Media teleconference -- due 2012-05-22 -- OPEN
16:18:27 [trackbot]
16:18:34 [rubys]
16:18:58 [paulc]
16:19:01 [rubys]
paulc: about 2 dozen responses so far
16:19:36 [rubys]
paulc: survey is open to non-wg members in the hopes of soliciting new members. Mike has confirmed that some Japanese based companies have responded
16:19:51 [rubys]
paulc: the survey pre-computes the most likely candidate
16:20:02 [rubys]
paulc: once it closes the chairs will have to evaluate the response
16:20:03 [MikeSmith]
q+ to comment on survey results
16:20:15 [rubys]
paulc: it seems to be working
16:20:15 [mjs]
ack MikeSmith
16:20:15 [Zakim]
MikeSmith, you wanted to comment on survey results
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16:20:47 [rubys]
mike: I wanted to make sure that some people in Japan were able to respond, and the two people I wanted to respond did
16:21:36 [rubys]
mike: there is no good time... it looks like the way the survey responses are leading it will end up in the middle of the night in Australia and new zealand
16:21:50 [rubys]
mike: not sure how strong sylvia's desire is to call in
16:22:05 [rubys]
mike: just wanted to make sure that everybody had a chance to respond
16:23:05 [rubys]
janina: we handled this pain by asking europe to do late evening and that permitted australia to participate in early morning
16:23:30 [rubys]
paulc: that time (2100 UTC) is 3rd and 6th place; thanks to mike to fixing the survey
16:23:56 [rubys]
paulc: I sent a reminder to the htmlwg list, I'll go ahead and forward it to the a11y list
16:24:10 [rubys]
topic: New Issues This Week
16:24:15 [rubys]
mjs: none
16:24:19 [Zakim]
- +1.858.677.aaaa
16:24:33 [rubys]
mjs: we continue to have one tracker request; that request is likely to turn into a LC2 issue
16:24:44 [rubys]
mjs: Items Closed Last Week
16:24:54 [rubys]
16:24:54 [trackbot]
ISSUE-205 -- Define what author guidance and/or methods should be provided to those that wish to create accessible text editors using canvas as a rendering surface. -- open
16:24:54 [trackbot]
16:25:11 [rubys]
mjs: I don't recall whether we got an update to it
16:25:27 [rubys]
mjs: the chairs will look into that. questions/comments?
16:25:55 [rubys]
topic: Items Closing This Week
16:25:56 [rubys]
16:26:03 [rubys]
topic New Calls this week
16:26:06 [rubys]
mjs: none
16:26:13 [rubys]
topic: New Surveys this week
16:26:16 [rubys]
mjs: none
16:26:23 [rubys]
topic: Decisions this week
16:26:25 [rubys]
mjs: none
16:26:32 [rubys]
topic: Task Force Reports
16:26:46 [rubys]
topic: Testing Task Force
16:27:02 [rubys]
mjs: kris replied by email that he is not available this week
16:27:09 [rubys]
mjs: anybody else with an update?
16:27:19 [rubys]
topic: Accessibility Task Force
16:27:37 [rubys]
janina: we've discussed some of this in action items previously in this meeting
16:27:58 [rubys]
janina: 204 is out of our bailiwick
16:28:34 [rubys]
janina: we are continuing to work on a reopen request for meta generator 31c... actively worked on... judy was sick over the weekend, may go into next week
16:28:45 [rubys]
mike: that covers it
16:28:56 [rubys]
mjs: questions?
16:29:03 [rubys]
topic: Other Business
16:29:15 [rubys]
16:29:15 [trackbot]
ISSUE-204 -- Exempt ARIA attributes from the rule that prohibits reference to hidden elements -- open
16:29:15 [trackbot]
16:29:35 [rubys]
mjs: some updates have been made since the agenda was posted
16:30:02 [rubys]
mjs: ted looked at the 204 proposal, and opened up a thread with jonas
16:30:14 [rubys]
mjs: jonas has suggested a few changes, as has ted
16:30:28 [rubys]
mjs: haven't yet seen responses to ted and jonas's responses
16:31:08 [rubys]
mjs: benjamin has responded... we are also interested in what the a11y tf thinks
16:31:17 [rubys]
janina: was the a11y tf cc'ed?
16:32:00 [rubys]
mjs: it looks like jonas's comment was cc'ed others dropped the a11y list
16:32:08 [rubys]
paulc: I'll forward the thread
16:32:24 [rubys]
mjs: any other comments on issue-204?
16:32:52 [glenn]
i can scribe
16:32:56 [rubys]
topic: Scribe for next meeting
16:33:01 [rubys]
paulc: my turn to chair
16:33:17 [rubys]
mjs: thanks glenn!
16:33:26 [rubys]
topic: Adjournment
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rrsagent, publish minutes
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